Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th December 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th December 2013 Written Update

Bhaboo asks Sandhya to remove her jewelry and give it to her so that she will guard it well and hand it over to her by end of their journey, Sandhya notices the guy who is eyeing them while drinking his tea and she takes handkerchief and then removes her gold bangles and was tying in it when Babasa was about to say something, Bhaboo signals her towards that man and then takes the handkerchief from Sandhya and holds on to it tightly saying she will give it to her in the end, Suraj and Sandhya are looking at each other. Every one preparing for sleep, Bhaboo locks the bag and ties the locked chain to windows bar which the man notices, and Bhaboo sees him, Bhaboo asks Suraj to sleep and he arranges for Sandhyas bearth and then when she gets on to her seat she asks him to go and

sleep, he takes his pillow and blanket and goes to sleep.

Both are sleeping in their seats, and are lost in thoughts, Suraj senses someone throwing some thing on him and he dont react to that, but then again when it hits him second time, he smiles to himself and turns to side and notices Sandhya there he asks her what she is doing in that seat, she tells him that she exchanged her seat, he asks her to sleep but she says no, please talk to me through the gap, she asks Suraj not to be sad when she leaves and wants him to smile so that rest of the family will be smiling seeing him, he says ok and says I got condition too, for that even u have to smile as ur smile will reach me and makes me smile more, she promises him on that, and he removes thread from his hand and is trying to that gap of grill on top seat of train, she asks him what he is doing? and he says he is tying and he makes a heart shape and they are lost looking at each other, he tells her that if he is heart she is his heart beat and says two years ago they didnot know each other and now they are so close that he cannot imagine a life without her and find no joy in it, he tells her that he is feeling very lonely and different today, she says no matter how far they are from each other, their hearts will beat for one another, and will remember all beautiful moments spent and both are lost in each other.

Next moment, they get out of railway station and Suraj says this was a nice way and they should be able to find a rickshaw soon and goes to get it , Bhaboo says its good that we booked a room in dharamshala, now they go get ready and head to sandhya’s training center, babasa says we still got time they are making dosa there lets go and eat, bhaboo reminds him that he was sick recently, he replies back saying doc told him to eat on time and bhaboo taunts him.

Meena is sleeping and gets up only to notice kanha playing next to her, and she is hungry and wants to eat something she hears chavi calling out bhabhi come and eat i made aloo parata and chatni LOL meena is full shocked and hungry and runs taking kanha with her an was about to take plate from Chavi but was stunned when chavi gives it to emily.

Suraj is talking to some taxi driver while bhaboo is nagging that how woman in hyderabad are loaded with gold, babasa says even ur in gold and women no matter from which state they belong to they love gold and says meena should have been here, bhaboo taunts him on that and bag slips from sandhyas shoulder, bhaboo takes it from her and suraj comes just in.

Emily is shocked that chavi made breakfast for her , chavi says as its her first day at shop and she wont have time to eat later on so she made the breakfast while meena is simply shocked with this gesture, and she notices the clothes behind in the bucket and asks emily to them byself, chavi takes her side and says that its only two three chaturi will wash them, just then mohit comes in and asks emily to go straight to work after breakfast , meena was about to taunt while chavi asks her to look at her clothes which she had wetted last night and havent washed yet and she dont even work any thing but is sitting idle at home she can do her own work meena was about to say something and realizes that she is dreaming and she is happy that she could come up with a idea.

Precap:- Bhaboo asks whether they are ready to go, Suraj asks her about sandhyas bag , bhaboo asks which bag, babasa says the bag which sandhya gave her near station, bhaboo assks them to check there only , and they say its missing , every one are tensed …

Update Credit to: breezy

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