Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th August 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th August 2013 Written Update

Bhabo lists out the items one by one… Sandy who is behind her listens to her with care 5 kgs moong dal, 3 kgs of channa, 3 packets of salt, 10kgs of rice, 20kgs of sugar, 15 kgs of ghee, kaju badam of 1/2 kgs each…Bhabo’s list goes on like this. Sandy repeats the list of Bhabo. Bhabo gets shocked to hear sandy’s voice & irritated to listen the same & thinks that this supaatra beendani buys the same amount of groceries like her for a family of two while she bought for one large family of 10 members The shop keeper asks whether anything is more or less… Sandy thinks that these are purchased by bhabo so there will be no mistake. Bhabo thinks that sandy’s mind works faster only in case of studies & competitions. Bhabo goes on to stop her but stops herself

by thinking about the challenge thrown by suraj on her. Bhabo gives 4300 & the shop keeper tells 50Rs is less. Bhabo bargains & leaves. Sandy asks the bill amount… Sandy counts & gives 4300Rs same like bhabo but the shop keeper denies giving her the discount. She gives the additional 25 Rs. Sandy asks them to pack the new daal…

Momily come out of doctor’s clinic. Mohit complains about the expenditure. Emily tells that it is for their kid but mohit tells her that she clearly knows that his income is low & moreover Suraj is not there in RM now or else he would have got money from him. He adds that this is the reason why he hesitated to marry her as he is not capable of taking the burden of such expenditure.

Suraj wonders why sandy has not called him up & wonders whether bhasan met in the market or not.

In the market:

Sandy remembers 5kg of vessel. She asks him to weigh it but he doesn’t listen so she weighs herself & finds it to be 2.5kgs. She asks the shop kepper to give him another with more weight. Finally sandy picks up one exactly 5 kgs weighing aluminium vessel. She pays & leaves.

Sandy over phone tells suraj that she did everything well & adds that she has to take care of one whole city after becoming IPS officer & this is nothing to her.. Suraj asks her whether she is mocking him side by side. Sandy tells him that she shd thank him for leaving this to her & improving her confidence that she can also do household work… Asks him to come home at 2.00 pm for having food. She cuts the call quickly & thinks that she would surprise him with bhabo meeting news when he comes to home.

Sandy thinks that it is her challenge to make food alone today. Sandy wants to surprise suraj with this. Sandy tries to lit up the stove but is unsuccessful


Sandy calls up the shop keeper & taunts him for giving such stove.. He denies saying that it can never be so.. Sandy taunts him.. The shop keeper asks her to check the kerosene for once & if it doesn’t work even then he would take back the stove. Sandy then thinks that there was no kerosene in the stove as she forgot to buy that… Sandy is ashamed of herself & manages the shop keeper by saying that she would check as he is asking her to do. She is worried what to do now. Sandy tries to take one thing from the loft but falls down & gets trapped in a net. Suraj comes & asks her whether it is some training to trap thieves…& tries to help but both fall on one another & get trapped in the net. (Diya bg)… They come out of the net…


Suraj tells her to be careful as someone could see her… Sandy asks him why he came early ie., 4-5 mins earlier. Asks him to do his left out work. Suraj asks her to serve him food as he is feeling hungry. Sandy asks him to take bath .. Suraj asks what is the need to do it now. Suraj asks her to serve food. Sandy asks him to repair the bathroom tap. But suraj tells that it is good that they take food first. Suraj tells that he will help her & goes on to check.. but he finds there is no kerosene to heat the food. Suraj asks her to get some oil. but sandy tells him that she forgot to bring that… Suraj then realises & mocks sandy that it is the reason why she tried to send him out by telling one after the other silly reason. He laughs at her. Sandy asks him why not… Suraj takes some fresh vegetables & feeds her too…

Precap: Dhaisa asks bhabo to shut the mouth of the neighbors by telling the truth about surya’s separation. Bhabo was about to tell but surya comes there & suraj tells dhaisa that what they learnt is only half truth…


Update Credit to: Shobhana_dabh

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