Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya thinking what was the motive of the bomb blast, to kill people or something more big that this.Soorah comes to her and sees her holding her head. He does her head massage and asks her to relax. She thanks him and says she is feeling better now.She says she wishes Vikram and Meenakshi to unite again. He says yes, I trust Bhabho, she has always taken right decisions. Its morning, Sandhya and Zakir talk to the SP. SP asks this is second time he tried to run, its connected to the bomb blast. Sandhya says I think…. SP says you are careless as this mistake happened again, we may lose jobs for this, we have just 6 days and we have to solve this case, do anything, but don’t let RK run off our hands.

He says we have to be alert. Sandhya says yes. They see the people protesting against police force, Meenakshi is worried thinking what will Bhabho decide, what if she accepts Prema and make me leave this house. Bhabho comes and Laxman says Sandhya went in morning, the bomb blast has scared the city. Meenakshi says yes, that day was very bad. Prema comes to them.

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Prema talks sweetly and says she is praying for all of them. Meenakshi signs Bhabho to see and thinks she is such a liar. Vikram says its good you did not come there. Prema says yes, its strange, this was the only Raavan which did not burn. Meenakshi taunts her and Prema leaves. Vikram scolds Meenakshi. Meenakshi says what did I say wrong. Bhabho says stop it, you also did many mistakes. The lawyer comes and asks about Santosh Rathi’s house. Vikram says yes. He says I came to meet Santosh and talks to Bhabhi. He says I made the divorce papers as you said. Sooraj asks whose. He says Vikram and Meenakshi’s divorce papers. Everyone is shocked.

The reporters and people protest against police for the bomb blast matter and their low safety. Zakir ass them to be calm. Maya comes there donning an old woman’s look and says its our responsibility too, to help police. Sandhya thanks her for supporting them. Maya drops something and says I know, anyone can get angry when its risk for the family, do your work, don’t leave them who has done this. Mata goes.

Sandhya sees the thing while talking to Zakir. She takes the bag and says the old lady was here, where did she go so fast, this is her bag. She was walking so low, how did she go quickly. Zakir asks her to check her bag to find any details. Sandhya gets a CD in it and reads Operation Grahan. Zakir sees the CD and asks the staff to catch the old woman. He runs. Sandhya looks on thinking.

Meenakshi gets angry as Bhabho got the divorce papers. Sooraj asks whats this Bhabho, we all trust you, you can’t do this. Meenakshi asks Bhabho not to do this. She asks are you joking, please tell me Bhabho. Bhabho gives a serious look and says she is not joking. She says she will support the one who is right and Vikram is right at this time. She asks them to take divorce. Everyone is shocked. Bhabho tells Sooraj that she does not need to ask him to take any decision, she is going this for Vikram’s happiness. She asks him to read the divorce papers. Sooraj reads it. Bhabho says what Vikram decided, I have also made a decision and no one can change it.

Emily asks Bhabho to think again, as she has always seen Bhabho taking decision for the house’s good, I m sure you will not take any wrong decision. Bhabho asks Vikram and Meenakshi to sign on the papers. Meenakshi cries and says she will not sign, don’t do this with me. Soorraj asks Bhabho what is she doing, this decision is not good for Meenakshi, don’t hurry up to do this. He says our family will break with this. Meenakshi says fine, I will not sign as no one can take my Vikram from me. She says she will protect her husband and marriage, she does not need anyone.

Meenakshi tears the papers. Bhabho says I know Meenakshi very well, so I got three copies form lawyer and asks her to sign. Meenakshi says I will tear even if you bring 30000 copies, but I will not sign. Meenakshi cries and runs. Sooraj asks Bhabho not to do this. Sooraj says where will Meenakshi go, Bhabho can’t do injustice with her. Bhabho says she won’t change her decision. She says I know how to take Meenakshi’s sign on the papers. Everyone looks on.

Sandhya and Zakir have a talk. They see the CD and the video plays. The man tells the bomb blast trailer and the real story will be much bigger. The man says its open challenge for you all, the Grahan is about to start. The man says the graham will be on india and his govt. No one can stop us, try if you can. Prema says her plan how she is hurting Meenakshi and Rathi family. This is her first victory. She says Operation Grahan is the biggest challenge for us Disha, we have to be very careful. Disha says yes.Disha asks her not to fall in love with Vikram.

Prema says she is not interested in Vikram, she is using him to do her mission. Disha doubts her words. Disha asks then why did you accept the marriage proposal, he is not related to Operation Grahan. Prema says he is related as he is from Rathi family. She says she will use him very well. She says she will need money for the mission and asks Disha to give her. Disha says fine and gets the money. Prema looks on and smiles.

The SP says the man is planning to do something really big, and we have to be alert, no one should reach RK, increase the security. Sandhya and Zakir say yes. SP says I will fix the meeting with the minister and asks Sandhya to go to the core of the case and we have to answer the people. She says I think we should make a sketch of the old woman. She says she will be hiding in this city. If we catch her, we can know her plan. SP says we have to stop them before they start their mission. SP asks the CD to be sent to forensic lab.

Prema smiles holding the money. Someone knocks the door. She is shocked to see Bhabho, Vikram and Babasa. Bhabho walks inside the house and Prema gets tensed. Bhabho packs her bag.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. haha “Bhabho always makes the right decisio”???? This has to be the biggest joke ever!!! Despite Bhabho making wrong decisions over and over and over again, Sandhya, Suraj and other fix the situations and somehow make them better. This unnecessary brown-nosing of “elders” when it is not true is really irritating.

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