Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Daisa asking Bhabho why did she make the twin marks. They all get sad and recall the twins. Bhabho gets speechless. Emily says Meenakshi and Sandhya has babies, two babies, that’s why. They smile. Daisa says yes, I forgot about Meenakshi. They all come inside the house. Bhabho asks Sooraj and Sandhya to light the diya and take blessings. They do the puja and light the diya. Everyone pray. Bhabho asks them to go and rest. She gets Sandhya’s letter which she took and reads it. She recalls in FB how she went after Sandhya and Sooraj, and got that letter.

Bhabho cries reading it. She keeps it in cupboard. Sooraj shows the home to kid and Sandhya smiles. She says Ved will be example of love, and asks him to become like Sooraj. She says he will be good brother and good son, grandson. He asks Ved to listen to her and become like him. He says you become like your mum, strong and ethical. Ved smiles.

Its morning. Bhabho takes care of Ved. Sooraj says its two months, we will go for Ved’s vaccinations. Sandhya says she took the appointment. Bhabho applies the black dot and says she will go to Vansh too. Sandhya looks at her and says Ankita does not believe this. Bhabho says so what, its our baby, we believe this and think about his good and bad. Sooraj says we should accept that Vansh is their child now. Bhabho gets sad. Babasa says call Ankita and tell her that Bhabho wants to meet Vansh.

He says its ok if they refuse, relations will not break. Sooraj says I will call. Vansh cries and Ankita takes care of him. Sandhya talks to her and hears Vansh’s cry. She gets restless and asks what happened, why is Vansh crying. They all worry. Ankita says nothing, he caught cold, I will call later. Bhabho asks what happened. Sandhya gets sad.

Sandhya says she wants to meet Vansh. Bhabho gets worried for Vansh. Sooraj says Ankita will take care of Vansh, like she has done for Bulbul. Bhabho asks them to go for shopping for Ved and she will take care of Ved. Sooraj says I know, you are his Dadi. He asks Sandhya to get ready. Sooraj and Sandhya leave for shopping. Sooraj says Vikram and Mohit also play with Ved. She says he is lucky. He says this is benefit of big families, see we can leave him to Bhabho. He asks her not to worry for Vansh. She says you know my heart without my words. He says not everything.

He says he was also worried for Vansh. She says I trust Ankita, she will take care of him. He says yes, but don’t think about Bhabho’s words, she did not accept this from heart, Ankita has given good values to Bulbul and I m sure she will give same values and love to Vansh. She says if we meet him once, we can get relieve. He says no, they will feel we doubt on them, but we trust them. She says yes, I understood.

Bhabho and Babasa come to meet Vansh. She says she trusts Ankita, but she is worried for Vansh, she can’t be great like Sooraj and Sandhya. He says he will also meet Vansh. They ring the bell and she asks about Ankur and Ankita. The maid says Ankita took Vansh to hospital, and they get worried.

The nurse says old man took Ved/Vansh, but it was not this man. They get worried for the babies, as they both get missing. Bhabho cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice to see set is back in old place. bhabasa’s death track will start tomorrow.

    1. babasa death track will not start today. … today this week twin kidnap track. ..Sandhya

      1. It’s a plot for sandhya to take charge as asp…After delivery

  2. Plz make thiis serial as before…be4 director was so intelligent but now I think so it bcme like saathiya..

  3. Stupid….

  4. Sooraj u r really stupid hw cum u can tl ankita gv gud values to bulbul
    Tats y shes snatching babies from others

  5. The value of the Sandya Sooraj character is gone because of this baby split track. No matter they lost both the babies or one now. Let someone (the oldman) raise both the twins together somewhere. Biological mom become aunt to her own baby, What a crap. Shame on u Sushismit team. STOP the serial ASAP.

    1. yes i agree with u

  6. I too agree with u….
    Such a crap never seen. .. mom became aunt…
    Director should be admitted in mental hospital. .. he don’t know the values of relations

  7. R u serious nc

  8. I don’t know why Sandhya is supposed to go through all the pain. There is a limit to what a husband and in-laws ask of you. Suraj is no longer a good husband. What was wrong with Ankur & Ankita adopting a baby? Even the adoption lady knew they wanted a baby for Bulbul. Bulbul is the one that should get kidnapped. What good is Sandhya writing a letter to the baby going to do now? Must be nice to take someone’s child away. I would have to give my husband away before I give away my child. It is no big deal for Suraj to give away the child. He is not the kid’s mother. But, Sandhya never said a word either. She should have given both of the children away.

  9. why bahbasa must died ?????
    please end the serial with good ending….

    dont separate the twins….let ankita pregnant..

  10. This serial is becoming a nonsense.please don’t lose morals.stupid director

  11. This serial is becoming a nonsense.please don’t lose morals.stupid direction

  12. DABH story is dragging now a days as well boring too…Directors doesn’t know to make the story interesting….it’s going horrible. It’s better to end the show happily by reuniting the twins with rati family….

  13. shastri sisters is better than this serial

  14. Hopeless serial…I hope all our comments reaches the director…suraj is an emotionalless husband…very poor in acting…don’t no what made director to cast him on the lead role…he doesn’t no acting

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