Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th March 2013 Written Update

Rathi family on the way to Maasa village and Bhabo indirectly warning how the village and Maasa is, how much careful they have to be in their works, cleanliness etc.. which indirectly lets to know Emily about them. Emily gets nervous as how they will accept her. Sandy consoles her that she will tell about Maasa and village detailed. Emily notes down in daily when her refil is over, asks Mohit but he angrily stops jeep and sits with Bhabasa in front. Chavi teases Emily, the beginning itself was failure and how are they gonna face everything later and why did she come with them. Sandy gives pen and Emily notes down.

Rathi’s reach village tiredly. As they think of reaching Maasa’s home some of the localites request them to watch their performance. Bhabho is tensed for reaching on time and Suraj decides to give some money. But the locals refuse and say that they don’t need favors. Rathis agree to watch their performance they are happy to see their dare stunts, entertainments. Emily tries to get in touch with Mohit but he avoids her.

Performances get over and the guy collects money given by Rathi’s. Sandhya asks the boy if he goes to school. He replies that he used to go but not any more since last 6 months. She wants to know why but by then some elder guy comes and slashes away the plate containing money. Bhabhasa recognizes him as Thakurji who acknowledges him but wants to give the taunts to the local guys. He starts scolding them for not listening to their warning i.e. they were told not to perform any acts in their place. One member tries to say why is he dragging the old story and not giving the chance but Thakurji doesn’t listen. Rathi’s are stunned at Thakurji’s behavior. Sandy is very anxious.

Maasa arrives with a style in a bullock cart as Rathi’s say Maasa is coming and Bhabo covers her face with respect and fear. Bhabasa teases her giving a funny look and smile. Maasa with her husband comes and greets all as she moves away in style when Bhabo was about to touch her feet and goes near Sooraj. Sooraj take blessing from her.She greets Sandy very happily with a hug and Sandy is all smiles and is happy that Sandy is taking good care of Sooraj. Bhabo in jealous and worry mode when Maasa neglected her and talked all good with Sandy. They take blessings of Maasa hubby.

Maasa excitedly pulls Sandy saying she has a lot to talkby then Sandy says that everyone has not come yet though whole Rathi’s were in bullock cart settled. Maasa asks who else is left and seeing Emily asks who she is and haven’t seen her earlier.

Update Credit to: Ramyaks

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