Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya keeping the baby name Vansh. Ankita gives a necklace to her. Sandhya says its too costly. Everyone smile. Bhabho recalls in FB that she likes some names, and don’t know they like it or not, and says Ved and Vansh, and if girls, then Vedika and Vanshika. Sooraj gifts few things for Vansh. Ankur sees the legal papers of adoption and smiles. He thanks them. They do the puja for the babies. Bhabho says we should go our home now. Sooraj says yes.

He says Ankur has done all his duties of a brother, Sandhya is lucky to get him and Ankita. Ankur says I did not think separate from your family, that you and Sandhya did, I feel very small. Bhabho asks them to go their home. The baby cries and Sandhya gets restless. She runs to Vansh and takes him from Ankita. She says don’t cry Vansh, see she has come to him. She says I know you can’t live without me, even I can’t live without you, I will not give you to anyone, I will always keep you with me. She says forgive me, but I can’t give Vansh.

Ankita cries and asks how can she do this, she can’t move back now. She says you promised us that you will give baby to us. Ankur says you are strong woman. Sandhya says every strong woman gets weak seeing her child cry, I m a weak mother, I can’t give Vansh. Bhabho imagines this and sees Ankita and Ankur having Vansh. They leave. Sandhya cries and walks towards Vansh. Sooraj goes after her. Sandhya says no, my love for Vansh can’t make me weak, I don’t have right on him, my mind understood, but I have to explain my heart. He says everything will be fine, I m with you.

She says they will always have a wish to see Vansh. She cries. She says Vansh will make me weak, from today I will not think about him, this will be right, I will not bring that love in my heart again, I will leave her. She writes a letter for Vansh. She says we will have one relation, she is his Bua. She says Ankur and Ankita will be his parents and take good care of him. She says they have right on you, if he gets angry or annoyed, then Ankur will explain him. Sooraj consoles her. Sooraj says when Vansh wants to learn cycling, Ankur will teach him. Sandhya says when Vansh needs a mum, Ankita will be there.

They fold the letter and Sooraj kisses it. He gives her and she cries hugging it. They tie the letter to the tree and leave. Bhabho and everyone come to Hanuman Gali and Daisa and all ladies dance. Babasa asks them to come for function, and Bhabho says I will take baby to home now. The band plays. Daisa sees the twin babies footmarks and asks Bhabho why did she put two papers. Bhabho gets sad.

Bhabho says I said baby will get unwell by cold. They ring the bell and come to meet Ankur. The maid says Ankita took Vansh to hospital.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Where the hell story is going!!???
    Irritating story…!!!!?????
    Hate thisssss……from today no watching serial and no reading updates.
    Waste waste useless

  2. Rubbish.. full to rubbish..!! N sooraj sandhya, bhagwan kisi ko bi tum dono jese maa-baap na de.. tum dono ne bhale hi har rishte ko acche se nibhaya ho but sabse zaruri maa-baap ke rishte me fail hogye.. pathetic story line..!! Heights of nonsense.. not goin to watch ds serial frm nw on.. go to hell d whole team of diya aur bati…

  3. Wat the hell. ….
    Such a crap never seen. ..

  4. Bakwaas… Seperating twins

  5. How stupid’s are sandhya and Sooraj. How can these people have happiness as bua and buo ji…for their own son. ..
    Shit shit shit bullshit…..
    S & S go and jump in drinage.

  6. This is the last episode update that will be read full of shit from being no. 1 now they have dropped to no 4 next week maybe they will not be in the chart itself nonsense

  7. useless


  9. Seriously ds is so annoyng., i feel its happeng wd me.. If my parents do ds wd me… Il think to die., wont d twin brothers need a partner in future like how ds stupid girl is asking for? Ds is a gud show., y adding blunders to irritate ppl.. I hv stoped watchmg.. If ankita had no child i cud accept ds.. Bt y now? Fr a stupid n stubborn kid? Nonsence., realy unxpected drama from star

  10. Sandhya should have adopted bulbul instead of this..bulbul also get two brothers.. Then ankur will know the difficulty

    1. Perfect .. like this suggestion.

  11. STUPID STUPID STUPID infinite times.

  12. huhhhh……. bokuuussss

  13. They should not separate twins

  14. Hey, story writers wake up. Total stupid track. Nobody separates twins. That’s not done. Sandy and Surat are being very bad parents for vansh, at the same they will not be able to love the other boy because of their guilt of separating them . Very bad parents.

  15. Crap !! Wtf !! I am quit watching this serial !! Suraj and sandiya , again when you get a twins plxx give the baby to chavi !! Because she dont have a child yet !!

    1. Now This story is not matching for this generation ( new generation ) !!

  16. This is really crazy and stupid story lines.
    Change it, kill off ankur and ankita and bulbul. Vansh reuntied with the family.
    No matter what your mother is mother!
    Your child is your child!
    Vansh is sandhya ka bachcha!

  17. The story writers/director and the producers were expect the audience to appreciate the kindness of Sandya and Sooraj. Those uneducated idiots couldn’t figure out that give away their own baby to someone (whether its brother or anyone) is not going to make others feel as Sacrifice. It shows they are unfit to become parents that too parents of twins.!!! You Bastards. you call it a story? Kill Ankur and Bulbul and Ankita stubborn selfish idiots. and end the story

  18. I think that vansh will now die of something as in a spoiler it said that vansh will die

    1. I think these selfish ankur and ankitha won’t take good care of vanish….so he become most selfish. ..
      So in a bad situation as police officer sandhya will kill vanish. .
      This is y twin babies r separated
      Such a big crap. …

  19. Sandhya n Sooraj have u ever imagined how Vansh will feel wen he gets 2 know dat u gave him away as a sacrifice.
    i think your child will hate u n u will feel guilty for wat u did

  20. Dafar kahikey Anita air ankur …dimaag nahi hair kya…apne beti ke mangne she apnea hi Behan ka beta cheen Liya..air ankita apnea batije cheen le…is se alawa Jake maro

  21. Hello Mr. Director. … 1st of all plz change the show name ….now its not DABH.
    Now a days show name is a big crap….

  22. Amitabh Bachchan

    I really love this drama. I watched it every day.

  23. such a crap. Dis episode z enof for dis movie to be a flop!

  24. Separating twins??? What a crap

  25. better if they change the name of the show to heartless parents

  26. you want to know why they separated twins??????????????
    toh suno iss ek topic ko lekar serial ka 1000000 episodes banana hai aur time leap bhi lena hai na issi leya.

    1. I agree with you. ..

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