Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th June 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th June 2013 Written Update

Episode No. 487

Suraj tells bhabo that he will here & he will not allow her to leave the room. Bhabo tells that he can’t convince her by all these & she will not give permission un til he gives her guarantee. Bhabo rests.

Shooting spot

The assistants tells the director that there is no pink dress for a baby. The director strictly asks for the pink dress. He leaves. Meena & vikram looks at this. The assistants convince him saying that they will do the needed. The director gets convinced.

The asssistants talk to themselves that the baby has left the shooting spot even after getting 50 lakh rupees. Meena tells that she can help them… She tells that she can become a baby. Vikram mocks her. The assistants tell that only 15 mins left. Meena

looks at kanha & leaves to vikram & takes kanha with her..

Suraj in temple.. He tells the priest that he has bought some prasad.. Th epriest asks him to keep it there.. Suraj prays to the god what to do now?? whether to give guarantee or not?? if so what kind of guarantee.

Meena with a band on her hand feels quite happy being out from RM. & dresses up kanha with pink dress everything.. She tells that no one can find kanha whether a girl or a boy. She starts dreaming

Kakisa dhaisa & gang waiting for kanha & praises meena one after the other.
Meena opens the RM main door. Everyone asks her for photograph & autograph. Meena shows lot of attitude .. Chaturi sides her.. Meena signs on behalf of kanha. Meena makes excuse saying that she & kanha r tired now & chaturi tells that it is reshting reshting time for kanha

Suraj gives away the item for dhaan. Someone asks him water. He feeds him from a pot. The old person drinks & thanks him. He adds that may god fulfill all his wishes. Suraj asks him what is the need to thank him. The old person tells that nothing in the world happens like that & there will be a reason behind this too. Suraj thinks the same way & gets stuck up with matka. He thinks & gives a confident look

Bhabo is sitting on a chair in the litchen. Emily & sandy grind flour together. Bbasa prepares tea for everyone & gives to emily bhabo & sandy. Bhabasa tells that he can eat lots of ladoo today as she is injured & can’t do anything. Bhabo tells him that she can prove what she can do by sitting. Babasa nods. Mohit comes & have tea. Chavi comes in talking over phone that the nail polish colour is good. She inquires bhabo. Bhabo tells that she have some work to do. Chavi tells why shd she do work when she has three SIL. (bhabi) Chavi asks sandy to do that. Sandy gets up but bhabo denies saying that will sandy be able to come with her to her MIL house & asks her to do the work without making excuse.


Bhabo taunts chavi to shut up & taunts her saying that she will never hesitate to go to cinema etc.. Chavi tells that she has not seen any cinema for the past four months. Bhabo tells that what was she doing then while going with her friends. chavi tells that she will watch that in tv at her friend s house.
Bhabo tells that no one should talk about tv. & taunts all tv & adds that everyone is talking about tv since suraj has started this topic for sandy’s sake.
Chavi asks bhabo whether she will not allow tv even if suraj gives her guarantee??
Everyone gets shocked..

Bhabo asks chavi to shut up & do her work. Suraj enters RM. HE tells bhabo that he has done dhaan in temple. & gives prasad to everyone including bhabo. Bhabo asks chavi o work properly. Suraj feeds chavi. Suraj looks at bhabo’s foot & asks her abt pain & sits down to fix the bandage properly
Bhabo tells him that just now his sister asked her one question & adds that she will not change her words.
Bhabo tells suraj that she will give permission when he gives her guarantee.un till then no one can talk about tv. Suraj tells that he has some important thing to discuss.Adds that he has bought the guarantee. Everyone gets shocked. Epi ends on the face of suraj’s confident face.

Precap: Bhabo asks him where is guarantee & tells that she finds his hand empty. Suraj leaves & goes near the matka. everyone watches his moves carefully

Update Credit to: Shobhana_dabh

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