Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th December 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th December 2013 Written Update

Babasa is sitting on his hospital bed while entire family is surrounded around him and he asks about bhaboo and wonders if she has gone to prepare his favourite food for him, mohit and vikram laugh and just then bhaaboo enters the room and she goes straight to him with a face and she is all in tears, babasa is a bit taken back and asks her what is wrong with her as he is perfectly fine and asks her not to cry and she says , he makes her cry and asks her why she is crying? babasa says he is perfectly fine and asks her not to worry about him just then Doc comes in and says he need to check babasa and when sandhya asks doc about what went wrong with babasa, doc tells them that he had a gastric attack and as he was had been eating what ever is avilable to him and he wasnt able

to digest things at this age, bhabhoo is making face and says she will make sure he wont be eating anything which will spoil his health in near future, every one around them are just smiling on hearing this , including the doc saabh.

Doc asks him to take care of his health and eat in limit and asks him to go for his walks, and babasa say that his wife is his limit of eating and if she was not there he would not be in shape so far and he says he will make one round extra and asks her not to cut down his kachoris , every one again laughs at this.

Every one are sitting in hall and babasa is asking them all puzzles, and when he asks vikram to answer, he was asking him time while suraj answers him vikram wonders how come suraj knows all answers, while they are the ones who went to school and not him, meena and emily are serving every one milk, and while he was asking one more puzzle regarding ” a thing when together makes lots of noise but when away are very sad and feel alone” . Mean while emily and meena are arguing in kitchen over spilled milk and every one think they have started all over again, and babasa asks them to solve his puzzle and think about them later on, bhabhoo says its a couple and babasa says yes, meena and emily comes back and meena says that but their will be only one couple who wont be able to have this relation for 11 months as sandhya will be leaving for Hyderabad soon, and every one super sad listening to this.

Bhaboo says that its just 11 months and it will be gone with ease and rest babasa says yes go and get your stuff packed, while bhaboo reminds him about how sandhya was about to drop academy people a letter saying she wont be joining them as he was unwell and she was strong on her words saying that she wont go any where with out getting blessings from babasa, he is proud of her and then he tells her to get ready and he along with bhaboo will come to drop her in Hyderabad and sandhya just keeps on looking at him and he asks her why is she wasting her time by staring at him, but she should be packing as she got just 12 hours left, sandhya and suraj are sad by this reality reminder, babasa looks at his papad and asks bhaboo to pass them to him, she refuses and chavi takes babasa side and asks her to give it to him, bhaboo then taunts her and reminds about doing all the house chore works from tomorrow and remind meena not to help her in any manner.

Suraj and sandhya in their room, both are super sad, suraj is folding his clothes while sandhya is near the mirror wearing her ear rings, suraj checks his removed shirt and notices the train tickets in it, sandhya is looking at him through mirror suraj is all teary and he controls himself by concentrating on other works such as changing bed sheet and covers, while sandhya goes next to him and is helping him with it.

They successfully change bed sheet cover and then comes the turn of pillow cases , both are changing and suraj reminds her about her soft pillow and asks her to take it with her as she wont be able sleep without it, she tells him that she wont need it as they will be providing her with every thing , suraj is hugging pillow and is full on tears . Sandhya sees this and takes pillow from his hands and hugs him, they play female sad version in bg, she tells suraj that , this is the moment she has been waiting and wishing through all her life and when the moment is near she is not feeling that happiness which she expected had this been two year ago she wouldnt have thought about it that much but now things didnot change but just relations did change and she is feeling very sad and lonely. Suraj reminds her that it is not just her dream but his also, and gives her strength.

Precap: Sandhya asks suraj is it possible to be awake whole night, he is very happy and says can, they can spend all night by talking and making beautiful memories out of it.

Update Credit to: breezy

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