Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prema asking Sooraj and Gautam to throw dead bodies out. Shalu asks Prema not to throw her husband Ashu out, as she is in mental break down and says Ashu is sleeping. Sooraj and Gautam request Disha to let Ashu be here. Maya allows them. The people ask them to throw Ashu’s body out. Sooraj asks them to be quiet for Lord’s sake. He asks Gautam to take Ashu’s body on business class. He tells Shalu that Ashu is sleeping and he needs to sleep on seat. Shalu says this is good. Gautam says he will sleep well there without disturbance. Shalu says yes, and tells Ashu that no one will trouble him. They take him.

Disha asks Maya why is she allowing Ashu to be here, as its stinking. Maya says sometimes we have to save energy, they are showing goodness to take dead

body to business class, when the smell increases, they will throw it, hunger, death and thirst kills everyone’s goodness. Sandhya shows the video to everyone. Maya asks them to arrange her talk to RK else she will kill all passengers one by one. Vadeja asks Arjun what does he think. Arjun says he can’t negotiate, its good this video did not reach media, else we can’t manage their anger. He says we can’t sit and wait, we have to take a big step now. Vadeja says we have to discuss this higher authorities and leaves. Sandhya worries.

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Maya applies butter to the bread and shows to Sweety. She ears it. Sweety says she is hungry. Mamta says we will go home and have food, its matter of some time. She says she will tell her a story. Sweety says she wants the sandwich. Mamta’s mum says she will show her good weather from window. Prema says no one will open window else I will shoot. Maya tells Disha that Prema is right, if they open windows, they will see its morning and get new hope, they can do what they did before, let them stuck to their chairs, no hope, no light. Sooraj says Sweety is very hungry, she is very small, we have old people here too, they all are hungry. Maya asks do you want food, then come with me. Sooraj goes with her.

Maya gives him food plates and he counts it. He says its just 10 plates, you know we are many, how will I divide food. He says everyone is hungry, how can we manage. Maya says let everyone die if your govt does not worry for you all, why should we worry, we did a small request to free RK, and even told your wife to make govt agree, if she does, then fine, else all will die here. She says take three plates for you, Bhabho and Chaturi, and give rest 7 to all, survive here, don’t make relations, else everyone will die. She asks will he separate three plates, to think he has to have food to stay alive and meet Sandhya.

Sooraj looks at the food plates. He brings the plates. Sooraj says we got the food, but its very less, just 19 plates for 75 passengers. Maya says I told you to take out three plates, but you are great, now die hungry. He says I want children and old people to have food first, if we get more plates, we will give, till then have water. He says we have to support each other in this bad time and show courage. Maya looks on. Everyone ask for food. Sooraj gives a plate to Sweety and Mamta and asks others to be patient. He gives food to old and ill people. Prema smiles seeing Sooraj tense. Sooraj just have one plate now. Mamta asks her mum to have food. She says she does not want to eat. Sooraj gives the last plate to Bhabho. Bhabho refuses to eat and asks him to give it to someone else. Sooraj gives plate to Mamta’s mum. Shankya takes the plate and asks is he not human, can’t he get hungry. Gautam says you are young and can control hunger, she is ill and old. Shanky says I m young, how long will old people life, how is their life valuable. Maya, Disha and Prema laugh.

Kavya says we all are hungry and did not have food, you can have it next time. Shanky says I m hungry, and asks them to stay far. Kavya says give it to aunty. Sooraj asks Shanky to see Rohini aunty is ill. Shanky leaves the food plate as everyone try to take the plate. Sooraj says all food fell. Kavya says have it from the ground now Shanky. Shanky cries. Sooraj picks up food. Shanky says you all made the food fall, are you all happy now. Disha tells Shanky that she can give him food, but on one condition, will he agree. Shanky says yes and she takes him. Vadeja tells everyone that govt has agreed to leave RK to free the passengers. He says Sandhya might be happy now right, then why is she worried. He says every decision is happening as she likes and she must be happy. He says we can’t be sure if they can get RK and still kill the passengers. Sandhya thinks about RK’s words.

Sandhya calls Vadeja and Arjun and shows RK. VAdeja asks what is RK doing here. Sandhya says you also got wrong. She says about her idea.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think duplicate RK will enter

  2. To director.

    Trigger kheench … mamla mat kheench … khinch gaya na toh bahut takleef doonga

    Centimental fools………

  3. oh god!!!!! 🙁 shit such a non sense story
    going very awkward
    🙁 really lost interest in this serial

  4. Copy of payanam (Tamil) movie!!!

    1. Yup…it’s an exact copy of payanam

  5. oh god….now its time for television for remaking south movies…same shit happened in telugu movie…..duplicate RK

  6. kahaan gayi bhabho ki teen sharteyn. aab to lagta hai ek writer pure india ko fool banane par tula hai. direction bhi aisi hai mano koi bacha direct kar raha ho.

  7. Haiiiii oh meraya Rabbaaaa….yeh ANYAAI hai mi lord, yeh insaaf nahin hai, main tumhare bache ki maa banne vaali hoon….

    blo*dy hell I’m so bored I’m making up stories in my mind, bleugh….. some pathetic serial with no scope for development.

  8. This hijack episode is going very lengthy and lost interest to see.moreover it seems to be like a tamil movie “payanam”

  9. What r u conveying to public? Hunger,thirst and death will kill everyones goodness!
    Is the director of this drama wants to make all Indians terrorists?

  10. Women are not fools like mamta to ask everyone to free a terrorist.
    Ppl are matured enough to be good with good ppl & bad with bad ppl. # director, enough shit. Close this chp fast

  11. W.T.F. IS THIS.

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