Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho and everyone asking Sooraj did he talk to Sandhya. Mohit asks when are they coming to remove the seal. Babassa says give me good news fast. Sooraj thinks about Sandhya’s words and says I could not talk to Sandhya till now. Bhabho asks why. Sooraj says she was busy in elections and when I started, SP called her and she left. She says she will talk in evening. Meenakshi gets happy. Bhabho says but we were hoping good and started preparations also. Laxman says don’t worry, she will agree in the evening.

He praises Sandhya. He says what can a police officer do and what powers do they have. Meenakshi says yes, we all know, go and do some work in kitchen. Laxman says I already finished the work. Meenakshi says I do all the work. Bhabho asks Mohit and Emily not to worry, as Sandhya will surely help them. Bhabho says I will talk to her when she comes, she can’t say no to me. Meenakshi says Emily will work in parlour, and Sandhya in police station, and I will be stuck in kitchen, no way, I will make Emily work with me here, I won’t let the parlour open.

Sooraj thinks he will talk to Sandhya in evenimg. SP praises Sandhya for saving people from fire. He says Sandhya should have some advices for the elections. Sandhya gives some advice and says the fire was the result of fight between two parties. She says we should stop the party rallies and speeches. She says this is affecting the public. SP says great. He says you will get my signed legal notice soon. The meeting is over. SP tells Sandhya that its an old case file, study it well, I m impressed by your hardwork.

He says I know you and your family. He says keep a distance between work and family. He says you should not tell any info to the family what case you are handling. She says I understand, don’t worry. He asks how is Sooraj, tell him that my family is big fan of his sweets. She says yes, Jai Hind. She leaves. Chavi comes home and the vegetables fall. She picks them up and says I had to buy them to hide my shopping bag.

She says Dilip’s mum’s friends may have gone by now. She goes inside. Dilip’s mum asks whats all this. Chavi says I got some vegs, seeing its fresh. She says give me, I will keep it. Her friends come out asking where is your bahu. Chavi is shocked to see the same ladies with whom she argued at the purse shop. Diip’s mum praises Chavi and says she went to meet Diip’s friend’s wife in hospital. They look at Chavi. Chavi greets them well touching their feet. The ladies bless her. She asks Chavi to become good valued and says this is your gift, I hope you like this. Chavi is shocked seeing the same purse.

Chavi feels embarrassed. The lady says Chavi is different from others. They laugh on her. She asks Dilip’s mum Pushpa to keep Chavi at home. They leave. Sandhya shows the SP’s notice to her staff and asks them to send it to all political parties. She talks to them about the plan of action. Kavita asks the party workers to use their power and money to make her rally successful. She asks them to brig much crowd from village. Anu comes and says SP’s notice, she says Sandhya as sent this that there won’t be any political rally in the city now. Kavita is shocked.

Sandhya comes home. Everyone look at her. Sooraj says everyone were waiting for you. He says I told you about Mohit and Emily’s parlour, it was not complete. He says if you can call the govt office, they will listen to you and remove the seal. They have worked very hard. They are upset, please try for them. Babasa says don’t explain her, she is smart and she will not back off for family, she will call them now. Bhabho says you have always solved our problems, I want you to end this problem also. Mohit says our parlour will start with your one call.

Mohit says we will never forget this favor. Sandhya says there is nothing like favor in relations, it has only love and trust. Everyone smile. Meenakshi gets worried. Sandhya says I can understand their problem, I know the pain when a dream breaks, but I m sorry that I can’t help them. Everyone is shocked. Sandhya says I can’t ask them to open the parlour being an ASP. She says it will be wrong, I can’t use my powers like this.

Bhabho says I understand, why is it wrong, I m talking about Emily’s parlour. Mohit says yes, I m not wrong, Emily is a talented beautician, she did not do any crime, everyone does mistakes, if you help her, her dreams will be fulfilled. He requests her and says please us. Sandhya says don’t do this, I understand but you also understand me. She says Bhabho, I will explain. Bhabho says enough. She asks Mohit not to beg Sandhya. She gets annoyed and says its fine if she does not want to help, we will still get food. Sandhya says I want to help my family, but I m helpless. Emily cries. Bhabho says I understood everything. Meenakshi smiles.

Bhabho says you don’t want to help. She says did I ask you to kill anyone, leave it. Mohit throws the things in anger. Emily runs to him. She stops him. He says throw this out and understand your parlour won’t open, don’t have any hope from her. He leaves in anger. Emily goes with him. Sandhya says listen to me once. Bhabho leaves. Sooraj says if you wanted, you could have brought happiness in this house, but you have let her down, what can I do. He leaves annoyed.

Sandhya talks to Sooraj and explains him that she can’e help them. Sooraj says you have changed.

Update Credit to:Amena Hasan

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