Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj coming to meet Sandhya. She smiles seeing him. He wears the blue shirt and jeans which she gifted him. She sees it and smiles. He sees she is wearing the ring he gifted her. She says she was missing home a lot. He says come, sit. They sit to talk. She asks how is he. He says I m fine and you? Are you fine in your new home? She says no, its not my home, its just house, I can get facilities there, not peace. She says my home is with you. She asks can you live without me. He says its true that I can’t live without you. Meenakshi tells Vikram that Soorraj has gone to meet Sandhya, will he bring her home. Vikram says Sandhya has risked Bhabho’s life, we don’t want such bahu like her, she may deal anyone’s life for her duty. Meenakshi defends Sandhya. Vikram says you should not praise her if she helped you once.

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Meenakshi says I m also annoyed with her, but Sooraj should have a reason to send his wife out, you kicked me out for that Prema, where were your senses, now Sooraj is making mistake. Mohit says Sandhya called Sooraj to come back home, Sooraj should have not gone there. Emily asks how can you think this. Mohit says Bhabhi was dying because of her, why are you favoring her. She says I m supporting women and bahus, no one gave her reason to clarify and kicked her out, everyone made mistakes in this house and got forgiven, then why not Sandhya. Mohit says our mistakes were small, we did not risk anyone’s lives. Sandhya did not think about us, if she can’t think about us, why should we think about her.

He says her memo was imp to her than Bhabho’s life. Sooraj says another truth is I can’t live with you too. He says how should I explain you, I don’t want to hurt you, but my heart has something that our love does not surface. She asks him to give her one chance, all complains will go, Sooraj and Sandhya can’t live without each other, we love each other, let me stay with you. He says don’t try to reach me, if you do so, you will be hurt, I don’t want you to get hurt, our hearts are distanced. He says it will be better if you forget me.

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She says I m your family, I married you, I have spent so much time with you, I m linked to your soul, how should I forget all this. He says you forgot it… When you had the chip in your hand, and I tried to stop you, asking you to come with me. You did police officer’s duty and did not do wife’s duty. She says it was my duty to stop RK, else he would have killed many people. He says your one mistake would have risked everyone’s life. He says the result is infront of you, I was losing my Bhabho. She says yes, I did my duty, but I have sent you all in the plane, I did my family duty first, then did my police duty, you came out of the plane, else this talk would have not happened, you came out and Bhabho came after you, then it was not in my hands.

He asks what does she mean, he would sit seeing his wife in danger like coward, I could not leave my wife there. She cries and says I m trained IPS officer and know to fight, but you and Bhabho are not trained. He says it means I did a mistake, and I m responsible for Bhabho, do you want to say this. She says I did not mean this. She says that moment was bad for us, it was an accident. He says yes, but which could have been avoided, you did not listen to me. Bhabho has paid the price by losing her kidney.

He says Bhabho was fearless and now she gets afraid on little things, who was support of family, and now she needs support, she is alive, but like alive dead body. He says I have lost my Bhabho. She asks is she not my Bhabho, even I feel her pain. He says no, there is difference, if your mum was there instead Bhabho, would you risk her life, never, you would have realized my pain. He says you would have not argued with me. He cries and wipes his tears. Sandhya looks on stunned. Sandhya walks away from the park.

Sooraj moves back and stands on the S written on the ground. Sandhya recalls his words and cries. She comes to the police quarters. Bhabho waits for Sooraj and Sandhya and thinks he will bring Sandhya home. Sooraj comes home alone, while Sandhya cries. She wipes her tears and looks at the mirror. She removes her jewelry. She changes her saree and wears the police uniform.

Bhabho tells Sandhya that she came to report, something is lost, Sooraj’s happiness and smile, will she get her bahu back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow suraj wow how dare u say that to sandhya.dont u remember that sandhya lost her maa that too in bomb blast.sandhya never get hurt like this when her parents r dead.but u hurt her than that by saying about her mother.u and ur brothers r good for nothing.even meena and emily can understand sandy but not u guys.this prove ur also same like all man.hope bhobho stand for sandy.

    1. Not all men but some idot men like rathi family men are like that, I hate suraj he says sandhya risked bhabho in hyjak drama but at that time suraj says he came out plane to save his wife inspite thst his wife is on duty, but now suraj deserted sandya in police qts, she is alone any body can harm her when she is alone and not on duty, then is it not suraj’s duty to take care of his wife,simply he left her single, all brothers of suraj are like that mohit wanted to avoid marriage with emily after he made her pregnant before marriage, only because of sandhya emily was married to mohit other wise she would have died, Vikram is womeniser and has bad habits so he made 9 lacs loan which he blufs that he spent for bhabho it is not true, babasa is also mad man who do not do anything to bhabho, but points finger on her bahu,all are bad and lets stop seeing the diya aur baati

    2. No production company would ever hire four idiots Rathi men after this show. Old Vikram (Gautam) was very wise in quitting this show.

    3. Sandhya should have replied back

  2. plz director end this story………r again join sandhya n sooraj n their family plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz this story is going veryvvvvvvvvvvvvv bad….

    1. 100% agree!!

  3. y sooraj i doing like dis sandhya is his wife how can he leave her

  4. y sooraj is doing like dis sandhya is his wife how can he leave her

  5. and guys wish u a very happy merry chrismax yaar.

  6. ohhh shut up what happened to the writter of diya our baati hum what they r making.
    this serial is loosing reputation day by day if u do like this

  7. There u go Sandhya said that it was not her mistake that he came out of plane but still he is defending himself and saying it was Sandhya’s mistake, BAD SOORAJ.
    Director end the show…

    1. Director end the show and we do not want see it any more, if suraj comes in public life he will be disrespected by public for doing this negitive role

  8. From the beginning Rathi family members dumb fellows except Sooraj. Now Sooraj also became dumb fellow and don’t even have a sense what he is talking…… Poor Sandhya… Sandhya’s heart getting broken…. 🙁

    1. Yeah, how can he say knowing that she lost her parents because of bomb attack and he himself took her parents to hospital.

  9. I simply dun get it. U mean the Rathi men dun see that they r at fault. They r selfish. Sooraj was the sensible now n the director is trying to prove that wrong by taking his character in the wrong light. Hiaz so sickening. Used to love his character and the drama. Might as well bring the story on track and end it on a high note.

  10. brainless sooraj

    Oh sooraj I knw tat ur an illiterate but y r u acting like u dont hv brain….u told u care fr sandhya and so u came out of the plane…thn y dont u support her and care fr her nw…..brainless sooraj plz learn 2 act…
    And btw u knw tat sandhya lost her parents and stil u hurt her saying tat she never think bhabho like her mom……and hw dare u tl tat ot was her mistake… was u stupid who came out of the plane….dumbo sooraj

  11. Don’t know tomorrow whether Bhaboo support Sandhya or she also scolds her for Sooraj according to precap. Sandhya already disheartened…

  12. Bhabho you don’t need to goto Sandhya to complain about Sooraj happiness ask him what he said to Sandhya and correct him first if you are also going to blame Sandhya.

  13. Bhabo should report that her son is paghal Rathi and request to send him to rehabilitation centre with Bhabasa, Vikram and Mohit. All the male Rathis need to cleanse their brain first and go and live in the mountains rather than the town area. For goodness sake, the writer – don’t you have a better “brilliant” idea?
    I’m hating this serial now. …

  14. Now sad to say but can’t help it, sandiya made her mind up, even when bhabo gone ask her to come back, she will deny,,,she will tell her, I was blamed for beein loyal more to the duty, than to the family,…and that what’s she is going to do,,,be loyal to the duty, and zakir will be there for her, as they have same job , same interest…maybe, she will hate ever n ever, to have husband in her life, though zakir is going to be there for her,,,,love is…loving some1 with no condition, and that what zakir will do…

  15. Selfish sooraj,doesn’t deserve sandiya, even if begged her to get back together she should hold her head up high stick two’s up and walk away

  16. I hate when men think that daughter in laws don’t think mother in law as their own mothers… We are left our mothers and come to be home and first thing we want is support from the MIL as mother…

  17. Sooraj is very unreasonable to sandhya. How can he change like this. Now we hate sooraj s character

  18. My husband is reflecting surya in real life…characters change when his flmy get affected…I know how much sandhya is suffering…girls suffering has no shoulder to share our pain..ppl are near coz of money and relatiob ship is true..all ppl are near due for some gain…life is all sorroww

    1. I’m going to say ppl who have deep psikological
      Issues, isn’t good to watch at all serials,…that’s true it will effect badly in real life, they will do the same to their spouses…this isn’t good….that’s y I sad in further comments, should not be so attached to the tv serials,,,bcs is gone destroy fmly life’s,…ppl will try to copy them,, but impossible …this is directors job, not the reality…

  19. Jeyam Ramachandran

    Its a pity to see Sandya forsaken by her beloved and her display of emotions were expressed with a quiver of her lips . This is the only portal of the drama that can be appreciated .

  20. Omg so bad comments….listen suraj is awesome….but he is helpless. ..that’s y acting lyk this. ..accept it…yaar…If u r not liking don’t watch….ok…but Plz stop saying bad abt suraj……..

  21. Hey u brain less….stop saying bad abt him…ok…u brain less…stupid saying bad abt suraj…ok love suraj rathi is the best

  22. U ppl all r very bad….always saying bad abt suraj rathi. …love suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi

  23. Sandhya fault. .is also there of not listening him…that day…so it’s her fault ..ok…so now buktou. ….sandhya. …ok…love you suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi

    1. Wo selfish heh

    2. Rathi family men (four of them) can be used in the National Literacy Campaign to show the dangereous effects of Illiteracy.

      But again, these people illiterate, but not having brains also.

      Even when Suraj is explianed by Sandhya that it was HIS mistake to come out of the plane and that idiot Bhabho following him, he is not ready to accept his mistake. Uneducated Bastard.

      Men like Suraj should be beaten in public by slippers and broom sticks….

      Again only Illiterate and idiot fools like Red will support such worms….

  24. Love suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi

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