Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking Zakir to give a hint. He looks at Disha. Sooraj says I think he has pointed outside. Disha leaves. Sandhya goes out to see and does not see anyone. Disha hides and smiles. Sandhya says there is no one. He asks Zakir to try to give any hint. The doctor comes and says he is not in position to talk, it might affect his mind badly. She says but he was trying to say anything. He says he can’t react, he can hear us but can’t say. She says he winked. He says let him rest now, go out. Sandhya and Sooraj leave. Its morning, Sooraj sits with Babasa and Misri. Bhabho talks to Emily. Sooraj gets an idea from Babasa teaching Misri and thinks to use this way to get to know what Zakir knows.

Mohit says Meenakshi that the guy Amit is coming for the engagement. Bhabho says how will we do arrangements. Sooraj says lets end this soon. Babasa says yes you are right. Vikram looks on. Sooraj says Meenakshi, you do what you want now, then you will be going from here, make a good start. Meenakshi says yes. Bhabho asks Vikram to get a good saree for Meenakshi’s to be mum in law and asks Mohit to get clothes and fruits for Amit and his dad. She asks Sooraj to put 11000rs in envelop and asks Emily to cook and take Prema’s help.

Vikram says no, Prema will not help, I need her in shop, I m taking her for movie. Prema thinks she has work to pack arms on suitcase, stupid Vikram makes any plan. Bhabho says fine, don’t be at home, you both go. Meenakshi worries. SP tells Sandhya that its impossible to prepone RK’s hanging. She says if not that, then we will give the rumor to get his network. She tells her plan and says its suggestion to reach the terrorists, its 3 days for RK’s hanging, I m sure it will work. He says its risky plan, see what happened with Zakir. She says we don’t have any other way. He says fine, I will try to convince my superiors, you be careful, you know its a risky plan.

Zakir thinks of Prema and Disha talking about Sooraj’s plane hijack and demanding to free Zakir. Sooraj comes to meet him and talks to him. He says everyone is praying for you at home. He says you will be fine soon. He ties the thread to his hand saying it’s a protective thread, Bhabho has sent it for you. He says it will save you from every danger. He takes the notepad and says he has a way to know his heart. He starts writing alphabets and asks Zakir to talk via them. Zakir blinks at H. Sooraj notes down H and I. The doctor comes and asks Sooraj to let Zakir rest. Sooraj says I will come later to talk like this. Zakir winks.

Sandhya thanks SP and asks Lohya to take the cash and tell his men to spread the rumor that RK’s hanging is tomorrow, they should not tell anyone. He says but why. She says if we stop them, they will circulate it in right way. Lohya says are you sure RK’s network will get this news. She says yes, we have to see how they react knowing this. Sooraj and Disha have chaat at the stall. Disha gives him a trolley bag. He says whats the need. She thinks foolish man, the arms will go in this bag. He says we are going for seven days. She says yes, I want everything to get over in 7 days. He says I told Sandhya that I will be back in 7 days.

She says you can call her there too by taking more time. He says good idea, but she has duty. They see people protesting against RK and burning his pics. Disha gets angry. The man greets Sooraj, and says congrats, did your not wife not tell you that RK is being hanged tomorrow. Disha is shocked. Bhabho calls Emily and says there is so much work. Emily helps her. Bhabho asks her did she get utensils from store room. Emily says I did. Prema and Vikram come home. Vikram sees Bhabho making preparations for the guests.

Vikram says he got the saree. Meenakshi comes and shows the mahendi and makes Vikram jealous. Prema thinks she got caught in these two fools, what to do. Prema says she will stay at home and take care of Misri. Meenakshi asks her to stay away from Misri as her mum is alive. Vikram says Prema, don’t feel bad, a person has to be good to value goodness. He says he got a gift for her and shows the perfume. Prema says its nice as he sprays on her hand. Meenakshi gets jealous. Daisa comes there with some ladies and asks where is Sandhya. Bhabho says she went on duty, what happened.

Daisa says the whole city knows, RK the criminal is being hanged tomorrow. Prema is shocked. She asks Bhabho to switch on the tv and see. They see the news that RK will be given death tomorrow. Babasa asks Bhabho to call Sandhya fast. They see Sandhya on the tv news and Sandhya says sorry, I can’t tell anything about this. The man says Sandhya’s silence is saying the rumor is true. Bhabho says Sandhya did not tell anything. Babasa says he is happy, its good news after what happened with Zakir. Prema thinks what to do, don’t know Maya knows this or not. Maya sees this news and is shocked. She thinks to meet Disha and Prema now.

Sandhya tells Zakir her plan. Prema tells Maya what will we do now. Maya says we have to go close to RK. Sandhya says they will be caught in our trap.

Update Credit to: Amena

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