Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd May 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avinash working out. Prem taunts him. Babban scolds him for igniting fire. Aditi says she need to talk to them. Prem comes excited and says he is ready for next round. She says she came to share few things, Avinash did the round in 22 secs, keep it up, Babban also did well and used mind than body power, he can surprise them. She says Watan did well by talking to coach. Sooraj Rathi has passion in it and he proved his words true, age does not matter, he has self confidence and played well. Prem asks her to say about him. She says it was good. She apologizes to Lakhan for misunderstanding him.

Lakhan says its fine, it was not your mistake, I will leave now. Aditi says you are not going anywhere. Balwant says a man is going because of Abhay’s trick and now he will be given this seat. Prem says how can this happen. Aditi says his performance was well, so he is getting this second chance. She says all the best to them. Sooraj asks Lakhan to perform well. Lakhan says he respects them more than Lord for his favor.

Sooraj talks to Chavi and family on video chat. Bhabho says she feels he lost weight and he is not eating food on time. Lakhan brings milk and gives Sooraj. She asks who is he. Sooraj says he is Lakhan. Lakhan greets her and says he is Ram and I m his Hanuman, don’t worry, I will take care of him, see I got milk for him. Bhabho blesses him. Sooraj asks Ved about Sandhya. Ved asks him to talk to him first. Bhabho says go and sleep, maybe Sooraj wants to talk to Sandhya now. She takes laptop to Sandhya in kitchen and asks her to talk.

Sandhya says she is boiling milk for Ved, she takes care of him. Sooraj asks her to take care of his dream. She recalls Chander and gets sad. He asks what happened, come out of dreams, what are you thinking. She asks him to win and come, she will manage everything. He says Wo aini. She says Wo aini Sooraj ji. He gives her a flying kiss. She smiles and says good night.

Aditi comes and says don’t worry, I did not hear your talk, but I saw you talking to some girl. He says yes, she is my wife. She asks do you love kabaddi more of your wife. He says wife, kabaddi. She smiles and says I was joking, carry on. Meenakshi keeps her jewelry locked. Vikram asks whats the matter. She says she is scared that Chander can take them, as he snatched Sooraj’s plot. He says she is worrying, till Sandhya is here, no one can do anything. She worries that Bhabho can name everything to Chavi or Emily.

Its morning, everyone work out in the fields. Sooraj asks about Mahendra. Balwant says he is leaving the camp, as he feels guilty being Abhay’s coach. Babban says its not his mistake. Sooraj says Mahendra is respecting his coach relation with Abhay. Balwant says Aditi is trying to get him back. Sooraj says we can’t get anyone better than him, I think we all should talk to him, maybe he will agree. Avinash says if Aditi can’t convince us, what will he hear us. Prem says Sooraj gives lectures everywhere. Sooraj says if one student has hurt him, another one will give him respect. Lakhan says he is with him. Prem says Mahendra will not hear him, he will come back upset.

Aditi tries to convince Mahendra and asks him to think about team and camp. Mahendra apologizes to her. Sooraj and Lakhan come. Mahendra says don’t worry, Aditi will arrange a better coach, my blessings are with you. Sooraj asks him not to go, and why is he punishing them. Mahendra says when did I say you did any crime. Sooraj says it will be like punishment to lose a coach, and tells about Mahabharat.he says Dronacharya gave coaching to Pandavas and Kauravas, but Pandavas made his name shine and Kauravas did mistake, its on student how to take the teaching, and asks him not to leave them. He says his decision is right, but he is their guru and his duty is to teach them.

Mahendra says student is one who makes the Guru proud and get respect and make his name shine. Sooraj says yes Sir, my mum tells me that if Guru and Gobind is together, first choose Guru, as its Guru who guides you always and I promise you that I will get your lost respect back and make you proud. Mahendra says if you know so much, then you would know you will need to give Guru Dakshina when time comes. Sooraj promises he will give him anytime he asks for.

Mahendra says he has seen two Arjuns, Sooraj and Avinash and praises them. Avinash gets jealous and says he will the Arjun.

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