Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya and Sooraj talking about the babies. He thanks her for making him father, and says its from my heart, you gave me big happiness by the babies. He says I will thank you many times today, I want to say 1000 times, Wo Aini Sandhya ji. She says you too, many times more than 1000, Wo aini Sooraj ji. They smile with happiness tears in their eyes. Everyone come to meet Sandhya and ask her to keep resting. Bhabho asks is she fine. Sandhya says yes. Bhabho beats the plate and everyone smile. Vikram and Ankur congratulate Sandhya.

Bhabho asks the nurse to get her grandsons. The babies come and everyone rush to see them. Vikram and Mohit tease Sooraj and smile. Sooraj sees the babies and smile. He says my sons. Bhabho sees the papers and Emily says it has their weight, one is 4 pound and other is 2 pound, somewhat weak. Mohit says how can this be, they are twins and I heard their faces are also same. Emily says yes, but sometimes they are different, so its fine. Babasa says its good, else Sandhya would have made open eat and forgot.

Sooraj says they know me. Babasa says why won’t they, you are their father, you did susu when I told you I m your father. They smile. Sooraj takes the babies in his hands and smiles. He shows them to Sandhya. He says our children, they are so lovely, more than we thought. She smiles. Bhabho says you can’t manage both, give one to me. Sooraj gives one to her and Bhabho is very happy by the twins, and says you both have spent nights being awake, see Lord gave them. Ankur gets Bulbul’s call and goes. Ankita asks was it Bulbul’s call. He says yes, what will I tell her that the baby she is waiting for, will she get him or not.

He says Sooraj ji congratulated us as Mama and Mami. They see Sooraj and Sandhya happy with the twins. Bhabho thinks Sooraj and Sandhya are happy today, will they be able to share the happiness with Ankur, how can they give away their child. Ankur says they promised us that they will give us the baby, and now they have seen the babies and I feel they can’t keep the promise now. Ankita cries. Ankur says not now, we will leave from here. They come home.

She says we should talk to Sandhya and Sooraj once, Sooraj was tensed and maybe so he called us Mama and Mami. Ankur says don’t I know he was worried, even I was worried. She says we should talk to them once. He says how, its their child and they promised, I think we should not talk to them, they are so happy. She says but our Bulbul, they gave her the hope, we did not say them. He says but I can’t remind them the promise and ask for baby, I can’t hurt my sister. Bulbul says welcome home my baby and shows the card. She asks about the baby and they get worried.

They are unable to say Bulbul. Bulbul still has hope and thinks they will get happy after she makes everything ready. Sooraj asks Sandhya to sleep and he will take care of babies. He sings the lullaby for them and she sleeps. Ankur says how to tell Bulbul that she won’t get the baby. Bulbul says I spoke to Mohit, and he said Sandhya is coming home after one week. Ankita says the baby is coming and I will show how I m welcoming the baby.

Bulbul shows the room to them and Ankita says we should tell Bulbul before she knows this from someone. Ankur says he wants to explain her. The door bell rings. Bulbul says baby came and runs to see. Sooraj comes and Bulbul asks him for the baby. He says he did not bring the baby and Bulbul gets upset. Ankur and Ankita look on.

Sandhya says Bhabho told this before. Sooraj and Sandhya say the babies that they love them a lot. Sooraj says I m always with you and they cry. Bhabho and Babasa look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ankita is so mean…

  2. I dun understand why the writers want to give this stupid message of giving away one’s child when there are thousands of orphans who need a family. Why can’t this ppl educate their daughter and do that. It is the stupidest thing i have ever seen in a serial. Telling ppl to do the stupidest thing in the name of noble sacrifice. Feel disgusted by this wrong message. Used to love this drama till the hijack crap came about and now this. Sooraj Sandhya separation atleast a closure came about fast unlike this stupid jazz which is happening before the leap.

  3. Yes I agree with sham, The parents have to talk to the kid to make her understand, inspite Ankit and Ankur are mean to have the kid of her sister, And also , we can understand bulbul is a child who can behave childish, but here sooraj and sandhya are projected as childish, as Nobody will say that they give the baby because one kid asked, we can think if both ankita and ankur do not have kids at all, After having a kid also seems Ankita is so desperte to have her sis-in-law without even thinking what sandhya would go thtough , If the situation is Sandhya Cannot have babies at all, will Ankita will be ready to give Bulbul to Sandhya? Who is this director, Who is giving wrong message to Public..its irrespectible

  4. sooraj is culprit. he breaks own statement. now he should kill own son.

  5. I am so pissed with today’s episode. If bulbul isn’t listening n is yoo stubborn . Her parents can make her understand or else slap to correct her but here they are equally desperate to get one of the twin. Wt a crap is this. They r doing too much for a kid like bulbul. It was ankita’s mistake that she had a miscarriage. Why do sandhya needs to give away one of her kid to her? How selfish they can be even thinking abt taking one f her kid. The writer are portraying wrongs message. Pls stop doing that. Aaarrrgghhhh

  6. Crap filled with crap as I said have stopped watching the episodes now if this is only the storyline then won’t read the episodes

  7. It’s 999 …. finally going to hit 1000th episode tomorrow….

    Y stupid director want to create selfish in characters…..

  8. I agree with all of you

  9. Really so stupid message for community that a kid being stubborn to take someone else s baby. This was alright if Ankita and Ankur were not having any child, not evn Bulbul but now its senseless.

  10. Hello stupid director and story writer, if you don’t have any imagination pls stop the serial, don’t show extreme stupidity of separating twins for the sake of a psycho and adamant little girl and her selfish parents. Sandhya’s brother just threw her out of the house to this Rathi family and went to US. Now all upon sudden he showed up and waiting for the separation of Twins. What kind of story line is this. You think the viewers are behkoof and will buy this nonsense of yours.
    Change the story or stop the serial. Suraj’s acting is not good nowadays ..

  11. Jeyam Ramachandran

    It seems almost all the viewres are not satisfied with this turn of events. Let the director think over a twist and alter the present tense situation.

  12. blo*dy scrap…. this serial becomes a big shit shit shit… plz end the serial… Don’t kill the flavor of the serial…

  13. Worst episode and boring track
    Stop the serial if unable to extend with good story

  14. Y to portray ankita n ankur as stone hearted person very rubbish u shld teach the public in good way so many kids r there as orphan can give life to dat kids y to separate that too twin

  15. How can bulbul decorate without the help of parents. Cinematic!

  16. All the comments are true.. if the twins are getting seperat in the 1000 episode.. not worth of watching… it is very disgrace to watch this now… is this is the way u bring up good advice to the society.. if this way Ankur is not a real brother and suraj is not a real man.. he is a cowered.. first blame sandhya.. now after she give birth to children.. he is trying to saperate them.. is bull shit man.. stupid director.. don’t know how to do a goo advice from a story..

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