Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chavi and Babasa coming to meet Bhabho. Meenakshi is angry on Chavi as she is big liar. Chavi asks Bhabho what happened to her thumb, its blue. Vikram recalls how they took her stamp. Meenakshi says its by injections, its blood clot. Emily says yes, doctor said that it will go on its own, don’t worry. Babasa says its fine, I was thinking is iy any side effect of medicine. Meenakshi signs them to make their faces right. She says I want my Bhabho to get well, just Sooraj should come and give the good news of kidney arrangement. Sooraj comes to them and is upset. Babasa says Sooraj has arranged the kidney. Sooraj recalls the man’s words. Babasa says once she gets fine, everything will be fine.

Vikram says I will talk to doctor. Sooraj stops him. Babasa asks whats the matter. Mohit says we should tell the doctor. Bhabho says come here. Sooraj goes to her, and she asks what happened. Sooraj says the man was arranging kidney in illegal way, which is a crime. He tells them everything. They are shocked. Sooraj says I m trying to arrange kidney, and Lord will help us. He says Bhabho will be fine. Babasa gets upset. Bhabho says Lord was making the man arrange the kidney for me, why did you object, it was the only way for me to get well and you denied it. She cries and says you did not think about me, I m worried about my life.

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She asks where will they get kidney and when, and don’t know she will be alive or dead till then. She says I can’t believe that you are my son. Sooraj and everyone are shocked. She says you can’t be my son, else you could have thought about me first. She wipes her tears. Chavi says Sooraj how can you think about others, can’t you see Bhabho’s state. Mohit says if he knew his truth, so what, you should have been quiet, we would have got kidney for Bhabho. Sooraj asks is this good to take any innocent’s life to save Bhabho, how can I get kidney from someone like this.

Mohit says were they your loved ones, you told doctor that you can do anything for Bhabho. Meenakshi says you did this to become great, how will your mum be alive now. Vikram says you became Bhabho’s enemy. Emily says you should have thought about Bhabho, not others. Sooraj says no, I could not do this, I did not wish to do this, tell me Babasa did I do wrong. Babasa says yes, you did this very wrong. He says you gave life to the helpless people, but who will save Bhabho. Mohit asks Sooraj to say, where did Shravan go. Sooraj says he could not sell his soul, he could not become selfish.

He says I m a human, and my humanity did not let me do this, I did not do this to become great, I did this as I keep my humanity infront of everything, what would I do, I will get Bhabho’s treatment well by best doctors, when she gets fine, I can meet my eyes. He says there will be some other way. He says you know Bhabho, I can give my life for you, when needed. I m very hurt when you said I m not your son Bhabho cries and asks so you are hurt now, you are asking me to understand your pain, you are helpless, but did you understand Sandhya’s helplessness, her pain? Everyone is shocked. Bhabho asks Sooraj to say. (Too good Bhabho, best way to get Sooraj understand your point and Sandhya’s sufferings!!)

She says your family made you stand at this point where you made Sandhya stand, did you understand her, when she had hope from you as you are her life partner. Babasa asks what is she saying. Bhabho says I m saying right, my foolish son did not understand Sandhya, that day Sandhya has done her duty, and my Shravan blamed her for risking my life and kicked her out of the house. She says even you have done humanity today infront of my life, your crime is also same, the difference is she saved the country from a criminal, and you have saved strangers from that man.

She says you asked Sandhya why did she press the button and why did she not sit in aircraft, Sandhya knew if she left RK, then he would have played with many innocent lives, so she did not wish to leave RK alive at any cost. She cries and explains them that Sandhya was right. She says I gave you birth so you worry for me, but Sandhya is not my blood, and she worries for me and family a lot. She says your love and her love, I did not find any difference, you got hurt when I told you can’t be my son, just think when you told her that if her mum was in place, would you do this…. Sooraj cries understanding his mistake. Sandhya cries and says Sooraj ji I m going away from you, from everyone, very far forever, and maybe we won’t meet ever, I m going. Diya bin baati………………plays…………………

Sooraj goes to meet Sandhya. Ankur says Sandhya has gone to Scotland. Mohit calls him and says we got the kidney, I asked the doctor and the person has kept it confidential. Sooraj goes to see and sees a lady lying in the ward.

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  1. I also think it is the lady that sooraj saved

  2. That lady is Chaturi…

  3. How do u know Gp

  4. nice episode

  5. absense of sandhya ,story of this serial donot growing up. hope next week story is growing that sandhya come back rathi family.

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