Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj hearing Sandhya on the radio, as it plays everywhere he goes. Sandhya reminds him all the old moments of their marriage and love journey. She says she remembers Sooraj seeing the scooter. The RJ says her love story is very beautiful, does she want to give him any message. She says no, but I want to say one thing, we are like two sides of a river, who think we will be always together. She says I m sure this river will join us again. Sooraj recalls his words that he can never unite. She says I love him a lot and will always love him, Wo Aini Sooraj. She says you all pray that he calls me and talks to me. The RJ asks her husband to call her, as Sandhya is waiting for him.

Sandhya waits for Sooraj’s call and says he will surely call me. She says what if he does not call me then, no he will call me. Meenakshi talks to Vikram, and he says Sooraj is very determined and he can’t change his decision, even Bhabho can’t change his mind. She says she has a doubt that Sooraj found someone else. Vikram scolds him. A man comes and asks Vikram when will he return 9 lakhs. Vikram says I will call you after arranging. The man says fine, early arrangement will be good. Sooraj calls Sandhya and stops thinking about Sandhya’s move to do her duty and punish RK. Zakir asks why did you stop Sooraj.

Sooraj says you here, I don’t have anything to tell Sandhya. Zakir says I did not forget academy days, you used to call her four times daily, and she used to wait for your call, her trust never broke, there were emotions more than words. She is still the same, you are same, the love is same. Sooraj says yes, many things have changed. I respect your friendship, I know you worry for your friend. Zakir says I worry for both of you, as you both are close to my life. He says you can show me you are strong, but I know, talk to Sandhya and maybe things can get solved, pain can be part of life, not all life, and life never stops by wounds, wounds heal. He says call your Sandhya, don’t make it too long to you want to talk and then don’t get any chance. Zakir leaves.

Sooraj calls her and says he wants to talk to her, and asks can we meet in evening. She gets glad and says yes, I will reach there. He ends the call. She smiles. Meenakshi asks Vikram why did he take loan. He says he took money to pay Bhabho’s medical bills. She says why did you pay, how will we repay, I will not give my jewelry. He says don’t worry, govt will pay for it. She gets glad. Soorraj freshens up at home. He sees the button torn and changes his shirt. He recalls Sandhya’s words. Sandhya gets ready and gets Zakir’s call. She says Sooraj called me, I will be going back to my home today. He says all the best. She smiles.

Sooraj tells Babasa that he is going to meet Sandhya and asks Bhabho to take her medicines on time, as he can get late. He leaves. She says I trust my Lord, Sandhya will clear all annoyance, their relation is strong, everything will be fine, don’t test them more Lord, bring my bahu back. Sooraj comes to meet Sandhya and she smiles.

Sooraj tells Sandhya that he can’t live without her. Bhabho waits for Sandhya at home and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. love u sooraj and sandhya

  2. Hope sooraj does not ask Sandhya to resign her job to be his wife

  3. I am sure he will ask sandhya to give divorce

  4. it might b sandy dream of suraj teling lyk dat 2 her

  5. Suraj plz dont b expressionless….

  6. Soorja may ask her to move out from pushkar as if she in front of him it will be difficult for him to forget her as he loves her but still cannot forgive her for mistake which she is not responsible

  7. He ll surely ask her to resign her job

  8. He will ask for divorce only. The precap must be Bhaboo’s dream.

  9. Love suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi

  10. Suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi suraj rathi love you…

  11. Love sandhya rathi sandhya rathi sandhya rathi sandhya rathi sandhya rathi…

  12. Sandhya and Sooraj will get reunited in 1000th episode only 🙂

  13. Pls read my comment on yesterdays show…
    As for the todays show, you ppl are making the director dance for ur tunes…I don’t thing so, should listen to ur comments,,,,that means, don’t know what to do next,,,,they should their own story on mind, otherwise out of context…see my older comments, after hijack,,,knew what’s going to happen,,,even in cartoon, woldnt have hppn like that, so not real….if it was 4 the directors to listen to our p.views….wd hv nd to go long back in the story to make so many changes,,,,but as it is their business,,,they cn do whatever they like…if they do good or bad, its their benefit…otherwise, y dnt sm1 from u guys, go n do their job…..

    1. Yes, we all know it’s just an act and not a real story and characters. But people got connected with story bit emotionally and due to that all these comments are coming while seeing separation of made for each other couple Sooraj and Sandhya…..

  14. As 4 ur inf. I dnt thing so, u would find any character, same as suraj,,,in real life, so kind,soft, never get angry, not jelaous, handsome…ecetra,ecetra…in normal situation,..I’m saying,,,.be realistic, for god’s sake…if all the girls get fouled,…then no1 gone ecpt to have a hubby, dfrnt to suraj…what is going to hppn,…to the youth….even suraj himself, isn’t in real life the same character…it’s just an act…

    1. Yes, also in the real world existence of Sandhya character is highly impossible….

  15. I am sure the TRP rating for this serial has come down. I always wait for the next episodeThe serial has taken a rotten turn. Both Bhabhsa and Sooraj have become very mean and Sandhya should not beg them to accept her She did not commit any mistake Why shoul good people suffer and only in the last episode they are shown to be happy? It isa v ery stupididea

  16. I agree this is just a drama and sooraj character is quite impossible to find but that is the speciality of Diya Aur Baati. Sooraj is the perfect husband anyone would want and someone you can look up to. So how can his character change then it would not make sense. Yes if he is traumatised he should seek medical help not disown his wife. So that is why ppl want the story to get back in track and not destroy Sooraj’s character. Then it would not be the same Diya Aur Baati .

  17. pls make them will be nice!!!
    love u sooraj sandhya

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