Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd April 2013 Written Update

Momily Surya Sarun Chavi in maasa room. Sandy tells that they wanted to tell her but. Maasa stops her taunts her that she allowed a other religion person in her temple, etc etc, and kept on encouraging this girl without knowing the truth. Maasa asks bhabho to talk. Bhabho tells that she has already told this is wrong to sandy & sandy assured that she will take up the sin on her ( ems shocked)adds that for her humanity is greater than ritual. Maasa asks sandy why did u do this. she tells she broke her heart. Sandy tells she did this for ems well being. Sandy tells that if she had tell this before she would have always found mistakes in her. Sandy tells that religion are a way to express & good & bad can’t be decided on the basis of religion.
Maasa tells that religion makes one’s identity. For her religion comes first. Religion are made by well versed people. Or else what is the difference btw animals & humans.

Maasa tells that ok no relationship btw her & sandy, No frienship, \don ever call her, She assures that she will also follow the same with sandy. Maasa tells that she didn do the right. Ems faints saying Sandy my child my child. sandy calms her down Chavi asks sandy to help her & worries abt her health. Maasa hears bhabho scared. Maasa goes near ems asking what child? Maasa asks whether she is preggy. Everyone shocked. Maasa confirms that ems is preggy with mohit’s child. Maasa tells that they hide this from her. Bhabho drips her head down. Suraj tells that the matter went beyond their control asks her to accept ems for gods sake.also for the unborn child & its the vansh of rathi. Maasa asks them to leave from there. No relationship exists. Tells everyone is died for her. Maasa leaves. Bhabho tells everyone that they should leave asap.

Thakur sees them leaving & asks why. Maasa scared (watching from behind). Bhabho tells they are leaving for the sake of Meena who is in hospital. Thakur stops them saying why should everyone leave. Let the young one be here & adds that maasa wants everyone to be present on her wedding.


Bhabho tells that its first child so everyone wants to join & tells that maasa has given consent.
Thakur asks them to tell him when they arrange momily marriage & doubts why are they leaving by the back gate. Tells they can leave by the front gate too. Bhabhasa tells that if they go by the front gate it may not be liked by the guests. Thakur says k & everyone leave. Maasa feels relieved.

RP picks up the vehicle

Bhabho urges the driver but he couldn’t start. Kajiri enters with a dhol

Precap Kajiri pricks the tyre

Bhabho wonders from where this dhol sound comes from. Bhabhasa tells its from Maasa house. Surya look back to see kajiri. Bhabho asks the driver to take off the vehicle. Kajiri comes in front of the vehicle to stop. Tells that without taking revenge she will not allow anyone. She punctures the wheel. Everyone scared. Suraj gets down. Kajiri tells she will see how they leave & calls out everyone from the maasa house. Kajiri asks Surya whether they want to flee. shouts at them that she will not leave them. Adds that your religion people were doing so much that day against these things. And now what happened to your religion people when you people are running away. Everyone shocked

Precap: Kajiri wants tit for tat. Thakursa tells that punishment will be given to those who have done mistake no matter who they are (relative or others) RP crying & shocked

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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