Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a guy coming to see Meenakshi. He likes her and the family gets happy. Vikram looks on and gets angry. Sooraj smiles seeing him. The guy says we will keep engagement soon. The doctor tells Sandhya that he can’t say if Zakir can’t be fine or not. Sandhya breaks down and cries. She comes to him in the ward. Disha tells Prema how did Zakir survive, Maya said he will die. Prema says don’t know. Maya calls Disha and says Zakir is saved but in coma, he will never come out in four years too. She says Zakir is not a danger to us, I pity on him, he knows everything and can’t tell anyone. Meenakshi says what we are thinking, its this happens wrong, then what. Sooraj says no, Vikram’s face showed all this is affecting him, I know he will tell you not to do remarriage.

Babasa says trust us. Meenakshi says yes, I trust you and I m waiting that he accepts me again. Sandhya calls Sooraj and tells him that she needs him. Sooraj asks what happened, you look worried. She says I m fine, but Zakir is in procoma. Sooraj tells everyone and they all agree to come along. Prema comes home. Bhabho says we are going to hospital, you take care of house. She locks the room and asks her to take care of Misri. Prema says fine and smiles.

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Sooraj comes to Sandhya. She cries and hugs him. Sooraj and everyone look at Zakir. Sooraj pacifies Sandhya. She says doctors are saying Zakir can’t be fine now, the one who did not stop anytime, he always wanted to go ahead in life, he can’t even move his hands now, he did not fail ever, and now he is like a vegetable here, he is failing now. She says she can’t see him like this. Sooraj says Zakir will never fail, he will find some way to fail the failure. He asks who did this with Zakir. Sandhya says RK’s helpers. Sooraj is shocked. She says we were catching them and this happened, I won’t let RK and his helpers win over us.

Bhabho worries that even Sandhya could have been in Zakir’s place. She says so I told you that I m against this job, we can’t be sure of her safety. Babasa says your fear is of everyone, if everyone thinks this, who will protect us at the border and city. He says we should be proud of Zakir, as he fought for others and risked his life. We should salute his mum. Vikram sees Misri crying and thinks where did Prema go. He sees the store room light on and goes to see. Disha sees him going and thinks Prema is there, I have to alert Prema.

Prema is busy in making the arms. Disha says Vikram, is Sooraj at home. She messages Prema and makes Vikram busy in talk. Prema reads the message and is shocked. Vikram says Sooraj went to hospital as Zakir is injured. Prema comes out of the store room and says she was getting warm clothes for Misri. Disha smiles. Prema says I m sorry, I can’t come to shop today as I have to take care of Misri. Vikram leaves. Disha asks Prema to do the work today, as Maya said we don’t have time. Prema says I know what I have to do. She makes Misri sit and uses the drugs to make her sleep. She says she always makes Misri sleep when she has work. Disha says I will go to see Zakir, I will get peace seeing him.

SP Sir comes to see Zakir. Sandhya says RK is a criminal and we risked our life to catch him, but we don’t have right to punish him, he is in jail since 3 years and making plans to kill such honest officers like Zakir, why is he alive. SP says I understand your sentiments and understand what you are saying. She says we have to do anything, RK’s hanging can’t be postponed, he must be immediately hanged, his gang is planning, don’t know what they will do. SP says its not possible, we have to respect the law. She says we should change it if criminals make joke of it. She says we don’t know what will happen in next four days, we can’t stop them. She says I m sorry. SP says you are emotional, we will talk later about this.

Prema makes the bullets and says arms are ready for the hijack, Sandhya can’t do anything now, we will succeed in our mission. Sooraj talks to Zakir and says your work is not over, Sandhya will be alone in this work, you have to support her and make the criminals get punished. Disha comes to see Zakir and looks at him through the window. Sooraj says I want you to get fine before I go to Dubai, as Sandhya needs you. Zakir sees Disha and reacts. Sandhya says he wants to say something and tries to understand. Sandhya asks does he know anything and asks him to give any hint. She asks him to try to tell.

Sandhya asks SP to give out the news about RK’s hanging getting proponed. Disha and everyone see this news that RK will be hanged tomorrow. Disha is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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