Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd November 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd November 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with yesterday’s last scene. Suraj scolds Sandhya and asks her to not be childish and stubborn. Sandhya says it is not stubbornness but love. Suraj smiles and notices her bindi is missing. Sandhya finds it in his neck and takes that. Suraj puts the bindi on her forehead when Bhabho calls out their names worried. SurYa reply her and go into the bus. Sandhya sits in her place with Bhabho while Suraj is standing. Bhabho taunts Sandhya for not being able to get into the bus quickly while she can effortlessly run with a bomb in her hand. Sandhya is looking at Suraj who notices after some time and smiles which Bhabho notices. Bus stops at a place for short break. Bhabho tells Sandhya to guard her place and not allow anyone to sit while she and Chathuri get down of the bus. Sandhya has flashback of last trip and how a lady had occupied Bhabho’s place. This time, she herself calls a lady and asks her to sit in Bhabho’s place. Suraj scolds her for this while the other lady taunts him for not being good like his wife. Bhabho returns and is angry at Sandhya. Sandhya offers her place to Bhabho. Then, Sandhya asks Bhabho’s permission to sit on bus top saying Suraj is also standing and will be tired.

Emily opens the shop and has many plans of getting the shop painted, etc. When she opens the shutters, the shop is full of very big carton boxes and there is no place to even enter the shop. She tries to move one box and finds it is too heavy.

SurYa on bus top with other people and musicians who are singing. They are enjoying the ride and then Sandhya opens her bag and gives a card to Suraj. He opens it and finds it is their wedding card and Sandhya has mentioned all the programs like haldi, etc. He gets worried as he has not informed Bhabho yet.

In RM, Mohit enters. Meena who is sitting with Kanha understands what is going to happen and goes to switch off the stove with taunting remarks. Emily is upstairs drying clothes watching this. Mohit asks Meena when will she give them the shop keys. Emily mocks saying she has already given it to Emily. He asks when will she remove all her goods from there. Meena tells the worker in their shop has gone to village and she will clear them once he comes back. Mohit asks they have less time and asks Meena to hire other workers to do this. Meena replies it is their urgency so they have to get it cleared. Mohit agrees but asks her to pay for them which she again refuses to do. Frustrated Emily tells Mohit that they will pay it themselves. Meena is happy and asks her goods should not be damaged in any way. Emily is thinking and has some plan.

In temple lodge, Suraj is sitting worried how to inform Bhabho. Sandhya takes out their night clothes. Bhabho asks them to go and change their clothes. Bhabhasa is having body pain due to bad bus journey and Bhabho taunts him as he was asleep all the way in the bus. Bhabhasa notices through window a wedding card kept in front of God in the small mandir next to their room and exclaims there is marriage happening of some of their relative. Bhabho-Bhabhasa have a nok-jhok regarding this and Bhabho stops him from taking out the wedding card. SurYa return by then and Suraj is worried. Bhabhasa is restless to know whose wedding it might be. Bhabho asks Suraj to get the card for Bhabhasa. When Suraj really goes to do so, she stops him saying she was sarcastic.

The lodge person comes and gives them their beds. All get to sleep. Sandhya is awake and waiting for others to sleep. When she finds all are sleeping, she calls Suraj in whispering sound but Suraj is asleep and turning other side. Sandhya takes out a shall from her suitcase and throws it at him but it does not reach. She then ties a bangle to it and throws at him. He awakes, turns and asks her what. She tells their marriage rituals start from the next morning and they will be bride and bridegroom, so she wants to make this night memorable.

Precap: SurYa are outside and Sandhya wants him take her somewhere. Suraj does not agree as it is cold out. Sandhya is adamant and asks will he not fulfill his fiance’s wish and Suraj agrees

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