Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd March 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Bhabho reminding Sandhya of her challenge and whether she would accept the same. sandhya doesnt reply, so meena starts harping on her, asking her how come she is so scared to accept this challenge unlike the FB one. and continues on yacking away at how sandy is unable to show the same confidence she did with the earlier challenge. after all it is not easy to accept inter-faith marriages.

Bhabho interjects that Sandy should have thought before refuting her orphan hindu stance. now she has no choice but to abide by bhabho’s condition or get maasa’s approval. Sandy replies that she is not able to answer or take up this challenge because this does not relate to her alone but pertains to Momli relationship, emily’s beliefs and the baby who is not born yet but who’s future lies at stake.

Sandy says that she would need to consult Emily on this before she can make any promise of this kind, so refuses to commit to the challenge for now. Both Bhabho and meena taunt her and leave it up to her to decide. Bhabho even taunts that now the Momli relationship rests on her.The family leaves and Sandhya is left all alone.

Sandhya then goes to Emily’s house with Suraj and talks with her parents. She lets them know of how the family knows that Mohit is the real father and Bhabho’s earlier condition of taking in Emily as an orphaned Hindu. She request them to consider sending Emily with her to Maasa’s village for 7 days. Emily’s parents are distraught and worried what if Maasa doesnt accept? Will they just say sorry and leave Emily all alone?

Sandy agrees that this is not a difficult decision to make but makes a statement that fighting for truth is always never an easy battle. Emily and her parents request for time to think over this.

Bhabhasa and Bhabho are having a private convo where Bhabhasa is not happy with Bhabo’s stance. he wonders why did she take such a tough stance. does she not care enough for her son, the girl who was cheated by her son or even the unborn baby? bhabho again taunts that how come he is not trustful of his fave bahu. she feels that her stance is right…her experience is more stronger than sandy;s lofty ideals.

meena at the kitchen and doing her usual antics..when she accidentally breaks a matka. she gets panicky and hides the pieces away. she then gets excited with the thought of one of sandy’s matkas getting broken by bhabho for her mistakes. she gets very happy and prays to her pahadi wale bhabho to grant her wish, in return she promises to send around a whole plateful of laddoos to everyone in the neighborhood.

all rathis together in the main hall, waiting for bhabho…meena is too impatient to know as well. bhabho comes in and takes her asan like a maharani arrives at a darbar and asks so what’s the verdict? sandy like a dedicated senapathi answers that emily and her parents need some time to think over this.

bhabho is doubtful how would extra time matter in this situation. sandy is confident that emily will definitely come. bhabho then utters a landmark dialogue: lets see who wins…my conviction or your foolish ideals. (most probably the sabha will wait till emily decides to make an appearance or not…as the viewers take a much-needed break)

Bhabho retorts that it’s all easy for young generation to spout lovey-dovey dialogues but when it comes to taking responsibility, she doesnt have any great expectations from emily. (conveniently forgot to mention her son’s role in here )

the family waits in the main hall. meena gets fidgety and curses her pahadi baba for leaving her stuck in the middle. how can her wish be fulfilled now? mohit hiding away in a room looks out at the family assembled…and thinks to himself that it’s good if emily never shows up and doesnt accept the orphaned hindu condition. otherwise everyone in the mohalla will come to know about him and bahut badnaami hogi (no comments for now).

Bhabho then gets tired of waiting and fires off a chain of commands to her senapati aka sandy that while she doesn’t expect Emily to return, Sandy will still have to make the trip to Maasa and asks her to get ready with the upcoming travel preparations.

Precap: Suraj comes in with a suitcase and informs Bhabho that most of the arrangements have been done, even taxi has been arranged. Bhabho cant resist taunting Sandy that everything is now finalized save for the one person whom you hoped to travel with.

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