Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho doing puja in morning. Meenakshi gets tea for everyone. Sooraj takes care of Bhabho. Bhabho asks them to call Sandhya. Sooraj diverts her mind and asks her to have tea. He says the tea is good, I think you lost the taste. Bhabho says she wants to listen Ramayan. Sooraj says he will read it for her. He reads it and she says if Lord Ram can’t bear to be without his wife, then how would ordinary people bear such separation. She says life partner/soulmate is the one without which one can’t live. She tells the meanings and he reads more. His hand burns and Bhabho asks how did he not realize it. She asks whats the matter, where is Sandhya. She calls out Sandhya. She asks them the truth.

Sooraj says Sandhya does not live in this house. Bhabho is shocked. Sooraj tells her everything. She says what did you do this Sooraj. Sandhya has risked her life to save your life, and you gave this prize to her. Sooraj says we also helped people on board and what Sandhya did was for her duty. He says if it was for my life, I would have not complained, but the matter was of your life Bhabho, I agree she saved my life, but to fulfill her duty, she risked your life, I can’t forget this. She says all this is lie, I have seen everything there, its all in fate and no one can change or stop the fate, you know all this, how did you blame her for all this.

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Sooraj says fate was also in Sandhya’s duty. She asks is he done, now listen to her, as he never says no to him. She says get back Sandhya home. He says fine, if you want this, I will do this, I will get your bahu back, but never get my wife back. He asks what does she want now, he will do what she says. Everyone looks on. Sooraj leaves. Bhabho asks Babasa why did he not stop Sooraj. Babasa says he is smart and took right decision like you, you did not want your bahu to become police officer, you were always afraid that her duty can come against bahu duties. He says we could not bear this, I also got sense that you were right before and today Sooraj is right.

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Sandhya is still upset and asks Laxman to open the window. She hears the FM about love and some stories shared on FM by people. Sooraj asks Bhabho what happened, why did she call him, is she fine. Chaturi says I called you, see Bhabho has many medicines, I don’t know which one to give her. Sooraj takes the medicines. Chaturi asks him to play radio. Sooraj plays radio and Sandhya tells her love story. She tells about her and Sooraj’s love story. Sooraj says I will go shop and sits wearing shoes. Sandhya says we were from different worlds and we got married, we did not think we will become two hearts and one soul.

She tells how their love started and Sooraj recalls those moments. Bhabho and Chaturi also listen to her. Sooraj says I m going Bhabho. He sees his button fallen and takes it. Sooraj comes to the shop and listens radio as Chotu is playing it. Sandhya says she is sure their relation will link again.

Sandhya waits for Sooraj’s call. She gets Sooraj’s call and says I knew you will call me. He asks can we meet at park in evening. She smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. bledy babasa..shutup n sit at some corner in d home/in kitchen while eating some stuf…u r fit 4 nthng nw…….learn smthng 4m bhabo…she’s into divinity,while u r desparate in ruing people’s life………

    1. Yes very true ungratefull mean old male chavanist and babasa is cunning fox good for nothing fuk in ass, bhabho should leave babasa and go to sandhya and stay there and stay away from babasa so that he know what sandya is feeling

      1. Someone please give pan to Babasa and then I hope his mind will set all right… 🙂

  2. plz dont bring tat story in wrong way…this story is based on love.. plz dont break the love..join sooraj n sandhiya again plzzz…

    1. If you want to seperate suraj and sandhya than you should have got suraj dead in hijak drama or now let terorist raj kumar plan and attack suraj so that episode will end, we can be relived of this meaning less diya aur baati sequal

  3. Why Sooraj is being shown as a foolish guy? He was a good husband , friend and human being. Seems writers are thinking that audience are fools.

  4. Please stop watching diya aur baati as this episode is waste of time

  5. Bhabho who was Sandhya’s IPS dream knows what she did was correct and Sooraj who always supported Sandhya to become police officer and said during hijack that whatever happens she should serve country is acting like a fool blaming her when it was not her mistake. She made sure that all passengers were in the plane before attacking RK why the hell did Sooraj jump from plane and bhabho followed him, so it is Sooraj mistake that Bhabho got hurt.

  6. Venkat u stop watching don’t say others..ok

  7. Venkat u plz don’t say others u stop watching plzzzz …nd suraj will not die….ok shut up…u stupid

  8. Stupid venkat….u r wasting tym…ok don’t say others ok…

  9. Suraj & babhasa are behaving like dufers. Bhabo’s thinking is right. Sandhya saved their lives risking her own life. But these duffers did not value. Particularly, Suraj is a big dufer.

  10. I suspect when he meets Sandhya, suraj would ask for a divorce. Babho is sensible no idea why the director changed Suraj’s character. Does not make sense. He is supposed to be a gd son n husband pls make sure Suraj n Sandhya get together. Do not make Suraj a typical man he is supposed to br a role model hubby.

    1. Even I feel the same. He should not do another big mistake…

  11. To cross the 1000 episodes and to increase the TRP, DABH team started this new emotional drama. But I am not sure when they will realize that it’s hurting lot of fans. 🙁

  12. director is not really understanding if dey lose d track dey vil b same genre of oder saas bahu saga so use ur new ways to make episodes or else end it but atleast remain 2 track rishta wahi soch nayi n hv an ideal husband in the form of suraj

  13. I hope Sooraj do not want to marry a girl whose husband got shot by Bhaboo in the plane…. and for this in tomorrow episode Sooraj will not insist Sandhya for Divorce… then what will happened to the Serial…?

  14. This is really irritating to watch. How suraj can decide? If he wants sandhya to serve the country even if he dies. The serial is now meaningless.

  15. I don’t understand 1thing,,,y u ppl are so possessive…y do u want to happn things for ur likes n dislikes, if that was the case…go n watch (India fights back), n u will see the reality, how painfull is,…u r complaining abt this serial….where ever have to be realistic, they hav to do a shortcut,,,bcs it will be very painfull, for the viewers, often things happn against our likes,,the director can’t make all the story postv, or the caracters,,,it will be against the truth…would be fake…y do you like lies,,,,it isn’t good, for the viewers, as they all will accept life to be all good , if smthng goes wrong…talak…strightway…I think ur are missing the point….the morals from the serials, should be how cn some cop n deal with life,,,,not just making everything good in the tv…n the reality is dfrnt…ppl will do suicide, if they don’t find real life, as in the serials….viewers pls??? Dnt destroy the ppl life,…let them learn from difficulties,,,life isn’t always fun….ectra

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