Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Officer Singh taking Sandhya and Zakir to meet the criminal. She says he is here for his last medical checkup, I m giving the charge to you now, don’t make any mistake. Zakir says if he is to be hanged after 15 days, why is he being transferred to Pushkar. Officer Singh says we are shifting as we don’t want any media involvement in this matter so we are sending him to small place. He is related to Pushkar, and Sandhya will know meeting him. Sandhya is puzzled. Zakir says we will be alert. Officer Singh says he is very smart, his mind works as computer, he can be infront of your eyes and fool you. She asks them to be alert and don’t follow his thoughts, think 10 steps ahead of him.

The doctor says the criminal is fit. Officer Singh goes with the doctor to talk and asks Sandhya and Zakir to meet the criminal. Zakir gets his health report and takes the charge. Zakir says his details. He says he is very fit. Sandhya goes to see him. He is lying with face turned towards the bed surface. Meenakshi misses Kanha and feels she should go to Taisa’s house and bring Kanha, but she can’t do anything. Bhabho comes home and sees Pari and Misri playing. Bhabho brings some bags. Misri runs to her and Bhabho takes her. She says I got fruits for you. Kanha comes and says Dadi, Papa……………

Everyone look at him. Vikram gets glad seeing him He says Kanha and goes to him. Meenakshi smiles. Vikram says come. Taisa comes and stops Vikram from touching Kanha. He asks Taissa not to come here and takes him. Kanha cries. Misri says Dadi and runs to Taisa. Taisa looks at her and leaves. Bhabho feels bad. Misri says Dadi………….. Vikram feels miserable seeing this situation and asks her to come to him, as he is his Papa. Misri says you are not my Papa. Vikram cries. Chavi calls a mahendi artist as its Teej. Pushpa asks her to talk and takes her inside.

She says if we both apply mahendi, who will cook for Dilip and his dad. Chavi says I forgot, and says Bhabho had her bahus get mahendi first and she used to apply at last after cooking. Pushpa says I m not concerned about this, this is my house. She apologizes to the girl and asks her to leave. The girl leaves. Pushpa asks Chavi to come and help her in kitchen. Chavi says that house is of Bhabho, this house is of Pushpa, which is my house. The criminal then shows his face and Sandhya is shocked seeing him.

Sandhya thinsk he is Rajkumar, who entered their family and Bhabho trusted him, and kept him at Sooraj’s shop. Rajkumar cheated them. He was about to kill Sooraj, and Sandhya has got him caught in police. The FB scene shows all past events. He smiles and says Ram Ram bhabhisa. Zakir looks at Sandhya. The man says we met aftera long time, how are you, is Sooraj Bhaisa fine, is everyone happy at home, is Diya and Baati going together or not. He says its great, this police uniform is suiting you a lot, as you and it are made for each other, you were not less than police officer without the uniform, I saw you without this, do you remember or forgot.

Sooraj has given the presentation well and looks for Disha. He finds out and goes to the conference hall to thank her. Disha comes and greets him. He says you helped me and I thanked you, but don’t talk in this way. She says sorry, what did I do. He says you said go from here. She laughs and says she did not say that, she said hi to him. She clears the matter. He says fine. She says I m Disha whom you came to meet. He says how can it be you. She asks why, any doubt. He says Disha Madam……… She says yes, its me, come sit, I m your coordinator, who will support you in this competition.

She says she will help him in communication. She says she is a photographer too and holds her camera. She talks in many languages. She says lets go to Pushkar now, and talks non stop. Sooraj goes with her. Rajkumar says he misses them a lot, command me if there is anything. She says you have to come with us now. He says fine, how can I deny this being your Devar, Bhabhisa will get late, its Teej’s festival, Sooraj would be waiting for you. Zakir asks Sandhya who is he and how does he know you so well. Sandhya takes the keys and opens his handcuffs. Rajkumar asks did you not apply mahendi on Teej, its wrong, did Bhabho not teach you it’s a sign of Suhaag, you should not do any Abshagun with it, as anything may happen anytime. Sandhya looks at him angrily.

Rajkumar says he wants to return their favor, together or one by one. Sandhya and Zakir take Rajkumar. He asks them to take him to Pushkar, as he misses Rathi family a lot.

Update Credit to: Amena

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