Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Thakursa eating. Everyone enjoying the rasm. Maasa bhabhasa dances. Thakursa busy with laddoo. Chavi mohit enjoying. Emily comes & searches her chain finds it on the chair where thakur was sitting. Picks it up & wears it. Surya, Bhabho comes. Maasa welcomes sandy & asks to start the rasm. Sandy remembers kajiri’s words. & bhabho’s instruction to go back to pushkar. Maasa taunts bhabho for staring at sandy. Maasa tells sandy is good at heart even she doesn’t know the rituals. And says as MIL she should teach her. Maasa tells that she will teach her the rituals

Maasa teaches sandy the rasm. Sandy learns . Bhabho looks tensed. Maasa tells that she has to manage everything in mohit’s marriage & bhabho will be roaming here & there as groom’s mother. Maasa teaches step by step. Sandy finishes the rasm . Maasa calls Bhabho. Bhabho does the rasm. Bhasan share an eyelock tensed one. Chavi meanwhile blushes. Sandy wonders how can they leave the place now as rasm has started. Everyone does the rasm one by one.
Meena coming out of temple eating . Notices kakisa & shows off her watch & says that costly thing is for once & cheap things has to be bought many times. Dhaisa DIL comes in tells that she stole her mil watch and now her words too. They start quarreling. Dhaisa dil says meena a thief. Dhaisa DIL faints. Everyone around takes her to hospital. Meena takes her to hospital.

Maasa calls everyone to take the centre stage. Maasa hugs Bhabho & tells that she is not that much bad. It is not very easy to maintain such a big family. Maasa tells its her family which is important & its her solah singar. She adds that she kept taunting everyone but these are not taunts but these are her taunts from heart so that everyone goes in the right directio. Maasa gets emotional. Maasa tells that she want to give back something to her family in return for the bad byah anniversary. Maasa gives each one a jewel set Sandy gets blessings from maasa & hugs her. Maasa asks the beendanis to keep it safe. Maasa then starts giving to daughters. Chavi gets bangles. Then maasa calls chotu & others. But thakur tells that they are playing.

Maasa then takes out one for emily saying that it is for mohit’s would be bride emily.


Here maasa turns to emily. Everyone shocked. Maasa tells she has selected ems for mohit very lovely & who has beauty consious too like her. Thakur says this one. She says mohit will be allowed to talk with her only after marriage. Maasa tells that she will wear the pendant asks her to turn. Maasa notices the cross pendant on her necck.
Maasa stares at surya bhabho

Maasa gets shocked to see cross & om together. Bhabhsa bhabho Surya stunned. Maasa remembers the bhog scene, Haldi scene, toe ring scene . Maasa stares at ems who gets scared. And stares at Sandy Suraj & Bhabho. Trio gets scared. Episode ends

Precap Maasa telling now onwards no maasa no beendni to sandy in a room. There is no relationship hereafter. Emily gets scared and faints saying my child my child. Maasa who is facing towards the wall gets shocked & turns. Bhabho shocked. Sandy helps emily.

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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