Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahendra talking to the training batch. He says they will be blindfolded and a stick will be given in their hands, by which they can guess the way and follow the sound to reach their aim of that hanging pot and break it in one shot, if anyone falls, he will fail in this exam, when they go in defender area, they should focus on them. He says all the hurdles are their opponents, a small mistake can make them out of the game. Mahendra says all the best. He talks to Aditi. A guy tells Sooraj that he will leave. Sooraj says he will not lose without trying. He joins hands with him. Avinash thinks he has to win. Mahendra says they have to do this task in one min. The hearing aid of the deaf guy falls and he thinks how to heart the bell sound now.

They all start to reach the aim. The deaf guy passes some hurdles and does not know where to go now. He bumps into someone and follows him. Avinash finishes on time. The deaf guy too finishes the task and jumps happily, as even he did not expect to win. Babban also ends the task and Aditi says well done. Mahendra says three are chosen from this batch and says congrats to them. The goons stop Chavi’s car and catches her.

Mahendra says now last batch is going and just two will be selected from them. Sooraj recalls Sandhya’s words. He is blindfolded. Prem thinks he has to win this round by anything, and he has to cheat and win by removing the blindfold. He falls down and makes the blind fold higher to see the way and easily do it, by acting a bit. Sooraj thinks how to reach the pot in this noise. He recalls Sandhya’s and Aryan’s words. Prem wins and is chosen in top 20. Sooraj reaches the pot and breaks it before the other guy. Mahendra says Sooraj Rathi is our 20th chosen member. Sooraj opens the blind fold and sees the poor guy getting upset on losing. Prem asks Sooraj how can he eat food by winning over Lakhan. Sooraj says someone wins and someone loses, it’s game rules. Sandhya reaches the car and sees Chavi missing. She gets tensed. Sooraj sits to eat food and sees people vomiting eating the food. He stops the other people from eating the food. He takes the people out for treatment with other’s help. He says there is something mixed in the food. Chavi calls Sandhya and she is stunned.

She asks Chavi where is she, there were goons behind her in pics. Chavi says I m fine, some goons were after me, but someone saved me and dropped me home, I m at home. Sandhya says I was scared, its good you are safe, I m coming home, thanks the person for helping. Chavi says he wants to talk to you and gives the call to him. Sandhya thanks him, for helping Chavi. He says he did not do anything and has heard many bravery stories of it, she is his inspiration. She thinks she heard this voice.

Aditi comes to know the food has something mixed in this. Mahendra says it means someone tries to harm everyone. Aditi asks who did this cheap trick. The man says someone came and was holding a bag.

Sooraj says the man can harm us again. Aditi says she will punish them and talks to police. Mahendra brings the culprit.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This serial is abt sandhya and her Ips not abt sooraj so plz stop showing sooraj he’s so irritating

    1. Ths srl is abt hubby nd wify bnd…dr desires nd quest to fulfil each othr’s drms…nd abt a grl settlng in family….if y dnt kno abt it…..dn stp cmntng hr..


  2. Shut up

  3. Continue sooraj story. Age is not the limit for success and aim.

  4. R u a script writer ….diya aur bati hum means sooraj is bati sandhya diya abb sandhya bati banraiyeah sooraj diya bangaya thats it….

  5. this show is marvellous…it is running for 3.5 years n has always been on top of trp charts…its story is splendid n i pay trubute to the script writers who always keep the audience hooked to the show…Welldone. sandhya n welldone soraj..hope the writers continue to bring twists n turns..reallh loving it.?

  6. Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi

    I really love the ass and the boovs of sandhya !

  7. Jeyam Ramachandran

    We have to meet so many impediments and hurdles in our life.If one is not intelligent enough as to how to succeed these obstacles he becomes a loser.

  8. Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st May 2015 – Chandar Ne Di Sandhya Ko Dhamki

  9. Hey! Mr.mahatma mohandas Gandhi, if u want to give this kind of silly comments means u should go to that kind of websites,not here…nd don’t use the leaders name for this…

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