Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st March 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Sandhya asking Bhabho to consider marriage for Mohit. Bhabho is silent but accepts that mariage of Mohit and Emily. Everyone is shocked.

Bhabho talks about how she feels humiliated and so ashamed at her son’s acts. She talks of her beliefs and how she is now so shattered that she isn’t able to look at her own self in the mirror.

Meena is not happy with this and wonders how can the family do this? Will their actions be acceptable to ancestors, and tries to oppose the decision.

Bhabho gets angry and tells Meena that she knows how much Meena is concerned about her family’s welfare. She lashes out at her and reprimands her for not informing Bhabho on the day she saw Mohit and Emily together.

Sandhya tries to re-convince Bhabho. Bhabho agrees and asks Sandhya to go on her behalf to apologize to her parents and to let them know that Bhabho is too ashamed to face them on her own son’s behalf. But she has a condition in order to accept Mohit-Emily’s marriage. Emily will have to forget all of her Christian beliefs, forgo her parental ties and come to Rathi’s family as an orphaned hindu girl. Everyone agrees to this. Bhabhasa feels that this will solve their problem and agrees with her. Meena and Vikram too agree to this. Suraj is as usual silent.

Bhabho gets angry and says that ‘do you think that people will be okay if Emily comes in the current state and lives with Rathis’? Everyone will laugh at her and those who would not, will also make mockery of them and say lot of bad things about them.

Sandhya argues that it might take time but people might come to accept it. If Chhavi’s in-laws were to put a similar condition for her to forego all her brotherly and parental ties with her paternal home, would they be able to come to terms with it? would it be fair to expect Emily to give such a big sacrifice and expect her to be happy with the same? how can a girl who is so dejected and cut off from everything that is near and dear to her, be happy or bring happiness to others?

Bhabho still has issues re: inter-religion differences in faith and the reasons that it helps to bring people closer of the same religion citing an example that oil doesn’t mix well with water. So it’s good to keep the religion same(she says this part a bit earlier in the episode).

Sandhya refers to the fact that religions were made by human beings, and we have to be accepting of other beliefs as well. Why do we have to accept this relationship on a lie? Emily will have to live this lie for her entire life. She refuses to Bhabho that she won’t be able to give the orphaned Hindu option to Emily and her family.

She asks why can’t the Rathis accept Emily as a christian. Bhabho gets angry and tells Sandhya that what if I agree with you. Would you be able to convince the neighborhood and all of her family relatives in this matter?

She lets Sandhya know that Maasa’s 50th anniversary (or birthday? couldnt really make out). Basically an event wherein Maasa will invite everyone and have a re-marriage celebration on that occasion. She challenges to be able to convince Maasa and if she is able to do so and get respectability for Momli’s relationship…given the mistakes both have committed… to be accepted by her and the entire neighborhood…then and only would she consent to the marriage.

She refers to that as her condition. Bhabhasa is worried that this might be a very formidable challenge for Sandy but Bhabho is unwilling to budge. and says that she will consider this Sandhya’s fault for not being able to do so.

Meena just cannot resist and interjects that if that is the case, and wouldn’t this mean that one of the matkas will be broken? After all, this will be considered as Sandhya’s first mistake.

(For some reason, no one ever interrupts Meena for making inflammatory comments during BhaSan convo).

Bhabho thenn looks tearfully at Sandhya and asks her if she accepts this challenge. She leave it up to her and agrees that this will be considered her first big mistake. Will she be able to do this?

Precap: Bhabho screams at Sandhya that because of Sandy’s lofty ideals and principles, if any problem were to fall on the Rathi household due to acceptance of Hindu-Christian relationship, then she will never forgive Sandhya for taking such a tough stand on Momli relationship.

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