Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st June 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st June 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with suraj asking bhabo what if she wins the matka challenge?? Everyone gets stunned. Vikram tells that why bhabo is worrying about suraj if he had done decided everything. & tells that he can’t take part in this expense. Meena seconds him. Adds that they must consider mohit as he is earning low. Suraj tells that he will take care of sandy’s expense & it will not come under RM accounts. Bhabo wipes off her tears & tells that she has forgot that he is the provider of the family & he can do whatever he wants. Suraj tells that it is not like that. Bhabo tells that he excluded his wife’s expense from the RM expense & vikram will follow this & mohit too. Adds that babas a & babo are old people & will beg from them & all three will play with them. Adds that babasa nevers earns so she will wear a cotton saree. She also adds that she will reap the fruit for holding back everyone under one roof. Suraj tells that it is not so & they are like the soul of this family. And it will remain the same & he is not going agst her. Bhabo tells that if he has got so much respect towards her then he must cancel the order. Asks him to inform them that TV is important than his family. Suraj apologises to her. Adds that for him his family is very important & sandy’s dream too. Meena tells that suraj is not saravan kumar now & he is joru ki…but vikram stops her. Bhabo tells that she can’t give permission to tv & rules are same for everyone be it the provider or the other people. She leaves & suraj runs behind her & tells that she must listen to him today. If he tries to say something that doesn’t mean that he is going agst her. Adds that it is imp for sandy & lot of news available in that. Bhabo tells that where will he get the money for that TV & adds that it is equal to 6 mth expense for them. Bhabo asks him to think abt whether it is right to spend so much money on a single member??? Meena tells that what if sandy fails to become an IPS officer when these expenses are made. Suraj shouts that sandy would defo become an IPS. Sanyd gets scared. He adds that he will take care of the expense. Bhabo tells that how would he manage he has to look after the shop’s loss (recent one) & WTC left over money is for chavi’s marriage. Suraj tells that he will work hard & wake till night & get orders & take over the expense of sandy. Bhabo tells that she is worried. Adds that sandy has made suraj agst all & made him work like a donkey for her sake. Meena tells that what is the use of spending so much for this competition as they will give only some shield. Vikram aks her to keep quiet when they are talking. Suraj tells that even if it is nothing it doesn’t matter as it will be helpful for her IPS preparation & tells bhabo that sandy will pass this.

Chavi tells that IPS is tough bla bla. Suraj tells that she will definitely win this too like before & become an IPS.
Bhabo tells that she respects his belief over sandy & allows for the tv but she needs guarantee that this money will not go in vain as it is a reduction of 30000 rs in her daughter’s marriage.Says that she would give the money to him. Suraj thanks her. Bhabo tells that she has not finished. Adds that on which base she must give that money as she is a daughter of a businessman. Adds that he can bring in TV after giving gaurantee.

Suraj feels happy & looks at a worried sandy. Chavi asks him to answer. Suraj tells that he needs some time.
Bhabo tells he can take his own time & adds that tv can enter RM only after he gives his gaurantee. or else no TV. Everyone looks at the left over matka!!!!. Meena tells that it is good that the third matka didn’t break & they must keep it safe as it is kept for a purpose. Bhabo tells that yes & shuts her up & calls everyone to have dinner. Suraj wipes off his tears & leaves. SAndy is worried.

Precap: SurYa in shop & sandy thinks that she must tell the truth to suraj that she needs no Tv news paper not even Dream. Sandy goes near suraj & tells that she wants to tell something which would make a full stop to all his worries.

Update Credit to: shobhna_dabh

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