Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st August 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st August 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with SurYa walking on the streets. Sandy tells him that they have almost roamed full pushkar. Meanwhile they reach Gandhi Statute park Suraj tells that they must rest & makes sandy sit & there. He adds that there are two three hotels near by & goes on to check. Sandy is worried. She looks at Gandhi statute & remembers the day on which her father brought her to study. She moves near the statute & remembers her father’s words saying that there are few people who always light up others life. She has tears on her eyes… She calls her papa. She gets back his voice & turns back to look at him. Sandy hugs him tight. He caresses her. He inquires about the situation. Adds that there will be no darkness in the presence of Suraj like husband

who understands her very well like him. He adds that Suraj will never break the family & relations. Adds that he is not only her hubby also her friend. Adds that whenever she needs help he willbe there for her. Asks her to become his strength. Adds that she must be his pillar like he stood for her & tells that it is not so easy for him to take such a decision. Sandy tells that she also wants the same. But… Her father asks her whether she is scared. Sandy nods…

Arvind ji (Sandy’s father) tells that there are always troubles but one should strive hard to achieve the goal & the door will open themselves. She nods & rests on his shoulder.

Suraj comes in & wakes her up. Sandy tries to show him her papa but finds him no where. She tells him that papa was there & she was resting. Adds that it was pleasant. Suraj tells that he believes her. Adds that when the kids miss their parents they will come near to them like him. Sandy is stunned. Suraj manages to tell that there is one NCC camp & they can stay there as it is August 15th tomorrow. Sandy tells that she knows that & has come with papa earlier. Adds that they hoist the flag in the very same park.

When they leave they see one person.. The person inquires suraj whether they are going somewhere. Suraj replies that they are returning back to home. He adds that their family is happy with the birth of girl child & gives Suraj some sweets… Suraj hesitates to take as it is made by him… but the person thanks him for his sweets & asks hi to take it as a token of gift… He leaves…

Suraj tells Sandy that they have got place to stay but there is something left… Sandy asks what. He asks her to close her eyes & he leaves near the statute…

Momily room:

Emily is apologising to mohit. At the same time bhabo calls them. Mohit gets scared as she might ask money. Emily opens the door. Mohit asks her what. Bhabo tells that he has forgot something so she came to remind him & adds that he forgot the most important thing that his wife is pregnant & asks him to take her to a doctor. Mohit replies that he has office & promises to take her on leave. Bhabo tells that she will also tell her grandchild that come on leave. Adds that his brother went away from home for the sake of her wife & can’t he. Mohit nods & stares at Emily. Bhabo asks him to stop staring at her as she is giving him the status of a father. Adds that he must take care of her as she has lost so much energy in SBC. Mohit leaves… Emily is worried.

At the park:
Suraj comes & takes her with him near the statute with his hands on her eyes. He makes her sit & shows her the sweet box decorated with diya & some flowers. He asks her to open her eyes & wishes her Happy B day. Sandy is Stunned & surprised. Asks her to consider this as her surprise. Sandy tells that it is nice. Suraj asks her to cut the cake. Sandy does looking at him. Suraj sings Happy b day to sandy… Suraj feeds her cake (OMG this new sad BG is soulful)… Sandy feeds him … Both have so much pain…
Suraj tells Sandy that her father must have been very happy when she was born like the man whom they met today & tells that this must be the best day for her parents. He wishes that sandy be cheerful & promises her that he will set everyhting right & asks her to watch out. (Diya BG)… Sandy nods… The Epi ends with their eyelock & sandy’s proud face…

Precap: Meena tells bhabo that they must utilise those sweets & adds that Suraj might not come after all these. She continues saying that they must have gone to Jaipur. Bhabo stares at her. Bhabasa & mohit gets shocked…


Update Credit to: Shobhana_dabh

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