Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bhabho telling Kavita that Sandhya won the Best Cadet Trophy and posting in Pushkar. She blesses her and thanks her. Kavita is shocked. Everyone congratulates Sandhya and even Zakir says congrats Sandhya. Sandhya thanks everyone. He says I m seeing this trophy in your hands, the truth is I dreamt a lot to get this and I was confident that I will win but you are the best, I m happy to tell this. He says you have done everything on your own with honesty and gave your best, so you are here with this trophy. He says you have full right on it. Sandhya smiles. He says I told you to know your weaknesses, but you know your strength, you are a good example of beautiful heart and smart mind. I felt relations make you weak but you proved me wrong.

He praises her. He says I lost my dream to get this, but I got more valuable thing, I won over my weakness, I had a burden on me, I had to run ahead and want to be number one always. I have been human now and understand team spirit now. He says I have learnt a lot and you are my coach of humanity. He says I know myself now. He says so we will meet again. Sandhya says yes, we have memories and will stay in touch, promise. She shakes hand. He says all the best. Sooraj looks out for Sandhya. Sandhya sees him and says Rahul…… She leaves. Sooraj greets everyone and says congrats. Zakir says thanks.

Rahul asks why are you worried. Soorak asks where is Sandhya. Rahul says I don’t know. Zakir says she went to canteen. Sooraj says fine and leaves. Sooraj comes in the canteen and Sandhya brings sweets for him. Diya aur baati ………………….plays…………… She says you have to eat it, don’t worry I did not make it, now I m an IPS officer and now you can break your promise. He eats it and likes it. He makes her eat also. Sandhya says congrats to you also and gives him the credit.

Sandhya talks to Bhabho and greets her. Everyone listen to her. Bhabho blesses her. Everyone smile. Bhabho says I m very happy, you won my heart, your duty will be in Pushkar and my bahu will be in my home. Sandhya talks to Babasa. Babasa asks her to come home soon. Meenakshi and everyone talk to Sandhya and says congrats. Everyone ask Sandhya to come home soon. Sandhya says we will come in one day. She ends the call. Bhabho thanks the Lord.

Sandhya makes Sooraj meet Officer Singh. Sandhya thanks Officer Singh for transforming her into an IPS officer. She says I did not think I will win the Best Cadet Trophy. She praises her. Sooraj smiles. Sandhya says I made many mistakes, I m sorry. Officer Singh says I m your official Guru, but I also learnt many things from you, like a woman should not leave her identity to become a good IPS officer. She tells Sooraj that she met many people, who can do anything to win, and also some people like Sandhya who does not leave their values. She says I hope you must be proud of her. She knows how to make her dreams come true. Sandhya says I will always remember your words. She says whatever I m is because of Sooraj. He has always supported me, motivated me, I m here in this academy because of him.

Officer Singh tells Sooraj that country needs men like him, who can support wife’s dream. She says we saw a sweet maker’s mentality is limited to sweets, but you proves us wrong, you supported your wife and its great.

Sooraj says you are right, I was limited in Hanuman Gali and became a sweet maker when I was 14. But one day I saw her dream in her eyes, and it made me think how to complete it. He cries. Officer Singh says I know your parents have given you good values and when a new batch comes, we will give them Sandhya’s example. She says I will ask them to inspire by Sandhya and promises her that she will not ask any lady cadet to cut her hair. She says congrats, don’t change. She says glad to meet you Sooraj and I m proud of Sandhya. Sandhya hugs her. Sandhya says I m going now. Officer Singh says Jai hind, take care.

Bhabho lights the diya and does the aarti of the Lord. She thanks the Lord and says Kavita has helped Sandhya a lot. Sandhya will be with Sooraj always and my family won’t break now.

Officer Singh calls Kavita and scolds her for trying to bribe her. She says Sandhya won the Best Cadet Trophy, you should be feeling bad, I will never forget that you used your powers. She says your every try failed, we are Guru, you won’t understand this, a Guru makes their student more better than them. She praises Sandhya and says I will not forget my pride in her, don’t try to bribe anyone as ethics can’t be bought. Kavita gets angry.

Everyone light the diyas to welcome Sandhya. Sooraj and Sandhya are on the way. The power goes. Bhabho gets worried..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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