Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ankur lying to Sandhya and does not let Ankit say anything. Sandhya recalls Sooraj and sees the sindoor box. Sooraj asks Vikram and Mohit how much money can they arrabge, as he has just 1-2 lakhs. Vikram says I have 50000rs.Mohit says I just got job, and I spent the advance, and Emily’s parlor is not running fine. Sooraj says don’t worry. Mohit says we can’t take bank loan. Vikram says yes, even the loan giver won’t help. Sooraj says yes, we have to do something. He says he as an idea, and goes to his room. He says I will sell the jewelry. Meenakshi says why jewelry, I mean why to sell it, Bhabho won’t like this. Sooraj says its nothing infront of Bhabho’s life.

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Meenakshi sees the necklaces, and thinks gold rates is increasing, and he can’t buy it again. She thinks she will also lose her jewelry. She asks Vikram to get Sandhya’s jewelry from his room. Vikram says fine. Sooraj asks Mohit to go to hospital and be with Babasa. Meenakshi gets an idea and goes. Sandhya comes there in burqa, as she wants to see him and her family once before going. She buys the sweets. A man asks about Sooraj. Birju says Sooraj won’t come to shop today, Bhabho….. He gets a call. Vikram gets the money and puts it in bag. Meenakshi comes to him and says you and Sooraj are like Ram and Lakhan, why does Mohit not become Bharat.

She says he shows poverty, we are giving money, why don’t we get Bhabho’s jewelry. Vikram says stop it, say something that I get proud of my wife, Bhabho’s life is in risk there, and you want gold. She cries and says you say as if I don’t care about Bhabho, the jewelry is women’s life, Bhabho made it by love and she will be hurt seeing this. Vikram says you are right, can your mum give money. She says no, she is poor, I have an idea. Mohit’s boss can give him loan. He says fine, I will talk to him. She says he will lie, shall we go to talk to his boss. He asks how. She says we will go and request. Sandhya thinks she will meet family and looks at home.

Sandhya bumps into Sooraj and the jewelry boxes fall. She helps him, and their hand touch. They look at each other. Vikram and Meenakshi stop Sooraj, and asks him to go to give the money, and they will sell the jewelry. Sooraj gives them and leaves. Sandhya hides and cries seeing Sooraj leaves. Sooraj gives the money to the man, and says remaining amount I will arrange soon. The man says I will arrange kidney. Sooraj bumps into a drunkard, and goes back, to see the man paying that drunkard 5000prs and asking him to come on time. The man gets tensed seeing Sooraj.

Sooraj asks for the prescription left in the bag. The man gives him. Sooraj observes the man and leaves. A lady comes running and worried, and asks Sooraj is he ASP Sandhya’s husband, she is very worried, but could not meet Sandhya, and requests him to help her. The drunkard man tries finding that woman. The lady hides. Sooraj shows the wrong direction to the man. The lady says he is my husband and sold everything for wine, and now wants to sell my kidney. Sooraj is shocked and recalls he has seen him.

The man argues with Sooraj, as his decision can end Bhabho’s life. He asks his decision.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Good news. Sandhya and suraj will reunite this week. Sandhya will leave for scotand but at the right time suraj will stop her from going….. In upcoming episodes Dilip will send a divorce papers to Chavi after knowing truth…

  2. If these idiotic sons of Bhabo, leaving aside their ego, and approach Sandya for 10 lakhs she would have arranged it whole heartedly. But these fellows are thinking other ways to raise money. Stupid! Sooraj has nothing to fall back upon except on his back. But their hatred towards Sandya has gone into their heads, without any other thing worthy of them to mention. A bunch of fools fighting against an IPS officer!

  3. I think this track started separation of sooraj & sandhya in hospital and track is ending quickly in hospital again. Bhabo enters her home with her sooraj sandhya.

    1. I think Babho is sick not because of kidney problem. The doctor is helping for illegal trading. Sandhya will find this and will arrest doctor and his partners.

    2. probably you are right.

  4. sandhya’s dream is also suraj’s dream. bhabo,babhasa and sandhya highly important of suraj life, suraj can’t live without sandhya. i think this track ending soon…not draging.

  5. Sandhya will know about bhabo’s condition and will give her kidney.

    1. faltu bakwas headche

      thise case doesnot caused. sooraj wii protest sandhya for doing this. if she causes that was suicide for her whole life, dream.

  6. Don’t drag this track like hijack.
    Show that Sandhya will help them someway and Rathi family will realize their mistake.
    Meenakshi & Vikram will know whereMohit will be working now.

  7. Never happen this, nc

  8. Bhabo is dead .Sandhya is going abroad.Chavi and Dilip enters new flat.
    Minakshi & Vikram live togather and Mohit & Emily too.Chotu is going back own village,own elder brother.Chaturi could not back rathi house.
    Bhabasa & Sooraj is going to he ll!!!!!

    1. faltu bakwas headche

      yes bhabasa and suraj going to hell.

    2. No, Sandhya and suraj will reunite this week. Sandhya will leave for scotand but at the right time suraj will stop her from going…. Dilip will send Divorce papers to Chavi…. But it’s still suspense how bhaboo will be saved….

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