Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj thanking Sandhya. Vikram says I will go home, you talk to her. Sooraj stops her and says I just wanted to thank ASP Sandhya, lets go. Sandhya says no need to thank Mr Rathi, I did what a police officer should do. Sooraj says you are saying right, you came with us for a small work, you could have sent some officer. Vikram thinks what happened to them, they are fighting like kids. Sandhya says work is not small or big. Sooraj says I respect your job. She says yes, I do all my duties with honesty, even if people don’t understand. She goes and was slipping. She balances and wears her cap. Sooraj forwards his hand and takes it back. She comes to him, and says I can manage myself Mr Rathi, you take care of yourself. She leaves.

Vikram comes home and tells everything to Bhabho. He says Sooraj and Sandhya were taunting each other, I have some work, I will leave. He leaves. Babasa says see what Vikram told, why are you laughing. Bhabho says Sooraj did this against his nature. Babasa says their hearts have hatred now. She says no, they have love in their heart and they fear theur love can come on tongue and can be seen to each other, so they are hiding their emotions in their taunts, love will come out one day, when its over heat, then we should know its going to rain. She smiles.

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Emily brings tea for Meenakshi and gives her. Meenakshi thanks her and thinks she has fooled Emily. The medical shop owner brings Bhabho’s medicines and gives to Vikram, and takes payment. Meenakshi is shocked, and Emily taunts her. Sandhya is glad seeing Ankur, Ankita and Bulbul. Bulbul asks her to get ready as they have come to take her. Ankita asks Bulbul to go inside and see the packing. Sandhya says I m fine here, I got govt quarter, why are you worried. Ankurr says yes, I can see everything, house and home are different. She says now this house is my home, and I can manage. He says I know you are independent, but we are brother and sister in one city, why can’t we stay together, don’t be adamant, you are coming with me.

She says don’t take my decision in that way, I will stay here. He gets angry and asks whats here. She says Sooraj ji left me here and said now this is my home, so I will stay here. Ankur says after so much, you care about Sooraj, not your brother. Ankita says I m sorry, we went to your inlaws without asking you, but we had to try once, but we promise we won’t interfere now, but come with us. Sandhya says I don’t have complains, but try to understand me, I can’t go from here. Ankita says I know you are big officer, but I m your Bhabhi and has right to pull your ear, Bhabhi is like mum, won’t you listen to me, get ready and come with us.

Bulbul comes and says Bua does not have nail polish and party dresses, we should do shopping for her, lets pack and leave soon. Sandhya cries and goes with Bulbul. Sandhya does the packing. Bulbul gets sindoor box and asks whats this. Ankur and Ankia look on. Sandhya says this is nothing, its just color and no significance. Ankur says I can’t forget this, if Sooraj has pride on relations and kicked my sister out, I will make him realize that Sandhya’s relation is very valuable than other relations, I will do anything but make Sandhya’s pain reach him, so that he realizes he is wrong.

Chotu comes to Sooraj and says there is no school tomorrow, its PTM meeting, my brother is in village, every year you used to come with Sandhya. Sooraj says I will come. Chotu asks and Sandhya. Sooraj asks him to go and sleep. He leaves. Chotu says I want you both to come together, but Sooraj refused. Bhabho hears them and says you agreed when Sooraj said no. Chotu asks what can I do. She sees Sooraj’s phone. Bhabho asks Chotu to message Sandhya.

Chotu says great, Sandhya will think Sooraj messaged her and she will come. He messages Sandhya to come to Chotu’s school for PTM. He says its sent and I deleted it. Sooraj and Sandhya will come to school. She takes the phone and keeps it back. They leave. Zakir and Sandhya talk about work. She gets Sooraj’s message and tells Zakir that Sooraj is asking her to come for Chotu’s PTM. He says I hope you go tomorrow.

Sandhya thinks why did Sooraj message. Babho asks Chotu to see did Sandhya reply. Chotu says not yet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode .. hope sandhya n sooraj would be together again!!

  2. Y are U not updating Nisha soon……..pls update yaar……or go to helll

    1. Calm down mate hold ur horses Amena will update it soon enough and it’s only a drama mate chill

  3. Suraj and babasa must realize their mistake and beg sandhya to come back…

  4. Suraj is really stupid. The director has spoilt such a good person;s role and made him a negative character. Once you break your loved one’s heart how can you win back the love? The entire Rati family is very mean and Bhabhasa has bec ome a cruel king and stupid vikram shows his attitude. Again Meena and Emily try to outsmart each other by their cunningness Recently we have not seen the kids also. I am sad that the once upon a #1 serial has become bekhar

  5. bhabho and chotu rockzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. be salo tum.log fulish ho…ye ek serial he…real life nahi….mamu log ki tarah imotional na ho jayo kamini….is se accha ki apni family ko dhyan do bewkuff kutto….i

    1. You are not entitled to speak anything to anybody. Its their wish. You better do your own and let others do their own work. If you really feel that they should spend time with their families then why do you watch and read this serial. Stop following it.

  7. The fight between Suraj and sandya will not end so soon as per the viewers’wish.The director will drag on their estrangement for another 50 episodes before the couple shed their difference of opinion. Otherwise, DABH has to come to a close immediately without any material to elongate it further.

  8. Chandrasekaran N

    why suddenly Babhu got fear about her sons. Once upon a time she controls all the family members but now where the stuf is gone why she afraid. She gives pressure to sooraj to bring Sandya home.

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