Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aditi talking to all the 40 contestants and saying about the letter she got. She asks Sooraj to come infront. Sooraj walks to her. Ved does not eat and says he is missing Papa. Sandhya says he is fine, he will call again when he gets free. She asks him to have food. Misri and Golu come and say we will go out for gardening. Meenakshi says she has packed the food and will enjoy the picnic. Ved smiles. Misri asks Meenakshi what is her motive in doing this. Meenakshi says nothing. Misri says she understood, when they leave, her mum will get chance to sleep and snore at home.

Sandhya says we all are going, so she can sleep well. Aditi asks Sooraj does he want to say anything to them. Sooraj says yes, I m 34year old and I think I m the eldest here, but I want to ask why do they link age and aim, they don’t need strength of 10 elephants, but a courage of 1 tiger, he reads it on the wall that game is played by mind, not body, its played by passion and determination, 10 players will be chosen based on their talent, and if he is not fit, he will leave the training.

He says he vows that he will be one of the 10 top contestants of the team, he has come here and shut the way back, so now I don’t have any way to go back, he has this game ground, it’s a do or die situation, I will prove myself. The guy thinks Sooraj gave good lecture, but Aditi will not come in his words and decide.

Mohit brings mangalsutra for Emily and makes her wear it. He says married women don’t look good without this. She says he has show his right if he did his duty. He says I know past can’t be back, but I m with you, we are husband and wife and no one can snatch this right from me. Aditi asks Sooraj to go. She says whoever did this duty would have got his answer. She says Sooraj will answer the rest in the ground. She advices not to try to make anyone leave, they will lose their powers, and asks them to use their energy on themselves and aim. She says just 10 best will go in the team. She says Sooraj said right and would like to see his passion in ground too.

She says last time her team won and this time Abhay made demands and she has fired the team, and kept this camp to make a new team, and hopes to get the top 10 players. She says tomorrow 20 people will be excluded, get ready. Sandhya takes the kids for gardening picnic. The kids have a good time on the way. Ved says the hotel land will come now. Sandhya stops the car and they get down.

Sandhya sees some people there. Ved asks who are they. She asks the man why is he washing clothes here, its their plot, answer. The man calls out Bhaiya ji. A man comes there and asks Sandhya whats the matter. Sandhya says this is our plot. The man says its my clothes washing ground, we are washing clothes here since 3 years.

Sandhya says my husband bought this plot and showed me. The man says anyone can get mistaken, this happened with me too, you can talk to your agent. She takes the kids and starts leaving. The man asks her to talk to agent. A car comes there. The man tells someone that he has done as he said, he has sent her, she will be roaming without any address.

Bhabho curses those people. Babasa says everything will be fine. She says Sooraj has given up everything for the land, even sold off the shop too. He says no one can snatch the plot illegally. Bhabho says they snatched the plot, why did Sandhya not tell anything. Ved says will we get our plot back. Sandhya says yes and asks him to study. She tells Sandhya and says I know the value of the plot, I will vacate it, don’t worry. Bhabho asks really? Babasa asks her to trust her. Bhabho says fine.

Sandhya reaches the plot with her staff. The man passes some taunts on her. She says I have court orders and asks him to vacate the plot. The man says we will not change our way and she says I m not taking action as its my land, this is my duty, I would take action if this land was someone else. He says she is taking revenge from a wrong man. She arrests him. The man threatens her.

Sooraj is at the camp. He takes food and sits to eat. The people start getting unwell and Sooraj asks everyone else to stop taking food.

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  1. Bulbul born after sooraj sandhya marriage. How Sooraj is 34? Maybe child marriage?

  2. Sooraj is at least 40 years old. Suppose Sooraj married when he was 24 yrs old (his younger brother married meenakshi before sooraj married sandhya, so we have to account for that, if the younger brother married when he was 22 and sooraj was 23, sooraj cant be married before he was 24 ) and bulbul was born after sooraj is 24 yrs. Now bulbul is 16 yrs old. 24+16 is 40. It is impossible for sooraj to be 34!!

    1. Well Said diya..

  3. Jeyam Ramachandran

    We have to accept what the story teller says as is. If you begin questioning, thare is no end for there are thousands of such irregular and irrational factors in DABH.

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