Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with all family members upset seeing Bhabho so sad and regretting. Bhabho prays to Lord and asks him to forgive her, her words acted like a curse to Sandhya. Meenakshi says I feel someone’s bad sight affected her, I can’t see Bhabho’s empty forehead like this. Vikram says yes, I feel the same. Babasa says his opinion. He says its like she has removed her self esteem.

Meenakshi says I will pray to my Pahadi wale Baba. Chotu asks her to pray for Mohit. Zakir comes to them smiling. Sooraj welcomes him. Zakir tells everyone that Sooraj’s letter to the department made them think again about Sandhya, we have discussed a lot. Sooraj says what did they say, I just wrote what came in my mind. Zakir says it was simple and honest, a good wish to get his wife’s right back, I have seen many educated people but not a man like you, and they decided to give her another chance, if she does any three good things for the city, then she can get her post of ASP back.

Everyone is happy knowing this. They smile. Zakir says Sandhya has to prove herself. Bhabho comes and says she will do anything. She says if you want her to bring the moon on earth, she will do it, just tell me what she has to do. Zakir says she has to earn her post by getting three positive memos. Bhabho is relieved.

Babasa says I feel your mind does not know her yet. Vikram says what three, she will do thirty. Meenakshi says she is first in doing this. She says get ready to leave her chair. Zakir laughs. Everyone look at Meenakshi. Zakir says sure. Sooraj says no, she means to say we did not think about your post, see I m sorry. Zakir says no need to say sorry, Sandhya is better than me for this post. He says I will be happy if she gets this post.

He says about me, I get posting anywhere, but for Sandhya, its necessary for her to be in Pushkar, I took training with her for 11 months and I know her very well, she does her work with honesty and hard work, but Sandhya this task is not so easy. Sandhya goes to her room. Bhabho says Lord, punish me and give Sandhya strength to prove herself. Sandhya comes back and asks Bhabho to wear the Maang Tika. Bhabho says she will wear it by her hands when she gets her post back. Sandhya says trust me, I will do my best. Sooraj says we all are with you in this fight. Everyone nod yes.

Sooraj and Chotu come to the sweet shop. Chotu asks for Rs 10. Sooraj asks for the red cloth and asks him to bring it. He gives him money. Chotu runs and comes to Laxman. He says I want to give a message to Sandhya that Sooraj wants a red cloth. Laxman says fine, I will tell her. He tells this to Meenakshi. Sandhya sees Sooraj by the window. H/e signs her to pass the cloth. Sandhya does not understand. Diya aur baati………….plays…………

Meenakshi gives the message to Sandhya, and asks her to wear the red saree. She says Sooraj asked you to come to the shop. Sandhya thanks her for telling this and says I think Sooraj planned a surprise for me, I will get ready. She gets ready in a red saree. She comes to Sooraj and gives him a rose. She asks how am I looking. He looks at her. Piya……………plays………….. He smiles seeing her. He asks why are you so well dressed, where are you going. She says you are kidding, teasing me now, why, but I like this, as I got your message, I got dressed in this red saree, red bangles, did you like this, you are brave to send a message by others. Sooraj is stunned. She says I liked your romantic style. He says what, you got this message, no no, why will I.

She says Meenakshi told me this. He says I told Chotu to bring a red cloth and Meenakshi understood the message. He laughs. Sandhya looks at him and says don’t laugh now, its not my mistake, I felt you sent the message and might have planned a surprise for me. He says now that you have come, I will give you a surprise, but don’t be sad, if you got ready for me with so much love, Im thinking to go and watch a movie. Sandhya becomes happy and smiles. He says I will wind up the shop. She sees his driving license in the dustbin and is shocked. She thinks Sooraj has lost his confidence, and maybe he decided not to drive again, but he is showing me that he is so happy.

Sooraj and Vikram bump into a man. Sooraj asks him to drive well.

Update Credit to: Amena

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