Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chavi writing all her mistakes on the paper and giving to Meenakshi, asking her to burn it. Meenakshi fools her and burns another paper. Chavi leaves. Vikram says the work is done, sorry I came late, lets go and shop. Meenakshi reads the paper and is shocked. She says so this is the matter, I will tell this to Bhabho now. Bhabho and Chotu are way back home. Chotu says you would have stopped Sandhya, you will miss her a lot. She says yes, its good if she goes, and gets unwell. Chotu cares for her. He calls Sooraj and tells him about Bhabho fainting. Everyone wait in the hospital. The doctor says we can’t tell anything now, I will tell after seeing the reports.

He gets the reports and checks them. Sooraj asks what is it. The doctor says its out doubt, her second kidney is also damaged. He says we have to transplant the kidney. Sooraj says take my kidney, do all tests I m ready. Vikram and Babasa say we are also ready. The doctor says one kidney is enough to live life, but think well and decide. Sooraj says its about my mum’s life, she is the soul of our family, when she needs us, its easy decision for us. The doctor says fine, go for the test, lets see whose kidney matches with hers. They all cry. Chavi hugs Sooraj and cries. Meenakshi says her acting started again, it was good chance to tell about her, but Bhabho got unwell, I will tell her later.

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Chotu comes to Sandhya’s house and tells Ankur about Bhabho’s critical state and she is in hospital. Ankita says she was fine here. Chotu says we were going home, and tells everything about her kidney failure. He says I have to tell this to Sandhya. Ankur thinks Sandhya will not go Scotland if she knows this, and Bhabho can’t get fine if she goes to hospital He says Sandhya is not at home, she went out, you go home, I will give her this message. Chotu asks sure. Ankur says yes, I will tell her. Chotu leaves. Ankita looks at Ankur. Ankur calls watchman and says no one from Rathi family should come here, don’t let them inside. Ankita is shocked.

Chotu sees Sandhya at window and says it means Ankur lied to me. He calls Bhabhi, and the watchman asks him to leave. Sooraj says how can this happen, that our kidneys don’t match with Bhabho. The doctor says we don’t have time, you can get kidney from its bank. He says people don’t donate kidney easily. Sooraj says please make her fine, I can do anything, she should get fine. The doctor says we can do operation when the kidney matches. Vikram goes to fill the form. Everyone worry.

Everyone see the donor list very less, and many people die waiting for the kidney. Sooraj says nothing can happen to my Bhabho. The man says I m not scaring you, the doctor will put your mum on dialysis, but I will find the kidney in 24 hours. Meenakshi thanks him. The man asks them to give 10 lakhs. They are shocked. Sooraj says yes, will you get the kidney then, is this by any wrong way. The man says no, it will be soon and the man will get money for his kidney.

Sooraj agrees and says he will arrange 10 lakhs. The man says fine, I will arrange the kidney. Sooraj asks Vikram to tell Babasa that they have arranged the kidney. Meenakshi says how will we get 10 lakhs. We got 9 lakhs because of ASP Sandhya, now how can we get this amount.

Chotu says Ankur did not let him meet Sandhya, but he can call her. He calls Sandhya. She cries and says Bhabho is not well and she is admitted in hospital, her second kidney also failed, please come. Its Ankita who takes the call Ankur takes the call and Chotu gets tensed. Ankur says I told you Sandhya is not at home, don’t call again. Chotu cries. Ankur tells Ankita that Sandhya will reach Scotland before knowing this. Ankita says she won’t trust us if she knows we have hidden this. Ankur says what do you want, I should tell, she will not go there, I want her to get this change, Sandhya comes and asks what change. He is shocked seeing her.

Sandhya meets Sooraj in burqa and tries helping him.

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  1. faltu bakwas hedcache

    Dangerous . highly speedy episode . half story ends only one episode!!!
    suraj will going to jail for buying a kidney in illigal process.

  2. No I think Sandhya will give here kidney and prove that she is a daughter of bhabo not daughter in law

    1. If she does, then, she will be ruining her career.
      No one can buy kidney illegally. Now, the story is becoming garbage.

  3. I think Sandhya wil give her kidney

  4. This is the time of bhabasa will learn about his mistake

  5. I think this is bhabos last plan to get sooraj n sandya together

  6. Ankur is always been a bad and mean brother.

  7. If Sandhya gives kidney then she will not be a pregnant and she will be disqualified for IPS as well.

  8. mujhe phele se hi pata tha ye hi hone wala hain .
    maine comment kiya tha phele , story ussi track per chali gayi hain

  9. Sandya should not give her kidney to bhabo. For a police, national interest should come first and not her family interest.

  10. sandhya should not go scotland, because bhabo and suraj most importand her life ankur plan wast!

  11. ankur ji.. you don’t have any right about sandhyas don’t interept b/w sooraj and sandhya…they made their decisions….may Brendonn be come to donate kidney to bhabhu….this is the safe method for sandhya and sooraj…..

  12. I think bhabo has no kidney dammag. it has her final trick to reunite sandhya and sooralj.

    1. If Bhaboo is lying, doctor would have known. Sandhya will find appropriate resources, to get the kidney for Bhaboo. She might delay to go to training program.

  13. Ankur doesn’t have any rights to blame sooraj for any cost. He is nt even deserved to come in front of sandhya and sooraj. I want sandhya to scold and fire him very badly soooo badly.

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