Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya looking outside the window. RK thinks Sandhya has made the room sound proof so my voice did not reach Disha. Sandhya thinks why was RK shouting. Zakir and Sandhya go out. RK thinks to do something else. Sooraj comes to Vikram and Prema leaves. He says are you not ashamed to say this, Meenakshi is your wife, this relation can’t be broken soon, she is your wife. You can’t kick her out like this. He explains her that he can’t end her relation with her. Vikram says I m dojng this to save my life, Sandhya and you are made for each other, and did a lot for each other, so you value marriage, what about me and Meenakshi, she is so selfish and a fraud.

Vikram says he hates Meenakshi, and if this decision is hurting his family, he will leave the house,

forgive me please. Bhabho hears this and is worried. RK thinks to reach his people, time is less. A rat comes there and RK sees it. He sees the passage from where the rat came and smiles. Sandhya and Za,ir are sitting there. RK says he has to take a bath. The man says don’t bath much. RK says its so much heat. Zakir says let him bath. Sandhya thinks. RK starts eating the soap and the men get worried. He throws the piece of soap in his shoes and Sandhya and Zakir come. Sandhya asks them to take the soap out.

Sandhya says you got just 8 days and you will be hanged to death after 8 days. Zakir asks the men to keep an eye on RK. RK looks on. She keeps a soap and says Sandhya, I think you forgot the story of rat and tiger. He says a rat will get this tiger out. Disha thinks she will find RK for sure, Sandhya did not do this right. She brings a doll to Sooraj’s shop and keeps it. It’s the same doll which RK has sent her with the bomb. She thinks Sandhya thinks she won hiding RK, she has to pay for it, and the price will be her husband, this doll will ruin her life, sorry Sandhya you did not leave any option for me.

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Mohit and Misri come there. Disha greets her. Misri sees the doll and takes it. Mohit the takes Misri home. Disha thinks good, the whole family will be killed now. Meenakshi cries thinking about Vikram’s words. She says she won’t let this happen. She sees the kerosene box and says he did not leave any option for me now. She says even Chaturi is not seeing me, but she has to see to so that someone comes and saves me. She tells Chaturi that she is taking the kerosene oil.

She comes in the room and puts kerosene. She sees is anyone coming and is worried as no one is there. She sees Laxman coming and says he will also create a scene. She shouts that she is dying now. Laxman hears her and knocks her door. He says what are you doing. She says I m dying and smiles. He calls out everyone. She says now they will love me and beat Prema. The rat dies. Zakir says yes, three four rats died. Sandhya says but how, we have to be alert, I have to find for RK’s health. He says don’t worry, I will investigate. Sandhya and Zakir talk about RK. Zakir asks her to go home as her shift is over. RK smiles and says my freedom wants sacrifice.

Meenakshi shouts that she can’t live without Vikram. Sandhya comes home. Everyone ask Meenakshi to open the door. Meenakshi says she can’t see Vikram marry Prema. Babasa says are you mad to die on small thing. Sandhya asks where is Vikram going, what are you saying. Meenakshi waits for Vikram to come. Sooraj says we will talk, open for Misri’s sake. She does a lot of drama. Vikram comes there and Meenakshi asks him to be happy with Prema. Sooraj asks Vikram to stop Meenakshi. Meenakshi says she won’t. Sandhya asks Sooraj to open the door. They come inside and stop Meenakshi.

Everyone have a talk on Meenakshi and Vikram’s marriage. Babasa says its good Bhabho is not here, he asks Mohit to call Prema. Vikram says don’t involve her in this. Mohit goes. Babasa says he has made the decision, and he can’t bear the peace of the house going. Prema comes. Babasa says Vikram can’t make Prema Meenakshi’s sautan. He asks whats in his heart. Vikram says he can’t stay with Meenakshi now and Prema is suitable for him, so he decided to marry Prema and make hr his wife. Sandhya is shocked. Meenakshi cries.

Babasa says I m with Vikram. Meenakshi and Sandhya are shocked. Babasa scolds Sandhya and says I have decided I m with my son. Sandhya says I m with Meenakshi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Suraj is so irritating sometimes – so naive, brainwashed and stupid. Why should Vikram be ashamed of not wanting Meenaskhi after everything she did so far. And who is Sandhya to be on Meenakshi’s side. It really hurts me to see these people be so backward in their thoughts. What does it even mean that Sandhya is with Meenakshi. It is not up to her. It is the decision that Vikram has to make… it is his life and he is the one that has to bear her all his life.

  2. Jeyam Ramachandran

    From the beginning Meenakshi has been an incorrigible villainess. She had made such mistakes that can never be easily forgotten or forgiven. The punishment she is now going to suffer is of course correct and we can only pity for her.

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