Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj saying Lord gave us twins, the reason is I can bring smile on Bulbul’s face, I can’t see her questioning her parents, we asked Lord for one child, we are getting it, and we can give other child, maybe it came for this reason. Bhabho says you are getting twins, if one came, would you give the baby and become great. Sandhya cries. Sooraj says no, I would have not done this, I m not that strong, but today my strength is by the twins. Bhabho says its not true what you are saying, the twins will be in womb and will wish to be together and they don’t know their father is separating them.

She says who is he to break them, if Lord is sending them together. Sooraj says no, Bulbul will be with one and our home kids will be with other. Bhabho says don’t say me about sacrifice, clothes and food can be donated, not children. She asks why did the adoption office lady refused to Ankur, as she saw Bulbul being adamant to get baby, and you are not understanding this. Sooraj says we know Ankur well, I assure you the baby will get love and care like we can give. He reminds his neighbor giving his child to his friend and she was ready for this decision.

Bhabho says they were different, his son was in his home itself, not away. Sooraj says Ankur is also ours, he is Sandhya’s brother, who loves her a lot, will he not love her baby, its also our house, they will do same upbringing, we can have him infront of our eyes, meet anytime, get him home. Bhabho says he always wanted justice for everyone, that he has balance between her and Sandhya. She says you decided this without think its hurting me, its injustice for me.

She says she has forgot his mum and cries. Sooraj says no, don’t say this, your place is highest in my life, I did not think you are with me or not, I trust you are always with me, I hoped that you will support me in this decision, its not easy for me. He holds her hand asking her to support him. She says she is his mum, and she can’t support him in the wrong decision. She says she will stand against it.

She says she will go to Bulbul and explain her, and see she will tell you that she does not want Sandhya’s baby. She says I gave birth to 4 children, I know how to explain kids, I will talk to her. Ankita asks Bulbul to have food and Bulbul refuses to have food and medicine. Ankita says then how will you become fine, have some food. Bhabho comes and looks on. Ankita says congrats for becoming Dadi again. Bhabho says she wants to talk to Bulbul. She says you know what I want to talk to her. Ankita says yes, talk to her, maybe she will eat food by your hands, I will be outside. She leaves.

Bhabho explains Bulbul that she is young and should not refuse elders. She asks her to have food. Bulbul says she does not want to eat. Bhabho says if you don’t eat, then you can get well, we will be hurt, and Meenakshi got a baby, you have to see the baby. Bulbul says no, I want a baby from Sandhya’s twins. She says Soroaj said they will give baby if I ask, and now they are not giving me. Bhabho says they can’t give their baby to anyone. She asks her many kids don’t have parents, but she has their parents, can she give them her parents. Bulbul says no, I can’t give.

Bhabho says anyone can’t give baby, Sandhya will keep baby in her womb for 9 months, its her baby, but she will love you also. She says whatever you want, I will give you, but I can’t give baby to anyone. Bulbul says I will love the baby a lot. Bhabho says no, this can’t become, no one can’t donate their baby like this, its Sandhya’s ansh. Sooraj wait outside and thinks don’t know what decision Bhabho took after talking to Bulbul. Emily says one kalash is here and puja is incomplete. Bhabho comes and says its shagun puja, it can’t be incomplete.

She brings Bulbul. She asks to tie the thread on the other kalash and gives the thread to Ankita. Everyone is stunned. Ankita asks me? Bhabho says the right to tie the thread is just of mum and says this baby is yours from today, and she has the right to do puja now. Ankita cries. Sooraj says you agreed Bhabho. He says I knew you have a big heart and asks Ankita to tie the thread. Ankita and Bulbul tie the thread. Ankur smiles.

Bhabho thinks in FB how she refused Bulbul, and Bulbul tells her how Sandhya gave her kidney when her kidney got damaged, even kidney was her part, why can’t she give me her baby then. Bulbul wipes Ankita’s tears. Sooraj hugs Bhabho. Sandhya happily cries. Babasa asks Bhabho what happened to her, how did she do this, to give away grandchild like this. She says she did not sacrifice, but returned a big favor. She tells him that Sandhya has given her the kidney, she has saved my life. He is stunned and asks did Sandhya give you the kidney, it means she did not go for tests and did not go abroad.

She says she said she will wear salwar kameez for hiding her wounds. He says we kicked her out and ended our ties, she gave you kidney and new life. She says yes, I m paying for this favor, it would have been I died that time, it was easy for me, now I m giving our family’s ansh, it’s a bad deal for us. She gets sad.

Sandhya and Soorah have a sweet moment. He says she is still the same slim Sandhya for her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Bakwaas….

  2. Good byeeee for the show. ..
    From tomorrow, I don’t even read written update also…

    1. 100% agree!!

  3. Stupidity.If I’m in the place of Sandhya,I will kill Sooraj for what he said.How can a gud man like Sooraj think like this?SS is proving they are not gud parents.They are giving their own child for an ignorant child who don’t know the values of parent child relation bcoz of her adamant behavior.

  4. I wont read d updates as well… jz hate dis serial…and its monkey director..

  5. Wtf
    Y everytym loss fr sandhya
    1st kidney and nw her child

  6. writer ko story mil nahi raha hai,iss liye faltu story bana raha hai,here suraj is acting just like a coward,which he has done before also.since,the beginning sandhya is sacrificing always,suraj is getting credit.Aur ek baat,writer soch raha ki rathi family ka population increase ho raha hai toh phir child donate kar dena chahiye.Bakwas band kar DABH’s writer

  7. What the hell…story line. .. all elder ‘s bended on a child’s wish. .
    And one thing i have to say. ..
    Ankur and ankitha how stupid. . how can they tell about big matter’s like Sandhya’s kidney operation to a small kid

  8. I have seen Sandhya adamant about so much less. It would be great if they would have twins. One should be a boy and the other a girl. Which one would they give Bulbul? What if only one twin survives? Will they give their only child to Bulbul? Bulbul should quit school, get married and have her own child and give it away. Isn’t she only about 8 years old? What if Sandhya has a miscarriage? THEN WHAT?!!! I am really disappointed in the show. Suraj is not the one carrying the child for 9 months. That is why it is so easy for him to decide to give it away. He does not deserve to be a father. Sandhya is a police officer but acts like she has no voice. If Ankur and Ankita cannot raise Bulbul, how will they take care of another child? And, if they get one of Sandhya’s twins and that baby wants a baby, then what? Will Sandhya have to get pregnant to give them ANOTHER child?

  9. U lost d show mr.director.. wat nonsense is ds.. itna bewkoof aur pagal koi nai hosakta n specially sandhya jo apna baccha kisi dusre bacche ki zidd poori krne kliye derhi hai.. aaj bhabho ke sare arguements ekdm sahi the aur ye dono idiots kitne irresponsible parents hain, isse to accha ki bhagwan injese parents de hi naa.. u will loose al ur TRP, DABH aftr todays episode..

  10. Really stupid drama…. no one will give 1st child and twins to anyone. Please director kidney and baby is different… Sandhya aka u dont know the pain after your delivery u will know how pain it is…

  11. I agree with you “Truth”. I thought they were not supposed to let anyone know they were having twins?! I think they should give both twins away to Bulbul. She is a very annoying child.

  12. In an adventure to hit 1000 episodes and more. .. show last it’s image. ..
    Director and production team has provided that serials r always serials nly…it has to come to its original image of tragedy, sacrifice, boring.

  13. Wat is this stupid logic of sooraj by saying god giving twin babies means one baby belongs to bulbul…

    If it’s the matter then sooraj has to give both babies. .. Becoz twin babies are coming as one soul.. how can he separate them.

  14. I hate this ..not a good idea to separate twins, very stupid idea.

  15. wtf…how can they just give away a child like that? why isn’t anyone thinking about the kid? how will he/she feel knowing their parents gave them away like some charity?

  16. Day by day this serial is becoming boring stopped watching it since a long time now will stop reading the update

  17. Worst direction ever!! Good bye to this serial.. has sooraj n bhabho lost their minds? Why are they adamant in seperating twins?

  18. Sooraj and Sandhya both dont deserve to be a parent at all. A mother, even if she has six chldren at a single delivery will nt give away her child, like a play thing to an adamant child. This is so stupid….. I jus cant accept this at all… its better to stop watching this bullshit..

  19. Very silly, just let Sandhya have her two kids peacefully, useless story line

  20. It is really foolish on the part Of Suraj to wish to fulfil BulBul’s wish. Baboo is 100% correct in not agreeing to Suraj’s decision.. The child cannot blackmail Baboo saying about the Kidney donation. Hope the director and the team will come to their senses and will not seperate the twins.

  21. What is this stupidity…. Does writers lost their mind…. Baboo is always right… The story will be dragged till meenakshi’s delivery happen…

  22. Good serial becoming worst serial…

  23. No other tracks after Sandhya’s tiwns…so to extended the show for a long period. .. twin separation track created with this track show will continue 2 to 3 easily.
    But lost their viewers.
    One thing is really great abt director…he will make this track also interesting to attract viewers.

    1. 2 to 3 years

  24. Rubbish story n getting horrible by d days n satisfying wants of an adamant child . Was a great fan of diya n bati but right from the plane terror plot until now the story is loosing track. Don’t wanna watch it anymore nor read d updates

  25. Hey! I m new here.

  26. OMG. I agree with aiswarya. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE DIRECTOR. He is just stupid. I don’t know how he could even think of that. f**k YOU DIRECTOR. It is so stupid. I am not goung to be watching the serial from today on. It is just getting worse

  27. What nonsense are you showing. One miscarriage and she cannot have another baby. You should showing India is over populated .One child is enough for a family.
    whoever is writing story has no imagination. No child would be so determined and not listen to there parents.
    If there is nothing better to show stop the show. Viewers are not stupid to watch nonsence . Show something unique .

  28. I used to like diya aur bathi but now what a bull shit story,director of this serial has no sense and is thinking that we the viewers are stupid and have no sense.This serial has no logic and it’s showing something impossible,how can a mother give away her child to someone just Becoz that bulbul being a kid is stubborn and adamant.from today I am not going to watch this serial at all.
    WTF the director

  29. this is the real mentality no one can give her child to anyine if he was THe thats not a tging too give off her child brother also .

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