Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th March 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th March 2013 Written Update

Meena just reminds Bhabho that Chavvi has not returned yet and she is worried that nothing happens. Bhabho is enraged and she shouts Suraj and Vikram’s names. Both come running and Bhabho scolds them for not bothered about Chavvi not returning still. Suraj calls her phone and Chavvi is just entering the house. She gets angry and asks Bhabho had she not gotten Bhabho’s permission. Bhabho angrily takes her to kitchen and scolds her loudly. She asks Chavvi to be within limits and stop all mobile calls with Dilip henceforth until she gets married and then do whatever she wants. She scolds also for inviting him on her own. Bhabho leaves from angrily. Sandhya and Meena come there. Chavvi tells if Bhabho could not trust her daughter, then get her locked in her room. Sandhya explains that Bhabho is hurt and Meena explains everything about Emily and Mohit. Chavvi goes from there crying. Meena is happy for she made Chavvi cry for mocking her earlier that day. Meena is advising her kid to be like her or even more than that.

Bhabhasa is sitting sad and hurt. Bhabho asks him about that. Bhabhasa says he is thinking about Emily and Bhabho tells him to relax as Mohit said Emily is lying. He asks her whether she trusts Mohit as he had earlier also lied to them. Bhabho is determined and says she trusts her son but then prays to God to keep up her faith on her son.

All assembled near Holika dahan place. Purohits are doing pooja. Bhabho notices Mohit standing alone and disturbed. She goes to him and asks him to tell the truth in front of fire of Holika dahan and Mohit tells her that she would never lie to her and says he has no relationship with Emily. SurYa are listening to this and seems are not believing him. Once the pooja is over, Emily comes there and calls Mohit. He turns and all the Rathis come there. Emily’s parents have also come and tell Bhabho that they want to speak to her. Bhabho takes them to a place nearby to talk.

Emily’s mother says to Bhabho that she too has a daughter and might understand their pain. Bhabho silently answers she can very well understand their pain. Emily’s mother tells that her daughter has done a mistake but she truly loves Mohit and asks her to accept her as daughter-in-law before things get worse. Emily’s father also politely requests Bhabho saying though they are from different religion, religion is made by man and all are same and let them get Mohit and Emily married. Bhabho says that but her son is not responsible for this condition and Mohit adds to it that he is not responsible for it. Emily’s father asks Mohit if he is scared of his parents and Mohit just answers rudely. Emily could not tolerate and asks her parents to stop requesting and tells Mohit that she won’t spare him and will expose him in front of everyone. They leave from there.

Precap: The next day, Rathis are getting ready for holi. Sandhya is having some documents in her hand and other ask what it is. She says that Emily has registered case in the court and court has asked for DNA test. Mohit drops the plate with colors down.

Update Credit to: b2011

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