Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th December 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th December 2013 Written Update

Daisa, asks Santosh, why is she covering up for others? Is it because she knows that Sandhya is sure to make a mistake? Bhaboo is shocked on hearing this while other ladies laugh and Sandhya is shown being nervous in kitchen. She then gets back to working in kitchen while Bhaboo thinks that their pride of house is in Sandhya’s hand, while Daisa says, a women and wife no matter how many good qualities she hold, but if she fails at cooking then all qualities are considered to be not important. Sandhya is doing her cooking, while Meena and every one are a bit uneasy, Sandhya counts whistles and thinks daal is done, while bhaboo is very uneasy for her. Suraj tries to go into kitchen when Daisa asks him where he is heading to? he says to get water, Daisa then tells that he can

stay and talk to them while Sandhya will bring water for him, and asks Sandhya to get it for Suraj, Sandhya does that while Suraj is nervous, he then asks her if all is ok? she says yes, Daisa, asks him to keep his talks with Sandhya for later, as they are very hungry, Suraj goes and sits with his father reading paper.

Sandhya is working in kitchen thinking she made all dishes and she will fry some papads , when Daisa asks her, how long will it take? as they are all hungry. Sandhya says she has done with all three curries and its almost done. Bhaboo wonders if she had done with daal how come she didnot smell the taste of tadka, and then hope god saves their reputation and then screams to Sandhya saying she should open the kitchen windows so that when she keeps tadka it wont reach children in house. Sandhya thanks Bhaboo for reminding it and is keeping tadka, while Meena is glad that Sandhya understood what Bhaboo meant, while Bhaboo is glad about the smell she gets to breath along with other ladies in the house, Suraj is also glad its done, while Daisa, says it does smell good and hopefully it tastes good too, Bhaboo says it will and says Sandhya will be going best one. Daisa is trying to make things hard for Sandhya and then she peeps back into kitchen and asks Sandhya and tells her that with the dishes she had made Bajre Ko Roti will go fine, every one in the house is stunned on hearing this, while Sandhya says she knows and is going to make it

Sandhya is mixing dough for that, and remembers how Bhaboo told her to make it slowly, while Meena says she will arrange plates and rushes into kitchen, Bhaboo asks Daisa, if she went to temple in the morning, Daisa says she did and she even asked her to join in the morning as there was little rush while Bhaboo asks her about her saree her daughter in law was making , has it been done? Daisa says it will be done in a day or two. Meena sees Sandhya struggling and asks her to apply little water to hands, Sandhya does but fails at making roti, meena is worried and was about to say something while Daisa asks her how long will it take to arrange for plates? she says she is coming. Babasa is like Daisa is making sure even Meena wont stay in kitchen. Meena says she remembers keeping Kanha clothes for drying and runs upstairs to bring them. She heads into Emily room and taunts her for doing other work and reminds her about down stairs situation and says she feels sorry for Sandhya as Daisa has requested for Bajre Ki Roti and asks Emily to come down

Emily tells her she cannot do anything down stairs, then Emily is like why is she helping and thinking about Sandhya? what is her motive. Meena tells her that its not about helping Sandhya but when it comes to house reputation, all is fair and asks her to join in helping Sandhya. Emily wonders how as Daisa is sitting near the kitchen, while Meena says she will make them in store room with Emily’s help and give it to Daisa face and both gals head into store room while suraj notices it. Sandhya is struggling in making roti while Chaturi tries to help her but simply cannot, Sandhya tries doing all other methods but fails badly while both ladies in store room are making it for Sandhya. Sandhya uses roti ka instrument for making but then again fails, while all ladies are waiting for her near table looking at her other made dishes, and waiting for her roti to be made so that they can eat . Suraj is like Sandhya wont be able to make it today. they both are taken back when someone opens the door of store room, and are stunned to see Suraj there, and Meena talks him out of it and asks him to think of a way to make this rotis reach Sandhya in kitchen, and asks him to keep other ladies out from here. Suraj says , he will and then he thanks both the ladies, while Meena just blushes when he thanks her. Then Meena starts taunting Emily for stealing the shop from her, while Emily says, she didnot steal anything but Bhaboo gave her shop for who it is worth it. While Sandhya’s attempts of making rotis are failing very badly.

Sandhya is still struggling, while both ladies in store room are making rotis and taunting each other. Chaturi brings papad while Daisa makes fun of it saying it looks lik e rotis of Sandhyas, Chaturi taunts her back asking her to check properly and then taunt her. Others notice smoke from store room and then head over there, Suraj tries to stop them but fails in doing it. when they were about to reach door, Meena comes out of it with Dhoop and then says she is doing it for whole house to keep insects out of house and when Daisa talks about Ghee smell she tells her she is thinking about food and its effecting her mind. Every one head down stairs, and Sandhya’s attempts are failing super badly. Meena then asks Emily to think of a way to get them down to Sandhya.

Precap: Emily keeps Rotis in bag and was heading into Kitchen when Daisa stops her.

Update Credit to: Breezy

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