Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram talking to everyone. He says I m human, I don’t know whom to keep relation with, one is blood related and other is related by heart. Everyone look at Kanha and Misri. Babasa says Kanha is ours and even Brahma ji can’t change this. Vikram says but Misri is also ours, our blood. Sooraj says yes, she is your daughter, you are her father, she deserves your love and care, she is an innocent child. Vikram says yes, I know, but what to do, we gave love to Kanha, how should I leave him, I feel I m still his father. He says I m feeling very helpless now, this swapping has broken me, it ruined everything. Sooraj says I know Meenakshi did the mistake, but its not right to point on her mum’s love, this truth would have not come out if her motherly love did not get awakened.

He says what Meenakshi did today was because of her love. Sandhya says yes, Meenakshi loved Kanha a lot, she knew the truth but has loved him equally, its true she has hurt us by hiding this, but she has stopped the child marriage and saves Misri, and proves mum’s love can sacrifice any greed. Sooraj says yes, think if Meenakshi did not save her. Misri’s life would be ruined, she has got beaten up and saved Misri. He reminds them of Meenakshi loving Kanha a lot and fighting with the veg vendor. He says think about Meenakshi who is alone there, we can’t understand her pain. He asks Vikram to forgive Meenakshi for the kids’ sake. Sandhya says yes Bhabho, you tell us that we have to sacrifice, how can we make Meenakshi separate from our family.

Vikram says so you think we should forgive her, fine you all forgive her, but I will never forgive her, all my life. He leaves. Bhabho looks at the kids and cries. Sooraj says I spoke to a lawyer, he said we can bail Meenakshi in the morning. Bhabho says but the pain she gave us. Sooraj says I know she did a mistake, but she is part of our family and we have to forgive her. Chavi asks Dilip that he came soon. He says early? She says oh, I did not see time being working all day. Dilip sees the utensils shining and likes it. She brings water for him.

She says the house is very clean, mum did this. She says mum went for shopping and I did this work. He says yes, I forgot, my Mama is coming tomorrow. Its good you did all the work. Chavi is upset as he did not ask about my rakhi shopping. She asks does he have envelops, as its her first rakhi after her marriage, she can’t buy gifts now, so she is thinking to give money to them. Pushpa comes with many shopping bags. Dilip asks Pushpa why did she not take Chavi with her on shopping. Chavi says no, she asked me do I want anything from the market and I said no.

Dilip asks why. Pushpa says maybe Chavi does not like my choice. Chavi says no, I liked Dilip so my choice is good. Pushpa says she will make tea for him. She says tale Chavi to market. Chavi smiles. Its morning. Sandhya makes tea for everyone. Emily takes care of Misri. Bhabhi and everyone look at Misri as she takes her mum’s name. Bhabho takes Kanha and feeds him. Sandhya takes Misri and feeds her. Chavi and Dilip come to them. Chavi meets Kanha and sees Misri. She says its great Misri became guest here. She asks Bhabho why are they all so upset, no sweets and no festival arrangements. Emily asks is it rakhi today.

Chavi says maybe they all kept surprise for her. She asks Sandhya is she right. She asks tell me whats the surprise. Sandhya welcomes Dilip and asks him to sit. Bhabho asks Chavi how is she, she had miscarriage so she should take care. Chavi says yes, don’t say this, tell me where is everyone, where is Meenakshi Bhabhi. Emily tells Sandhya what will we do now. Sandhya says Chavi is part of our family, so we should not hide anything from her. Chavi gets puzzled.

Zakir tells Sooraj that Meenakshi has helped us in stopping child marriage, so she got the bail, but there is court case against her. Meenakshi asks Sooraj did Vikram not come to take her. Sooraj says yes, don’t worry. Sooraj says lets go. Taisa asks Zakir can she go home, and she will go to Bhabho’s house and take her grandson from there. Zakir says your son has taken all the blame on his head, but the story does not end it here, you have got bail with Rs 4 lakhs, and your son has to be here or two years. Zakir asks them to leave but they still have to come to court, and court will decide how they are involved in this.

Chavi comes to know everything. She says Kanha is mine and pacifies Vikram. Dilip looks on. Bhabho asks Chavi not to cry and tie the rakhis. Taisa and her relatives are freed. Taisa says she will not let her grandson stay at Bhabho’s house, who is stranger to her now. Meenakshi gets worried.

The rakhi ceremony is going on. Sooraj brings Meenakshi home. Taisa comes to Bhabho’s house and shouts stop. Everyone look at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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