Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the sarees catching the fire. Prema gets tensed. Meenakshi sees it and calls out Bhabho. Prema says fire, help anyone. Meenakshi runs asking everyone to come. Meenakshi takes the fire out and throws the sarees. Meenakshi and Prema try to stop the fire. Sooraj and Vikram come there. The fire is blown off. Meenakshi says fire caught the sarees. Babasa asks what happened. Bhabhi says fire caught. The people praise Meenakshi for saving the shop. Meenakshi says she saw it from terrace, I don’t know how did this happen. Prema says she lighted the diya and it fell from her hand. Meenakshi says how can this happen, its such a bad sign, this does not happen by me. The lady asks Vikram not to make servants do this, either you do it, or make your wife do this. The man says if you shop burnt, the other shops would also catch fire. Prema apologizes to Vikram.

Prema says this shop does not need me, you fire me, I don’t know how this happened, the diya was very hot and it fell from my hands, I light the diya daily. Sooraj sees the diya and Meenakshi gets tensed. Prema says this diya is not of our shop. She says see it and shows to Vikram. Vikram says yes, Bhabho its our home’s diya. Bhabho says yes, its our temple’s diya, but how did it come here. Vikram looks at Meenakshi. He says you got hot diya from home and made fire here. He slaps her infront of everyone. Sooraj calms down Vikram. Babasa says its bad Vikram to slap her infront of everyone.

Meenakshi cries. Disha follows Sandhya. Sandhya goes to a shop and changes her clothes. Disha says when did she change clothes. Sandhya goes ahead. She wears the burqa and leaves. Disha says she will find RK today. Disha meets Laxman and says she thinks she saw Sandhya here. Laxman says yes, I even heard her going to some address. Disha smiles. Bhabho brings Meenakshi home and asks her why did she do this. She says what Vikram said, is it all true, did you keep it at the shop. Babasa says yes tell us. Sooraj asks Meenakshi to answer the elders.

He asks did she do this, to take risk and if anything happens to Prema, then. Meenakshi says then it would have been good, everyone worries for her, did anyone ask me why did I go to call her husband to ask him to take Prema, yes I took diya to burn her hand, I m ready to get punished. Vikram gets angry. Meenakshi says she will always do this, if anyone tries to take away Vikram, will she not keep Prema away, she will not leave Prema. She cries.

She says Prema is coming in between us, I m fed up seeing her, where are my rights, leave rights, he always praises Prema, she takes even Misri, won’t I feel bad. Vikram says what you have done, you swapped the babies, you can’t be a good mum, you should be ashamed to call yourself a mother. Meenakshi says don’t make me fall in your eyes, I have always supported you, will you punish me like this for my mistake. She asks everyone to see. She says he has turned his face off me, I did mistakes earlier, he did not do this, this change is because of Prema.

She says Prema is breaking my house and wants to come in this house as my Sautan. She cries. Vikram says what did you say and scolds her. He says all this is lie, but today I will bring Prema in my life and give her this place. Babasa says what are you saying. He says we don’t have any relation between us now, no love, no hatred. He says everything burnt in today’s fire, now you see how I make Prema your Sautan. Sooraj scolds Vikram. They turn and see Prema. Prema is shocked hearing everything.

Vikram goes to Prema. Bhabho tries to stop him. He says whats happening. She prays for her home. Meenakshi runs crying. Sooraj pacifies them. Sandhya and Zakir come to meet RK. She puts her Burqa there and asks about RK. Zakir says he is fine, Burqa idea is good. We have to be careful. She says I know, I switched off the phone and changed clothes on the way, no one can come here. Disha comes in that area and looks for RK. Disha thins its very crowded area, Sandhya can’t keep RK here.

She sees a home. RK tries to free himself. Disha goes to that house and talks to them. She asks can she take pics and looks around in her camera. RK goes in the window and sees Disha. He opens the window and waves to her. She does not see her. He says I m able to see her, but maybe she can’t see me, what to do. He says she can hear me. Prema says she is leaving, why did he say this. Vikram holds her hand and stops her. He says he does not want to hurt her heart. Vikram says listen to me once. Sooraj comes and sees Vikram holding her hand. Prema sees Sooraj and leaves Vikram’s hand. Prema leaves.

RK shouts as if he is much hurt. He tries to make Disha hear his voice. Sandhya and Zakir come to him and ask him what happened. RK says his stomach is aching. Zakir says how, you got good food. RK says nothing. Sandhya thinks RK is acting, but why. Sandhya looks out of the window. Disha is there.

Disha keeps a doll to take revenge from Sandhya. She keeps the bomb in doll which RK sent her and says its good if Rathi family dies together. Mohit takes Misri who is holding the doll.

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