Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the pandit asking Sandhya to tie the thread to second Kalash. Bhabho asks her to tie the Raksha sutra. Sooraj says no Bhabho, Ankita will tie the thread, not Sandhya. The family gets stunned. Bhabho asks what is he saying, its mum’s right on this, only mum can tie it. Sooraj says I know its hard for us to take this decision, but we decided to give this to Ankita. Babasa asks what is he saying. Sooraj says about Lord Krishna, they all believe Yashoda as the real mum, when even Devki gave birth.

Bhabho says they can have stone heart but she can’t let this injustice happen with her grandchildren, they are not any item to give away to anyone. She says such decisions are not right, and gives her reasoning. Sooraj cries and says he can’t move back from his decision now. She gets angry. Sooraj explains her. Bhabho argues and says if he does not change his decision, then he has to sacrifice his mum along with the baby. Sooraj cries.

Sooraj asks how can she do this, he will die without her. She says blessings can be shared, not babies. Sandhya cries. Bhabho says baby is part of a mother. Babasa says I know you both have big and soft heart, and much humanity, but giving own baby is not good, its not toy, don’t think again. Sooraj says sorry, but we thought a lot, and decided this. Bhabho says she will never forgive him. Mohit gets Vikram’s call and says what, I will tell Bhabho.

Mohit tells Bhabho that Meenakshi has labor pains and she is taken to hospital. Sandhya says we have to be with Meenakshi. Vikram says doctor gave 10days ahead date. Bhabho says its all by Lord. She says Lord gives baby as Prasad and blessings. Meenakshi’s mum says this time my daughter will get a son. The doctor comes and says Meenakshi gave birth to a baby boy. Vikram and everyone get happy. The doctor says they can see the boy, and not meet Meenakshi now. He asks is she fine. She says yes, but meet after some time.

Everyone see the baby and smile. They are very happy and laugh. Babasa says his nose is like me and Bhabho jokes. Emily says the baby is fair like Meenakshi. Vikram says yes, she has many ghee laddoos. Meenakshi’s mum says she will keep Meenakshi with her. Sandhya and Sooraj take the baby and sit seeing him. Bhabho comes and asks him to give baby.

Sooraj says wait for some time, I will give, this is our Kanha. Bhabho asks if you can’t give Vikram’s baby, how will you give your baby, and explains the meaning of child, when he sees his child, his heart will beat. She says Sandhya will keep baby in her womb for 9 months, you will take care of her, how will you get separated from the baby, answer me. Sandhya cries.

Bhabho says you are giving your light to end other’s darkness, its hard to do. She says Lord blessed you and is giving two twins, why are you going against Lord, you did not see the face, when you have them in hand, what will you do, if you don’t keep your promise, Ankur’s hope and heart will break. She says I may look selfish, but I always wanted good for everyone and took wise decision, you can see Ankur’s present, I can see Sandhya, Ankur and Ankita’s future. The nurse takes the baby from Sooraj and goes. Sooraj says thanks, I know you are not selfish, but I felt that its hard to give away our child, I have always given nod to your every decision, but what decision I took today is after much thinking. She looks at him.

Bhabho says I will go to Bulbul and explain her. She sees Bulbul unwell and talks to her. She says its bad deal for me and is upset. Babasa looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stupid track…..

  2. Thus Bulbul is Disgusting…..n this suraj is a big fool is he thinking the baby as a jalebi in his shop to give to give to whoever asks….stupid serial……


  4. Stop this non sense….
    Hello Sooraj u r so stupid. . U can’t leave ur mum ….but baby not yet came out. . U talking about baby separation
    from mother….so foolish

  5. ankita lost her baby due bulbul mistake and now bulbul want baby
    stupid story line

  6. Why the hell does bulbul want a sibling all of a sudden the time sandhya is pregnant with twins don’t u think the writers are playing with the audience mind it can’t be a coincidence right

  7. Completely nonsense guys have liked the story till now but this is really irritating people can take changes only if it is going to do good to us and the society and one more thing always sacrificing and crying is stupid and non sense plz change the track serials are supposed to entertain and give a message… When it is learnt that Ankur is not willing give the priority same like bulbul then why give another baby when he is not interested just cut this crap plz… Hope director watches our suggestions

  8. Please director sir twist in every aspect of life is not so humane… If bulbul want a child so badly then adopt a child.loving and caring an adopted child as our own child is a social message.why can’t they think about is not necessary that only the lead pairs can be good and sacrificing.others can also be good and they also can convey good messages for the society.bulbul is after all a kid she needs a sibling that’s all.she is not going to investigate about the matter.please change the track.


  10. Jeyam Ramachandran

    In the meanwhile sandhya seems to have forgotten her official duty.

  11. Kindly please…y dis stupid track…really sad about thinking dis story line…em not at al watching d show for past 1 week…how cn dis show b lyk dis…it vs my al tym favourite.. and d audienc r being helples so dat our comments r noticd by no one… 🙁 🙁 really feeling srry…

  12. i didnt expect writers to be dis stupid. u cant give out a child becos a child wants one so wen d child demands for a dead man will d father give it to her. the director should making sandya sacrifice everytin. first kidney and now child. tomoro wat will it be?

  13. Will Ankita and Ankur be ready to take one child from Sandhya????

    1. Yeah,u r right…even though sooraj and sandhya decided to give one baby to ankur and ankita…. How can they take babie… if they feel the pain of lossing their babie..,then how can they give same pain to others
      stupid track…….

  14. How stupud is dat.. hello mr. Suraj, d devta of d serial.. u r argueing as if ankur n ankita r a childless couple.. yaar, dey alrdy hav a child n u dnt evn hav one.. itna bi bewkoof koi nai hota.. director plz change d track.. u r loosing d charm in d show.. dnt make sooraj sandhya cry all d time plssss. dis s sheer stupidity u r showing

  15. As if ankur doesn’t have a kid changing the track y to separate twin kid y the kid should suffer without parents

  16. Jeyam Ramachandran

    I think Sandhya being too good who donated already one of her kidneys. Now she is prepared to give away one of her chidren. In course of time it may so happen that she may one eye, one or two teeth, one hand even one of her boo..sorry to continue….But isin’t it so absurd and

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