Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the goons looking out for Sandhya. They see Bhabho and others hiding in the room. The man says some people are hiding there, get them out and kill then, then that police officer will come out. Sandhya comes out and says she is here. She comes near the bell and says don’t do anything to them, they want bag and they can take it. She removes the bag and keeps it down. She acts weak and cries.

She jumps high and holds a bell to beat them. She starts beating them. Bhabho worries for her. Sandhya gets tired and weak. She holds her waist and the goon shows the knife. Ved and Bhabho look on worried. Sandhya falls down. She recalls Sooraj’s words and when he said how will she do her duty after giving a kidney.Bhabho worries seeing the knife. The goon tries to attack her and Zakir comes there. He holds the goon’s hand and saves Sandhya.

The police comes and arrests the goons. Zakir holds Sandhya’s hand and asks is she fine. He says he did not know he will meet like this after his posting in Pushkar. She says thanks Sir. He says I m your old friend. She says yes, and also my senior Zakir, I welcome you back. Bhabho thanks Zakir. Zakir says he is transferred today. Ved asks is he your friend. Zakir talks to him and says he is SSP Zakir.

He asks how did he feel seeing mum fight with goons. Ved says it was good, my mum is superhero. Zakir says he said right. Sandhya smiles. Meenakshi recalls Bhabho’s words and says Emily looks worried, as if she is not happy. Emily says no, I m very happy in my life. Meenakshi asks really, it does not look so, and says Pari thought right, you should remarry. Emily says Pari did meaningless thing, I explained her. Meenakshi says but truth won’t change, every woman needs a support.

She says even you have right to live happy, look at me and Sandhya, I think Mohit will not keep you happy. Emily says don’t talk to me about this. Meenakshi says fine, I will not say, but I m like your elder sister. She asks her to think. She thinks if Emily remarries, she will not get any share. Mohit looks on.

The guard asks the people to leave in the bus, no one wil come to meet them. Sooraj gets teary eyed. The people wait outside. Balwant comes and asks them to understand they don’t need them. The people protest that they will not go without meeting Madam. The man says fine, calm down, I will make you meet him. Sooraj sees a man sleeping and asks him to wake up, they are going to meet Madam.

A guy likes Aditi and says she is more pretty than the pic in newpaper. Everyone ask about the ad and why did she call him. Aditi asks them to say. Sooraj says I have to say and she signs him to speak. He says they have come seeing the ad, they have come by far, this game is need, passion, dream for them. He says we want to play by heart, if you don’t let us prove this, where will we go. Aditi sees him and recalls meeting him before.

She shows the board and its written on it that she welcomes them in new team camp. She says they all are chosen, the camp is not cancelled. They get happy. The man asks then why did she make them sit outside and guard said she spoke to Abhay and the old team. She says it was all a lie, Abhay will not play for Rajputana kabaddi club, she broke my trust, and apologizes for making them wait. She says she did not wish to hurt them, but to test their passion, she wanted to see how many people have player’s spirit and she wants to see will they run to get the last bus and get greedy for the fare. She wanted to see how many leave.

She says she wanted to get good players, and welcomes them. Aditi says they can get in the team by selection of best 10 performers. She says they will be tested and she will choose only the best. She says they should have talent, and be determined, they should play for team, not for themselves. They all say they are ready. She says best of luck and leaves. Balwant asks them to come with him. A guy says he will be the first in top 10.

Zakir talks to Sandhya and says he needs an officer in a big mission, who has smartness and passion, and its just you. She smiles. He says this mission is related to our country’s security, I want you to take this responsibility and give the country a chance to be proud of you once again. She gets thinking and says I m sorry Zakir, but I can’t go. He asks why. She asks him to understand, its about the country’s security and she is not physically fit with one kidney, its good he came on time and saved her, else the goons would have hurt the innocent people, I was unable to fight with them, I can’t risk the mission.

He says he can’t prove she is saying this, he has fought with the goons and says she did her best work. She says I have done that with my team, but your mission wants one man army. He says I know you can do it, you are ideal of self confidence. She says you are saying as a friend, I m sorry Sir, but I know my limits. She says Jai hind and salutes him. She leaves.

A guy talks to Sooraj and thinks he is very old than us. Aditi gets a letter and reads that Sooraj is of 34 years, what will he play in the team.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Jeyam Ramachandran

    Sandya feels very weak and also denies to join an important service of national security since she has only one kidney. As per National Kidney Foundation ‘s statement the single develop in size and functioning to do the work of two kidneys as soon as the other one is removed. So the person can even play foot ball with proper security measures. Therefore the director should have consulted any health care personnel before displaying such scenes so that the viewers may not be mislead to thinking that donating a kidney will cause fatal risks.

  2. Point is correct. It leads people to tnk dat donation is not healthy.

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