Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj recalling Sandhya by the sound of the dupatta lined/jhumar piece. He gets restless and keeps thinking the moment she left. He is unable to sleep and gets sad. He keeps that jhumar piece in the drawer and rests to sleep. He thinks of Sandhya’s words. He goes to the drawer again, and keeps it inside the cupboard. He gets his wedding album and sees Sandhya’s pic. He keeps the jhumar piece in it. Bhabho sees this and cries. Sooraj cries in his sleep. Bhabho can’t bear his pain and leaves.

Vikram confronts Chavi about her inlaws. He asks her to tell all truth, else he will tell this to Bhabho. Chavi says no, she is not well. Meenakshi scolds Chavi. Chavi says Pushpa has done this, she was troubling me a lot asking for dowry and big amount. Meenakshi says you are liar, Pushpa is good woman, she can’t do this. Chavi asks Dilip to tell them that she is not lying. Meenakshi asks Dilip is Chavi saying truth. Vikram asks him. Dilip says yes, I m ashamed of this, but Chavi is right.

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Chavi cries and says Pushpa was asking for dowry and I could not tell this to Bhabho. Dilip tried to convince her but she has kciked us out of home being annoyed, we are staying separate, I request you not to tell anything to Bhabho. Vikram hugs her and says don’t cry, I will not tell to Bhabho. Meenakshi thinks Chavi has come to stay here, she has to do something.

Sandhya talks to Zakir and says she is going Scotland. She sounds depressing and says lets meet in Scotland, how is the coffee. He says its good. Sooraj says he has freed shop papers by giving money. Chavi asks about Bhabho. Meenakshi says she went to temple. Chavi asks why did you send her alone. Babasa says I told her I will come, so she scolded me and went alone. Sooraj asks Chavi does she have any work. Meenakshi says Chavi is going inlaws house so she wants to meet Bhabho.

Sooraj says yes, Dilip has come back, you have to go back to inlaws now, don’t worry. Chavi thinks where to go. The house is not ready and staying in hotel will be costly, I have to stay here doing something.

Chavi tells Sooraj that Dilip is staying in hotel and she has to stay here. Meenakshi thinks she will stay for 10 months now. Sooraj asks Chavi to stay with them. Babasa says yes, you make tea for me. Chavi thinks she has to make Dilip agree now, but its fine, I will go to my new home from here with Dilip. Sandhya packs her bag. Bhabho comes there with Chotu and cries seeing Sandhya/ She asks is her packing done, is she ready to leave.

Sandhya greets Bhabho and touches her feet. Bhabho blesses her. Sandhya sees her bringing few items for her. Sooraj gets customers and asks them to sit till he makes jalebis. He sees the couple having a talk, which makes him think about Sandhya. He thinks Ankur said Sandhya will go tonight. He leaves in hurry on his scooter.

Sooraj comes to see Sandhya, and stands outside, while she comes at the window talking on phone.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. nice episode

  2. sandhya ko suraj ke mukh par khirki bandh kar dena chaiye jaise sooraj ne rat main sandhya ko dekh kar kiya tha.
    par bhodra log aur abodra log kabhi ek nahi hota woh apne atmasamman kabhi nehi todte.

    1. Say it in English

      Say it in English.

  3. It is time to change these characters. They are lying and manipulating each other. Wonder if the writers can think of something different to run thisserial. They are continuosly repeating same story. All crazy uneducated fools .

  4. DABH team making audience fools…. I can’t understand one thing, If Sandhya know that Sooraj is afraid of her duty may create problems again then why can’t she sacrifice her dream for Sooraj and family. Is it really true? because we have been shown that Sooraj left Sandhya since she gave importance to duty than family…. Now the story line really becoming poor….

  5. very interesing love story

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