Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone being with Bhabho. Bhabho gets better and everyone smile seeing her. Meenakshi says she is very happy and jokes about money. Vikram asks Babasa to see Bhabho is fine now. Mohit says we will ask doctor when to take Bhabho home. She sees red syrup in nurse’s hand and gets scared of red color. She recalls how she has shot Ashu and throws it saying no. Bhabho sees syrup stains on the white sheet and shouts blood…….. The nurse says its medicine. Everyone get shocked. Sooraj takes away the sheet and calms Bhabho. Sandhya gets worried. The nurse calls doctor and asks everyone to go out. The doctor says please go out, nothing will happen. He gives an injection to calm Bhabho.

Vadeja and Arjun talk about Zakir and Sandhya. Arjun says we should give Sandhya some timer with her family, Bhabho should get fine. Zakir says there is good news, Bhabho is conscious. They are relieved. Zakir says I know that family, they are good people, happiness is coming after many days. Babasa asks the doctor why is Bhabho doing this. The doctor says she is going through post event trauma, she has lived anything very big shocking, so she reacted seeing red syrup and called it blood. Sandhya says will she get fine. He says yes, time will heal everything, the trauma fades, but sometimes it don’t, so we refer patients for counseling.

He suggests them to take Bhabho to psychiatrist. Meenakshi asks did she become mad. The doctor says no, this is not madness, we regard any mental problem to madness, like body can have little problems, even brain can have it, like any bodily disease is not cancer, any brain disease is not madness. He asks Sooraj to go for counseling too, as he was also in that plane. He says as it can have any effect later on. Sooraj says fine.

He says we will not make Bhabho recall anything related to hijack, is she out of danger. The doctor says yes, we will keep her in observation for next two days and you can take her home then, she will need rest, as she is weak physically and mentally. They thank the doctor. Vikram pacifies Babasa. He says we will remove all red color thinks and will take care of her, and not remind anything, everything will be fine now. Babasa says yes, I have to change many things when she comes home. Sooraj takes care of Bhabho and makes her have food. Sandhya tells Meenakshi to take care of Bhabho. Meenakshi says you also take care. Sandhya goes to hospital.

Sooraj recalls RK shooting Bhabho in his dream and wakes up saying no. He sees Bhabho sleeping. Sandhya wakes up and sees Sooraj worrying for Bhabho. He checks Bhabho’s breath and is relieved. Sooraj leaves. Sandhya recalls the doctor’s words. She asks the nurse did she see Sooraj. The nurse says no. Sandhya sees Sooraj sitting alone and crying. She holds him and says Sooraj ji. He wipes his tears and says Bhabho. He goes back. She gets worried for him.

Babasa reads the newspapers and sees Sandhya’s appraisal everywhere. He recalls what he told Sandhya and asks Vikram to pay the newspaper man and ask him not to put paper from tomorrow. Babasa comes to hospital and asks Sandhya to go home. He says wait for Bhabho to return home, Sooraj and I will come home tomorrow. He asks Sooraj to bring tea for them. Sandhya leaves. Babasa tells Bhabho that he will stay here today, we three will go home together tomorrow.

Meenakshi, Emily and Sandhya remove all things that can remind Bhabho about hijack. She says like this helicopter toy, we should not have such toys. Meenakshi says we will not keep anything that can remind her that bad incident. Zakir comes to them. He says I met Bhabho, she is better than before. Sandhya says yes, we are trying to keep her happy. He says he has a news that will help her in keeping Bhabho happy. Zakir tells Sandhya that she got her third memo. She recalls Bhabho removing the bor and cries. She says I will make Bhabho wear the bor myself.

Sandhya does Bhabho’s aarti and makes her wear the bor. Babasa asks Sooraj for a favor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. y s babasa doing lyk this???????? irritating

    1. He is not irritating. ..nd sandhya deserve to be out of d house

  2. yup 4m nw babasa chrtcr will iritate 2 d core n his actions r nt needed 4 d shw…instead his charctr can be made away 4m d shw as its of no use

  3. Hate babasa

  4. Let them have some peaceful time babasa, don’t create more problems atlease for now

  5. What the helll is wrong with babsa ??? To be truthful when looking at the rathi house it doesn’t show that it belongs to a saree seeler n halwai instead it shows that it belongs to some what rich family so looking at it from that angle it shows that the family members are some what educated but when looking at babasa it shows that he doesn’t have neithr common sense nor general knowledge and he is fully iliterate !!! It’s not sandhya’s fault that the plane got hijacked it’s actually kinda bhabo’s fault since she’s the one who brought prema to the house.. i think that it better stop this show now before it drags too far and become a nuisance

    1. Totally agree!!

    2. This serial is not dragging ok….love suraj his acting. ….evry thg he is doing right Wd sandhya

  6. If Babasa was so much bothered about his family, y did he make sooraj stop studying at a young age n he kept on eating like a pig …..he saw sandya’s name praised in newspapers n can’t tolerate it,if it was sooraj he might have distributed sweets in his street…..

  7. Really irritating. I don’t like that Sooraj also not talking to Sandhya properly.

    1. Thank god suraj not talking to that bakwas sandhya …..its looking awesome

  8. New drama is going to start. Now Sandhya will be forced to quit IPS job.

  9. Stupid pathetic excuse of a show had enough why good dramas like Ek hasina thi finish and this crap lasts forever

    1. hi YouTube I’m getting really sick of babasa being so nasty to sandiya? I’m getting sick of his attitude seriously it stinks so much I cont tolerate it anymore they need to change babasa attitude around before everything gets out of hand from soofia

  10. It looks like sooraj is also supporting babasa……his expression wer like tat….I wish he doesn’t support him

  11. I thought that Sooraj loosing his image.its full of his and her mom mistake what she can do.

    1. Suraj is not losing his image….His imaged is lose only. In you….not in hole world. …nd suraj fans ok…..don’t ever say bad abt my suraj. ..k

  12. The director of this show is fully destroy the beauty of this serial

  13. I don’t like to see that Sooraj and Babasa hating Sandhya…. Irritating…

  14. I dono like this serial any more, it should stop now . Sandhya has enough tests and sarcifice for this stupid family, no one care. she should leave and go with Zakir and start her professional life before they all hate her. This family donot deserve Sandhya. she has done enough.

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