Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th August 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th August 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Everyone returning back to RM. Chaturi asks chavi whether she is happy becoz of sandy’s win or SRK’s meeting. Meanwhile babasa tells Emily that she did her best & everyone is proud of her too same like sandy. Bhabo opens the dorr thinking her words to sandy about the two keys & also SRK announcing her as the winner. Meena comes running wondering they all reached (where she was wandering at this time???)… Bhabo is very slow in opening the door .. Everyone looks confused. Inside the RM a group of ladies welcome Sandy along with vikram.. Dhaisa is also present. She tells that vikram told that it is sandy’s b day & won a trophy too … TSo they planned a Surprise for sandy. Meena signals vikram who is not happy. Vikram laughs… Bhabo asks dhaisa whether she would allow them inside first. Meena is not happy with those women. And thinks that they have spoiled the programme of matka.
Meena looks sadly at matka. Dhaisa tells that she is proud of Sandy today. Bhabo stares at her. Dhaisa praises sandy for lighting up the name of Rathis. Suraj listens to it carefully looking at bhabo. They show the trophy after which babasa asks chaturi to take it inside. Chaturi keeps it on the table. Meena tries to signal something… Vikram stops her by saying that she must stop doing thieves job… Dhaisa asks about SRK. Suraj tells that he came. Chaturi tells that he is also a halwai in CE like Suraj. Babasa tells Bhabo that how much happiness sandy brought & she must feel proud of sandy. Dhaisa tells that she would go only after eating sweets. Babasa asks meena to make but she makes excuse saying that there is no milk. Chaturi quickly says that it is not a big deal & she would bring by the time she can boil water… Dhaisa tells that sandy will win against everyone. Adds to emily that Bhabo challenged that she would bring a DIL in 15 days & she did that. They compare sandy with Bhabo… Suraj Bhabo Babasa silently listen to everything…Dhaisa adds that bhabo’s one word went wrong… Everyone speechless.. Mohit stares at emily…
Dhaisa tells that it is only becoz of sandy’s intelligence the whole pushkar respect RAthi family. Sandy interrupts by saying that it is not so. She tells her that she would make arrangements for snacks. Suraj & sandy leave the place. Sandy tells that Bhabo is very disturbed & urges him to talk with bhabo. She is worried. Suraj leaves…

Aangan drama:

Babasa closes the door this time. Meena is looking at the matka … & asks what will happen to this. Bhabo is dumb… Babasa takes his seat. Meena says sandy has won the challenge. Babasa tells that Sandy has won & asks bhabo to keep the matka considering a gift for Sandy’s b day. Chaturi tells that kheer is ready & gives it first to bhabo who does pick it up. Everyone confused. Chaturi gives it to all.. Meena gulps it first Thinks that Bhabo is sitting like lioness & looks like she would throw the cup of kheer. Babasa takes kheer. Bhabo is not taking it… SurYa gets worried. Vikram & chavi insists her to take… She takes it at last. Everyone smile. But she suddenly keeps it aside.. Sandy is shocked…


Meena asks what happened. Bhabo says that she doesn’t like. Babasa tells that it is the best kheer. Asks whether she is unhappy. Suraj tells that he knows that she is unhappy.
Suraj asks bhabo that she is happy or not.. Bhabo tells that she is unhappy & asks him whether he is feeling pity on her today.. What is to him whether she is happy or not.. Adds that he doesn’t consider her till yesterday .. Even knowing that she doesn’t like her DIL out of the kitchen… Sandy is worried. Babasa is unhappy. Bhabo tells Suraj that Surya won today & asks him to celebrate this victory with his wife & celebrate her b day too. Adds that they have worked hard for this…SurYa gets hurted… Meena makes faces. Bhabo adds that he is free now & he can make his wife an IPS & further asks him to leave her. Suraj holds her hand saying that sandy will fulfill the duties of first DIL even after becoming an IPS…

Precap: Suraj tells he wants both of them to be happy & adds that he has taken one decision today keeping that in mind… Everyone looks at him surprised as well as shocked


Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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