Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th November 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th November 2013 Written Update

Suraj tells Bhabho has used more ghee in halwa and Sandhya would become fat if she eats more. Sandhya says she would not mind and demands for more halwa. Bhabho admires Sandhya’s childishness and thinks once she would become mother, she would also become responsible. She herself serves halwa to Sandhya and others. Bhabho advises Sandhya to become ready for upcoming responsibilities. Bhabhasa understands what Bhabho means. Sandhya is happy thinking Bhabho is talking about her upcoming training. Sandhya is very happy and tells Bhabho she was hesitant to talk about it but Bhabho knows everything. Both keep talking regarding this responsibility without actually knowing what they meant. Bhabho also gets suspicious seeing a smiling Sandhya whether they both mean the same thing. Meena asks them to explain what responsibility it is. Before Bhabho could tell anything, Sandhya says it is her 11 months police training. Bhabho is stunned hearing this. Bhabhasa is nervous. Suraj observes Bhabho’s reaction. Bhabho tries to tell something but Bhabhasa diverts asking whether it would not be possible to get trained in Pushkar only. Meena and others talk about 11 months being too long and how would Suraj manage without Sandhya who keeps visiting the house 8-10 times with one or the other reason. Chavvi wonders when she has passed the IPS exam, what is the need for training. Sandhya explains training is very essential where they get prepared mentally and physically to do their job. Meena again speaks about how would Suraj manage alone. Bhabho is angry and shuts her up saying Suraj is not alone as other family members are with him, they are not going anywhere and also he was taken care of even before his marriage with Sandhya. Bhabho asks SurYa to make arrangements for her to go for training. Meena is surprised that Bhabho is not angry with Sandhya. She further questions and Bhabho scolds her to pay attention to cooking and goes from there. Bhabhasa is worried and then he asks Chathuri to bring some supari. Sandhya offers to bring it.

She goes to Bhabho’s room and opens the cupboard. The supari box is open and it spills down. Suraj also comes there. Sandhya voices her concern that Bhabho may not be happy with her training. Suraj tells Bhabho would not have expected it so she will take some time to recover and he will manage. While Sandhya arranges the things in the cupboard she takes out an album and it is Bhabho-Bhabhasa’s wedding album. Sandhya is happy seeing it and admires Bhabho. Suraj tells he has not seen it before. They find out that it is Bhabho-Bhabhasa’s wedding anniversary that day.

Bhabho is angry and taking out dried clothes in the balcony. Bhabhasa goes to her and tries to explain when Bhabho tells sarcastically she is not upset or surprised about Sandhya. Bhabhasa’s friend calls for him telling all others are waiting for him at the paan shop and Bhabhasa tells him he is coming.

Chavvi and Meena are in Chavvi’s room wondering why Sandhya had called them there. Both blame each other having done something wrong and Emily joins them. Meenakshi wonders what new case is Sandhya investigating now. Sandhya also comes there telling it is a new case which had never happened in their home before. All wonder and Sandhya tells them it is Bhabho and Bhabhasa’s wedding anniversary that day. Meena laughs she has not heard it before. Chavvi tells Bhabho does not believe in all this. Sandhya tells Bhabho-Bhabhasa have no time to think of it and they (children) would make it a special day for them. All agree to celebrate the day and divide their work. Sandhya asks Emily to dress up Bhabho like a bride. Meena laughs wondering who would convince Bhabho to get dressed. Meena and Chavvi are scared of getting scolded by Bhabho. Sandhya agrees to convince Bhabho while Meena warns her. Sandhya asks Meena to do all cooking which she again tells she cannot do it all by herself. Chavvi says she and Sandhya would help her. They all leave from there.

Sandhya comes to shop and brings a list of paper. She asks Suraj to get those things for her. Suraj thinks it is some books and other stationary and tells the bookseller is familiar and would send all things with a phone call. Sandhya tells he won’t get these things in a book shop. Suraj wonders and opens the list. He is surprised to see the items mentioned in it.

Precap: Suraj gives a bag to Sandhya and says he has brought all the things in the list and bindi was left out and he has brought that also. In the shop, Suraj thinks Sandhya is giving him some surprise and he also needs to get something for her. In the house, Sandhya thinks just in some time, Suraj would know why she asked these things from him.

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