Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with SP scolding Sandhya and her team for being so careless. Sandhya says I know I did a big mistake, I m sorry, next time this won’t happen. He says I have to take strict action. Sandhya gets tensed and says right. She says you can take any action against me, I will accept it. He says I will cut your two day salary of your staff for being so careless. She says no, its my mistake and I should be punished. He says if we take action on you, it won’t affect you, so I will cut your staff salary so that you can always remember this. He leaves.

Sandhya thinks how did she make such a big mistake, why did they not call me, how will I tell them they got punished because of me. Sooraj learns car driving. Sooraj takes the wrong way seeing Sandhya. He tells the driver he wants to give his wife surprise, so he is learning car driving. Sandhya comes back to the police station and sees the staff idle. They wait for their salaries and she thinks of SP’s words. They talk about taking loan from Sandhya as they feel short of money.

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Hetal asks how was the meeting with SP. Sandhya says yes, SP said my wireless was off, and he was very annoyed with me, you knew about the event, then why did you not inform me at home. Koli says I messaged you on wireless and it was off, your phone was also off, we thought you are sleeping, so did not disturb. Ketan asks what happened, any problem. Sandhya says he has punished you all, by cutting two days salary. They are shocked. Hetal says why us, not yours. She says its not our mistake, then why our salary.

Sandhya says I know I deserve this, but this is SP’s decision and I can’t go against him. Laxman comes with food and greets everyone. Everyone are upset. Laxman says I got jelabis and Kachoris for you all, have it. Hetal says give it to Sandhya. Laxman asks what happened. Everyone are angry as their salaries reduced. Laxman asks what to do with food now. Sandhya says take it home. Laxman leaves. Everyone are annoyed. Chavi sees some good designs. Dilip comes to her and says see my white shirt is spoiled, whats this.

He says it was a branded shirt, my fav one, fire the maid. Dilip’s mum says I know how to make the shirt clean. Dilip leaves for office. Dilip’s mum says I will bleach them. Chavi says I m sorry, its my mistake. Dilip’s mum says its fine, I also did many mistakes when I was newly married, you will learn everything soon. Sandhya gets a call and is informed that department got a complaint against her and they have to take strict action.

Its Rahul. Sandhya says Rahul, how are you. He laughs and says I did not forget you, how are you feeling now, you forgot us by going back. Sandhya says nothing like that. She sounds worried to him and he asks what happened. He says Zakir is calling, lets talk in conference. Zakir talks to Sandhya. Zakir says I feel proud hearing my name with ASP. Rahul says he is not a ASP, just a normal police officer. He jokes with them and says there is no comparison between us. Sandhya tells them about SP, and the problem. Zakir says everyone makes mistakes, you should not repeat it. Sandhya says SP has not punished me, but my team.

Zakir says I trust you, you can win their hearts. Rahul says I m coming Pushkar, as a big heroine is coming, our SP is going, so I will try to come, so we will meet. Zakir says this is not good. Rahul says you also come. Zakir says I can’t, I have work. Rahul jokes with him. Sandhya says thanks Rahul and Zakir, I felt good talking to you, I m feeling good. Laxman comes home and sees Bhabho stitching. He acts sweet and praises her. He says I will do this work, you take rest. She says no, its woman’s work.

He stitches and tells her about Sandhya’s problem, that SP has scolded her, as Sandhya’s wireless was not working yesterday and she did not get the urgent meesage. Bhabho feels bad. Bhabho asks did SP punish Sandhya. Laxman says no, its more than punishment, her staffs two days salary is cut. Bhabho is shocked and thinks I have shut the wirelss and its my mistake. Mohit finds jobs in paper and Vikram comes to ask him what is he hiding.

Vikram asks Sooraj not to tell this to Sandhya. Sooraj says she will know it herself.

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