Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya questioning Sooraj. She smiles and says even you have the hope that our relation can get fine, else why did you dance with me, were you helpless. She says what did I see in your eyes, I know you still love me, you are open book which I can read, I know you. She asks why did he make her wear the anklet, his touch did not look of strangers, a husband’s touch can be best known to a wife, you love me, else I would have seen your annoyance. He says you are right, I was mislead for some time, and could not see whats right or wrong, but now I know it.

She says I know what you want and why, as we know each other very well and no one knows us better. She says you feel my going away from you and your family will be fine, for the house’s betterment, as you are afraid that my duty can bring problems for your family, this is the reason that you want to go far from me, I know its not easy to decide this for you, you are also in dilemma, but I will bring you out of this dilemma, I love you a lot, so I won’t let this blame come on you. She says I will decide today, that I will go away from you and this family. She cries and says I will go very far forever. She says our destination, our ways, our worlds will be separate. I will free you from the fear. Sooraj looks at her.

She smiles and says I will leave now. Rutha tu na………… ore piya……………Her dupatta gets stuck and she turns to see. She looks at him, and sees its tangled in his watch again. Diya aur baati hum………………plays……………..He removes it. She takes it away and leaves. Sooraj cries.

Bulbul comes to Ankur, and shows her toy. He tries to remove the thread stuck in it, and gets angry. Ankita sees him and takes the toy. She says if you force things, it become more worse. She makes it fine and gives Bulbul, and sends her to play. She says smartness is needed to make relations fine, you should have not spoken to Sooraj, you have made him break their relation. Sandhya loves Sooraj. Ankur says what did she get, just hatred, I won’t let her bear anything more, she will move on, she will name her shine in the world. She says I know, but did you understand what Sandhya wants. He says its time to think by mind, not heart. He leaves.

She says fate is playing with Sandhya, when she wanted to become IPS office, he married her off, and when she wants to stay in her marriage, he is cutting her relation for her career. Meenakshi and Bhabho sees off guests. Bhabho sees Sandhya crying. She recalls Ankur and Sooraj’s talk. Bhabho asks Sandhya what happened. Sandhya touches her feet and gets her blessings. Meenakshi and Vikram look on. Sandhya says forgive me Bhabho, what you wanted, could not happen. She holds her hand.

She says I m going forever, take care of Sooraj. She leaves. Meenakshi says see how she left, she was dancing so well with Sooraj and I felt she will stay here, I think she is annoyed, she won’t come home now. Vikram says you are right. Bhabho cries. Meenakshi talks to her mum and Vikram keeps an eye on Chavi. Her mum says I have got real necklace, I would not spent so much money and got fake necklace. Chavi hears this. Meenakshi and her mum laugh. Chavi thinks this can’t happen, it can’t be fake and goes to see.

They all follow her. Chavi takes the necklace form her bag and says checks it. She checks the purity and Vikram holds her hand. Chavi is shocked. Vikram confronts her. Chavi says its my necklace which Sandhya gifted me. They all blame her and call her thief. Vikram says you lies are out, I have seen your inlaws, they did not go on yatra. He says thank God that she went soon, else I would have known all lies. Sandhya comes home crying. She sees the offer form of Scotland police training. She says you asked me what did I decide, I have taken the decision, I m ready to go. She signs on the form. Ankur and Ankita are shocked.

Bhabho blesses Sandhya. She sees she is done with packing. Sooraj leaves to meet Sandhya.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. So, from DABH we must all know that highly educated girls should not marry uneducated brutes!

  2. Vineet Trivedi

    This one of the most mature love stories going around.
    Hope it doesnt turn out to be love triangle with Zakir coming into picture.

  3. I think suraj and sandhya will reunite again. sandhya and suraj lot of love each other, so they are joint together again in upcoming days…

  4. Sandhya can’t live without seeing Sooraj. Next week she roam around Hanuman Galli by wearing Burka….

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