Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ankur apologizing to Sandhya. Ved says but that day you met as if you don’t know each other. Ankur says we were annoyed for some reason, now I understood I was wrong, so I came to do friendship. Sandhya happily cries. Ankur asks Vansh to touch their feets. Sooraj kisses Vansh and Sandhya hugs him. She kisses him and cries. Ankur apologizes to Sooraj.

Sooraj says I m very happy as two families became on again, is this dream or reality and hugs Ankur. Vansh says Ved see I have Bua and Phupa, I have big joint family now. Bhabho says yes, his family is yours, you both are brothers. Everyone look at her. Ved and Vansh say brothers? Meenakshi says yes, like Golu is Ved’s brother, all cousins. Misri says I did not know I have one more sister. Bulbul says yes. Bhabho says its good sign for Sooraj, today he is going to enter kabaddi and all relations joined.

Ankur asks Sooraj about kabaddi training. Sooraj says its long story, but Sandhya is training me. Ankur says great, police officer are very strict. Sooraj says yes, but I m ready. They all laugh. Bulbul asks Aryan who did this state. Aryan says why do you care. Bulbul taunts him. Sooraj asks Ankur to come inside and have food, they are getting late. Ankur says he came after long time, he will have Bhabho’s hand made laddoo. Vansh says yes, I want to have the tasty laddoos, will she make. Bhabho says sure and smiles.

Sandhya starts training Sooraj. Sooraj does well but gets tired soon. He gets hurt. Sandhya takes care of his wound. Meenakshi gives him haldi milk. Sooraj says he is student now and knows that Sandhya is his Guru and wants to see the student’s best. Sandhya says it just started, and he has to reach the top.

Next day, she trains him again. He climbs the staircase and in better speed. He does rope jumping and many other exercises. Bhabho and Bababa see him and are happy to see his determination, and say Lord will fulfill his dreams. Next morning, Sooraj practices more better. Sandhya smiles and says show thumps up. She records his time and makes him run. Sandhya recalls her police training seeing him. Sooraj washes his face and smiles after ending the practice.

Bhabho packs Sooraj’s bag. Ved sees the pic and says he will miss his dad a lot, he is going away from 15 days. Meenakshi says how will he stay for 15 days. Ved says but its important, if Sooraj goes, who will take care of Bhabho and Babasa. Bhabho blesses him. Babasa says you did nbot lose any fight in life and even this you will win. Vikram says we are also sure, so advance congrats. Meenakshi says all the best.

Everyone wish him. Aryan says take this laptop, it has videos of great kabaddi matches, and it has internet, by which you can talk to Sandhya. Sooraj says Mohit, will you not wish me by hugging me. He hugs Mohit. Ved goes to stop rickshaw. Bhabho says come. Sandhya asks Sooraj to work hard and succeed. Daisa says Sooraj will not understand, whats the use to go on new way. Sooraj asks Sandhya to take care, and says he will manage everything after coming back.

He says he will miss her a lot. She asks him to say with love. He smiles and says actually, I m feeling afraid, how will stay without you. She says even I will be away for 15 days. He says you have everyone here, and I will be alone. She laughs. He says you also went for IPS training. She says best of luck. He says thanks. They go out. . He starts leaving and a man stops him. He asks how can he leave this like, and asks him to Sooraj to win and come. Sooraj asks Ved to take care of everyone, and hugs him. He leaves and everyone look on.

Ved tells Sandhya that there are goons in temple. Sandhya sees the goons and sends Ved to inform Bhabho. Ved informs Bhabho. Sandhya beats a goon and asks the others to do hands up.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Jeyam Ramachandran

    Who is this Golu? Where did he come from? Can anyone explain this new character?

    1. Golu is her False son. which she lied first. He is Daisa’s grandson

  2. Golu is meenakshi’s second child. She got a son, just before this show took a 6 yr leap.

  3. Golu is her False son. which she lied first. He is Daisa’s grandson

    1. Nooo…..the false son ws kanha…..he us 2nd son born just months b4 ved nd vansh…..younger to mishri nd pari

      dnt u remembr aftr VikNa’s ptch up she became pregnnt again

      1. yes dia.. you are right..

      2. Hmmm diya

  4. Meenakshi got pregnant and gave birth to Misri. But she exchanged Misri with Kanha (Daisa’a grandson) in hospital. After a few years, her eyes opened and after much drama, everyone came to know that Misri is meenakshi’s daughter. So Daisa gave her misri and daisa took Kanha. Meenakshi again got pregnant and got a nboy, he is golu. Immediately after he was born, the show took a 6 yr leap.

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