Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ankur saying Bhabho about getting a baby from social worker, he did not have any other way. Ankita says its not easy, but we can go to any extent for Bulbul. He gets Vandana’s call and says his address. Sandhya wishes this decision is right for all of them. Ankita says even I pray that Vandana understands us. Sooraj says you are giving a new life to an orphan, we will tell Vandana that that baby will get much love here, which his family could not give him. Ankur asks Ankita to see home, as Vandana will come anytime.

They talk to Vandana. Bulbul asks will she give them baby. Vandana says yes. Ankut introduces Sandhya, Sooraj and Bhabho. Vandana says our first condition for adoption is to check family’s background, we found that well so I came to do formalities. She says we are sure the baby will get good facilities here. Ankita says we will give everything like we are giving Bulbul. Vandana asks Sandhya is she agreeing with this. Sandhya says yes, I m glad, taking someone’s baby and making his life well is great thing. She asks Bhabho is she not happy with this decision.

Bhabho says its not easy if we think of our times, but now times have changed and Ankur is doing this to give a baby a good life and for his family, I feel its right. Sooraj says yes, she said right, Ankur is a good family man, we know the baby will get a good future, the man who loves his sister so much that he got her entire family here, we can say he has much love for everyone. Vandana says I m sure the decision will be in your favor, I have satisfied with this. She asks can I use your washroom. Bulbul says she will take her.

Bhabho says she will just come after doing puja. Sandhya says Ankur took good decision. Vandana asks Bulbul does she want new baby, does dad did right decision. Bulbul says yes, he did this for me, as Sandhya is getting two babies. She tells Shaalu that she will also have a baby, and Shaalu takes her baby away.

Vandana sees this and talks to Shaalu. She asks why did she hide her baby seeing Bulbul. Shaalu tells her what happened, Bulbul is adamant that she wants a baby, she locked my baby with her, my baby has breathing problem and Bulbul did not let me give him medicines, and requests her to give them a baby, Bulbul is asking for baby as if toy, they love her a lot and are taking baby as if toy.

Sooraj calls Birju and asks him to get sweet boxes. Everyone is happy. Sandhya says now Bulbul will get baby in few months. Bulbul says she wants now itself. Ankita says it will take time. She says even we have to go to see baby. Bulbul asks for baby, as dad said he will bring baby for her, she can’t wait. Vandana comes to them, and says she is seeing Bulbul is desperate for baby, but is he also excited for baby, does he want baby by heart or just want to fulfill Bulbul’s demands.

She says its about being dutiful to a baby whom you did not give birth, are you ready to love that baby like Bulbul. She says maybe he will feel in life that he too this decision hurriedly, you can’t give the baby all rights, we can’t give you the baby, we give babies to those who need, but to give them to kids. She says sorry and leaves. Bulbul asks Ankur what happened.

Ankur says aunty refused to give baby. Bulbul says but I want baby, he is breaking his promise. Ankur says we will ask someone else. She says no, if they also refuse then.

Sooraj and Sandhya have a talk. She gets ready. He switches off the lights and says this darkness will show us the right path. He shows her the baby poster. Sooraj asks her to think as they have asked for one baby and Lord is giving them two. Sandhya looks at him.

Sandhya says both babies are our Ansh, its not easy. Bhabho hears them and is stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. kuch bhi kaho serial toh aise hi hain
    ab sandhya bulbul ko baby de degi aur bhabo ki sapna adhuri rah jaayengi

  2. half brain director and half brain writer… one side they are showing children are gift from god n the other side they r showing to donate… will any pne donates the gifted ones… such a nonsense creep…. just shut ur show rather than showing the wrong ethics..

  3. wat the hell???
    Show is going into full of tragedy. ..lost interest to watch the show

  4. Brainless Director… if they SS sacrifice there babie for mindless bulbul..then wat about Rathi family. All r happy about twin babies
    And wat the relation cause b/w twin babies after separation(bro’s become’s in laws) Brainless creation

  5. I can’t rest i want to spend a night with sandhya. Wat is van i do

  6. What nonsense is this story line going to be NOW? Sandya giving away one baby since she is having TWO!!!!!
    The brother have a child already -he is not childless!!! – I do enjoy watching this programme but I am going to skip it from now on-
    Please change the script I-

  7. Really non-sense… For bulbul they are seperating babies… After some time what if bulbul does not want that baby… what they will do…? Parents should not entertain babies in these matters…

  8. They doing right by donating the child.even I have donated my child to my own sister..even I goy a twins

    1. It is right when they don’t have child, but here ankur and ankitha have a child. So no need of taking sisters babie

    2. Probably your sister does not have a child that’s why you have donated your child… but here reverse… For bulbul’s wish they are doing donation… What if later bulbul does not wish you have that baby…?

    1. It means Part/Inheritance….

  9. Show is running with full of negative thoughts.
    All this is because of production, I think production team don’t want to end d show. That is why director dragging with tragedy track of twin babies for childish bulbul

  10. Entire Rathy family coming to Ankurs house is foolishness. It is the duty of them to look after Sandhya. Controlling of the child is elders responsibility. I think this wont happend in real life.

  11. Im one Of the die hard fans of diya aur bati…if the storyline goes on like this m sure trp’s vl fall and this show vl be flop..

  12. Waste of time…

  13. By this episode,It’s like a trap made by ankur and ankitha to take a baby from SS.
    Inviting rathi family home, ankitha giving a twin babies photo frame of stupid sign, bulbul fever….all this are non sense

  14. Where is the scenes of ystday “precap” in this episode
    Where is choto he is not appeared in these weeks.?did chotu also left d show
    Anyone plz rply…

  15. huh as expected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    sandy gona give her baby to ankur ,wid dis bhabho gona get angry on her and send them out..
    again dis bulbul gona b possesive and wont even allow sandy,suraj to c d baby vch wil create drift btwn sandy and ankur,,,,,,,,
    like same thing vch hapnd to akshara , varsha when she lost her baby vch created drift………..
    same copying stories from d other shws…………dnt they get any new concept……….

    dis shw is gng no where………chi …………

  16. nice episode

  17. please take rathi family to their home then it will be nice.

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