Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th June 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 14th June 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Sandhya telling that she has to drop her dream for family’s sake & to relieve the pain of bhabho. Adds that bhabho is in so much pain. Bhabho who has never done a mistake fall from her ideals & fed her liquor chocs. Bhabho is not less than her parents. Adds that if she can dream for her parents sake then she can also break that dream keeping her at the same place. Sandy tells her father that she has to fulfill the duty of DIL & apologises. Emily comes in. She apologises & adds that she got the punishment for her mistake & that too a big one. Adds that she kept quiet for her sake. Sandy tells that there is no need for asking apology & adds that it is her duty to do that & they are a family. Emily tells that she has a good heart & suraj loves her so much & became sad & disheartened today bcoz of her. SAndy tells that it is not any one’s fault & adds that she didnot do that intentionally. Emily tells that she will pray for the third matka to be intact within her b’day. Meena is happy singing phoota phoota & thinks that 3rd will also break soon. & talks with the matka & blames sandy for their breakage.She calls those first two matkas as its brothers & asks suggesstion from it so that it can be broken before sandy’s bday. Meena takes it on her head & doe sghoomar. Vikram comes & stops her & she falls & the matka is saved by vikram. Meena taunts him. Vikram tells that he will follow her only & tells that she asked him to save the matka. Vikram asks her about some money & meena tells the place.

Meena asks him to lift her up as she has got sprain. & tells him the places in which she kept the money one by one. Vikram taunts her for keeping money like this. Meanwhile they hear some noise. Meena worries whether chotu & gang did something to her shop. Vikram is surpirsed to see her running & calls her jhoot ki dukkaaan. Chotu & gang eating kulfi. Meena inquires & chotu informs them that shooting is going to take place in hanuman gali the next day that too cinema. ViNa gets excited. Meena tells that she wants to see the shooting & vikram taunts her calling that she is monkey & saying lies. Meena acts as if she has got pain. Vikram scolds her. Meanwhile they see dilip & his mom. Vikram wqorries kaand is awaiting. Meena informs everyone. & everyone gets scared.

Bhabho worries that they will ask abt chavi’s exam first & asks vik to call suraj but vik says that suraj is not picking up. Meena tells how will he & tells that he is on ire after that 2n d MP by bhabo. Vik tells that he is not & bhabho worries that if suraj was there he would have solved everything. SAndy goes on to open the door. Bhabho tells that she can’t face them & leaves to the balcony & chavi follows her. Sandy invites them. Dilip’s mom asks her whether they got shocked & adds that they wanted to give surprise & ask abt her examination. Dilip tells that she is not picking up his call too & inquires whether everything is right. ssandy calls them in & to talk.

Meena thanks the god for sending them now & for stopping chavi’s wedding. Suddenly she thinks that bhabo would raise the monthly amount if the engagement gets cancelled as lot of money was spent.
Dilip’s mom inquires about chavi. Emily tells that they can’t see her now as bhabo is giving some medicine to chavi in her room. Bhabo in the balcony worries that how long they can hide the truth & prays God. They question emily about her health condition. Emil stops them saying that she can’t meet her now. Bhabo taunts emily for blabbering like this. Dilips mother asks her to speak straight.

Dilip’s mom asks sandy as what happened to chavi??. SAndy tells that the matter is such that… Emily interrupts by saying that chaiv has got chicken pox. Meena & bhabo wonders what & chavi. Emily tellss that bhabo can only look after her. Adds on to say that she must be knowing that. Dilip’s mom understands that & inquires abt her health. Emily keeps on lying. Dilips mom asks them to take care very well. Ems tells that she is worried bcoz that she could not give her last exam due to this. Bhabho gets shocked.

Precap: Babasa wonders where suraj went & asks vikram to call him. BhaSan worried

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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